Lack of magnesium in the body: symptoms,products, drugs with a deficit

Update: October 2018

Magnesium deficiency is a serious health problem.
person The element is not synthesized in the body and comes from
plant, animal food, water and medicinal

In diseases of the digestive tract, its concentration in the blood may decrease due to
absorption disorders. If a person has kidney disease,
diabetes mellitus, there is a violation of the secretion of parathyroid hormones
et al., an analysis is always assigned to the magnesium content in
the body.

The role of magnesium in the body

Magnesium is a macronutrient intracellular cation accepting
participation in physiological processes: bone formation,
the work of enzymes, transmission of neuromuscular impulses. Controls
work of myocardial cells and is involved in the contractile function
cardiomyocytes. It has anti-stress effect. Affects
normal gestation: responsible for healthy future sleep
mothers, warns the tone of the uterus, involuntary miscarriages and

Magnesium-dependent processes in the body are: Магний и его функции в организме

  • glycolysis;
  • oxidative metabolism;
  • nucleic acid formation;
  • reactions of muscle and nervous excitability;
  • membrane transport;
  • ферментные процессы (активирует более thirty0 ферментов) и ряд

Where is magnesium in the human body?

  • 1/3 – 1/2 concentrated in the bones, teeth;
  • 1/5 – in the muscles;
  • 55 – 60% – in ionized form in the blood (soluble

In the body there is a clear relationship between the concentrations of magnesium and
potassium: magnesium deficiency leads to a lack of intracellular potassium,
and often to hypertension. Magnesium homeostasis is regulated
the body by changing the absorption of the element in the digestive tract and excretion
by the kidneys. But with a long lack of compensatory opportunities
organism dry up.

Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

Behavioral factors and nature of nutrition:

Продукты богатые magnesium

Most magnesium in cereals and legumes, seeds, nuts.

  • Insufficient intake of an item with food: diet,
    fasting, fast food.
  • Predominance in the diet of food of animal origin, with a large
    the amount of calcium, phosphorus, protein, which prevents the absorption
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

Diseases and pathological conditions:

  • Disturbance of absorption in the intestine against the backdrop of diarrhea, indomitable
    vomiting, malabsorption syndrome, intestinal tumors, helminthic
  • Diabetic acidosis.
  • Renal failure in the polyuric stage.
  • Hypoparathyroidism.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Hereditary hypophosphatemia.
  • Pancreatitis in acute and chronic forms.
  • Chronic alcoholism.
  • Primary aldosteronism.
  • Obesity.
  • Diabetes.
  • Vitamin D deficiency against osteomalacia, spasmophilia and
    rickets in children.
  • Hypercalcemia.

Physiological conditions of the body:

  • The period of intense muscle growth in children and
  • Active sports training.
  • Pregnancy (II and III trimester).
  • Excessive lactation.

Other reasons:

  • Treatment with immunosuppressants, hormonal drugs,
    cyclosporine, cytostatics, inhibitory tubular reabsorption
  • Long-term use of diuretics, accelerating the removal of the element from
  • Acute and chronic stress.
  • Overwork.
  • Exposure to elevated temperatures (hot climate, enthusiasm
    baths and saunas).

How is the deficiency

Is it possible to determine magnesium deficiency on your own? Can
to suspect, and to confirm the deficiency of the element must be a doctor.

Common signs of magnesium deficiency:

  • violation of well-being. Constant fatigue, fast
    fatigue, feeling of weakness after a night’s sleep,
    irritability, headache, dizziness, “flies” before
  • instability of the emotional background. Increased anxiety
    irritability, bouts of fear, tearfulness, nightmares. AT
    severe cases – depression;
  • neurological and muscular disorders. Nervous tics, hand tremor,
    violation of skin sensitivity, paresthesia, sudden loss
    equilibrium. Chaotic contractions of the calf muscles, feet, hands,
    muscle fibers in the neck, limbs, back (on the background
    voltage and at rest). Memory impairment, concentration
  • vegetative disorders. Increased reaction to change
    weather, atmospheric pressure (aches in the gums, joints, muscle
    pain). Thermal control disturbance – wet and cold hands and
  • violation of the CCC. Heart pain, tachycardia, arrhythmias,
    increase or fall in blood pressure, extrasystole.
    Симптомы характерны для недостатка калия и магния в the body.
    Such a combined deficiency significantly increases the risk of arterial
    hypertension, atherosclerosis of vessels feeding myocardium;
  • altered digestion. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation;
  • fragility and caries of teeth.

Симптомы дефицита магния

Among women

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency in women:

  • painful menstruation;
  • appearance change: hair loss, lamination, fragility
  • in pregnant women: increased toxicity, increased tone
    uterus that can result in miscarriage or premature

In men

Symptoms of a lack in men:

  • fast fatiguability;
  • long recovery after stress;
  • drop in testosterone levels blood.

In children

Signs of deficiency in children:

  • violation of social adaptation: heavy addiction to new
    living conditions – kindergarten, school;
  • stressful conditions, especially against the background of age-related changes:
    irritability, conflict, early predilection for
    cigarettes, alcohol, drugs;
  • changing emotional background: increased tearfulness,
    hysterics, bad and sensitive sleep, nightmares, bouts of anguish,
    anxiety, phobias.

Memory impairment and inattention lead to bad
progress, conflicts with parents and teachers and even
suicidal states.

Lack of magnesium in the blood plasma leads to more serious
changes: clotting, calcification of arteries,
increase blood pressure, changes in microcirculation. AT
blood tests may experience anemia, an increase in the number
platelet and elevated cholesterol.

How to determine the lack of magnesium?

The described symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the body can
accompany other states, so these signs cannot be called

Assigned to laboratory analysis Mg, Magnesium – definition
concentration of magnesium in fasting blood plasma. Cost of
примерно thirty0 руб.

The magnesium content is 0.6–1.1 mmol / l. у здорового person
ATо 2-3 триместрах беременности значение может быть ниже нормы.
Mg deficiency contributes to miscarriages, the development of gestosis and
preterm delivery.

The concentration of the element in the serum can
keep to normal even with a significant element deficiency in
the body.
Гипоmagnesiumия (снижение концентрации в
serum) indicates a pronounced magnesium deficiency in
the body.

Reference values:

Age Concentration, mmol / l
Newborns 0.62 – 0.91
Half a year – 6 years 0.70 – 0.95
6 – 12 years old 0.70 – 0.86
12 – 20 years 0.70 – 0.91
20 – 60 years 0.66 – 1.07
60 – 90 years 0.66 – 0.99
>90 лет 0.70 – 0.95

Magnesium deficiency treatment

Treatment of magnesium deficiency includes 4 areas:

  • therapy of the underlying disease if it is the cause
  • use of magnesium preparations, including vitamin and mineral
    complexes, dietary supplements;
  • коррекция диеты: увеличение продуктов, богатых magnesium;
  • exclusion of stress factors, neuropsychic

Magnesium preparations

Preparations for the replacement of magnesium in the body are shown in the table.
ATыбор препарата, дозировка и длительность приема – прерогатива
attending physician!

Магне AT6

Магне в6ATыпускается в трех формах: таблетки №50 (500 руб.),
таблетки «форте» № thirty (450-500 руб.) и ампульный раствор для
internal reception number 10 (470-510 rubles.). Current composition:

  • AT 1 таблетке — Mg лактата дигидрат 470 мг (или 48 мг Mg) и
    витамин AT6 — 5 мг.
  • AT 1 ампуле раствора — Mg лактата дигидрат 186 мг и Mg пидолат
    936 мг (или 100 мг Mg) и витамин AT6 -10 мг.
  • AT 1 таблетке «форте» — Mg цитрат 618,43 (или 100 мг ) и витамин
    AT6 -10 мг.

ATитамин AT6 способствует всасыванию Mg и участвует в
regulation of nervous processes.

Tablets are prescribed at the time of meals, 2-3 times a day,
drinking water: children from 6 years old – up to 6 tablets / up to 3 “forte” per day,
children from 12 years and adults – up to 8 tablets / up to 4 “forte” per day.

Ampoules are prescribed to children from the neonatal period.
The contents of the ampoule are dissolved in 100 ml of water and taken during
food. The dosage is calculated individually, for children up to a year ~ 1
ampoule per day, adults – 3-4 ampoules per day.

The admission course according to the instructions is 1 month, but always
determined by the doctor.

Магнелис в6Магнелис AT6

ATыпускается в виде таблеток для внутреннего приема: № 50 (thirty0
rub.) and number 90 (410 rub.). Отечественный аналог «Магне AT6»,
used to treat adults and children from 6 years. Composition,
показания и схема лечения аналогичен «Манге AT6».



Магнийсодержащий препарат для коррекции нехватки magnesium.
ATыпускается в виде таблеток № 20 (thirty0 руб.) и № 50 (580 руб.).

AT одной таблетке – 500 мг Mg оротата дигидрат, что эквивалентно
32.8 mg Mg. Orotic acid contributes to fixation of the trace element on
cellular ATP and manifestation of its action. Assigned to adults for
коррекции дефицита Mg и состояний, связанных с гипоmagnesiumией, по 2
tablets three times a day for 7 days, then 1 tablet
twice or thrice a day for 4-6 weeks.



Препарат-аналог «Магне AT6», с таким же составом и показаниями,
but more affordable. ATыпускается в форме таблеток (№ 50 –
370 rubles.).

AT составе одной таблетки: Mg лактата дигидрат — 470 мг (или 48,0
мг магния) и витамина AT6 — 5 мг.

Appointed to adults and children from 6 years with an established deficit.
магния курсом на 1 месяц, внутрь, после food.

  • adults: 6-8 tablets per day;
  • Children: 4-6 tablets per day.
  • Комбинированные препараты с magnesium и калием
    (“Panangin”, “Asparkam”, etc.) are assigned to adults with
    cardiovascular pathology.
  • Поливитаминные комплексы и БАДы. �”Burokka
    кальций и магний», «ATитрум», «Компливит» «Центрум», «Пиковит»,
    �”Biomagnium”, “Magvit”, “Bio-Magnesium”, “Elemvital”, “Magnesium
    комплекс» «Морской кальций с magnesium» и другие. Assigned to
    prevention of magnesium deficiency and with a slight deficiency
    an item.

Foods rich magnesium

A balanced diet provides the body with the necessary
substances, including, Mg. Daily need for magnesium:

Age Norm mg
0-12 months 40-60
1-3 years 80
3-6 years old 120
6-10 years 170
10-14 years 270
14-18 years old 400
Women over 18 thirty0
Men over 18 years old 400
Pregnant women, athletes 450

Foods richе magnesium, доступны и есть в рационе каждой
families. You need to calculate the amount of food consumed easily,
knowing the daily rate of Mg for a person and the amount of an element in 100 gr.
product. Увеличение количества продуктов, богатых magnesium,
regular use of the prescribed medication helps to quickly fill
lack of magnesium in the body.

Industrial processing of products (canning, grinding
grain into flour, pasteurization) leads to a loss of up to thirty–80% Mg.

The magnesium content in the products (the amount of Mg – mg per 100 g

Cereals, legumes and processed products
Seeds, seeds, nuts
Rice bran 781 Pumpkin seeds 534
Wheat bran 448 Brazilian walnut 376
Wheat germ 325 Cocoa powder 425
Buckwheat flour 251 Roasted Sesame Seeds 450-350
Oat bran 235 Hazelnuts 310
Soy 286 Roasted Almonds 286
Buckwheat 231 Roasted Cashews 270
Barley groats 150 Peeled Pine Nuts 251
Pic 127 Mustard Seeds 238
Oat groats 135 Pistachios 200
Wheat groats 1thirty Roasted Peanuts 188
Green peas 107 Hazelnut 172
Beans 103 Roasted Sunflower Seeds 129
Lentils 80 Walnut 120
Vegetables and fruits, including dried Fish, seafood and seafood
Watermelon 224 Canned Crabs 247
Dried apricots 105 Sea kale 170
Parsley 85 Соленая  зернистая икра горбуши 141
Sorrel 85 Squid Meat 90
Dried dates 84 Salted herring 90
Raisins 80 Sturgeon 75
Spinach 79 Black halibut 60
Dill 70 Meat  дальневосточной креветки 60
Pear 66 Whiting 60
Persimmon 56 Sole 60
Arugula 47 Salted sprat 51
Dried prunes 45 Flounder 35
Green salad 40 Milk products
Brussels sprouts 40 Non-powdered milk 160
Banana 47 Tofu cheese 103
Carrot 38 Edam Cheese 60
Garlic thirty Dutch Cheese 55
An Apple thirty Russian cheese 35
Avocado 29 The remaining dairy magnesium content
Cherries 24 Bakery products
Raspberries 22 Whole wheat bread 82
Sweets Borodino bread 49
Halva 178 Wheat Bread 47
bitter chocolate 133 Wheat bread from flour 1 with 33
Meat Mushrooms
Pork low-fat 24 White mushroom 102
Rabbit 25 Honey agaric 20
Beef 22 Shiitake 20
Mutton 20 Morel nineteen
Turkey nineteen Eggs
Hen 18 Quail egg 32

To get enough Mg in your body, you need
regularly eat cereals, nuts, enrich the diet with vegetables and fruits.
The cheapest source of macronutrient is bran, but
use them in large quantities can not be, and during exacerbation
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – is prohibited.

It is useful for people with magnesium deficiency to drink mineral water:
bicarbonate calcium-magnesium (Arkhyz, Narzan).

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