Kvass and breastfeeding

All young mothers in the period of breastfeeding are concerned
correctness of your diet, because many products directly
влияют на состав грудного молока и соответственно на
state of health of the infant. Selected Foods and Drinks
raise particular doubts. This includes kvass.


Can I drink kvass nursing mothers

Doubts about the use of kvass in nursing mothers usually
arise for the following reasons:

  • Kvass contains a small percentage of alcohol, which is through the chest
    milk acts on the baby’s liver;
  • Kvass is a carbonated drink, which means it can
    provoke problems with the tummy of a child;
  • Квас пьют холодным, а холодные напитки противопоказаны при

The best solution to the “kvass” issue in
this case is a compromise: kvass and breastfeeding
compatible, but you can drink it no more than 1 cup per day and only
And those arguments “against”, which usually
scare moms, you can not fully be called truthful. Let’s try
understand why.

  1. Kvass does contain a small amount of ethyl alcohol –
    not more than 1.2%. Ethyl alcohol is formed in kvass as a result
    natural fermentation, as, for example, in kefir. In the specified amount
    this substance is safe for the body, besides, the body and so
    contains ethyl alcohol in small quantities, even if a person
    absolutely does not drink alcohol. Kvass does not belong to
    alcoholic, nor to low alcohol drinks, it can be drunk and
    nursing mom and drivers.
  2. The wording “fizzy drink” applies to kvass only
    in part. Natural kvass contains gas, but it appears there
    naturally as a result of fermentation. Kvass spilled in
    plastic bottles and sold in any supermarket – owl
    another thing. By and large, this is the usual “soda” with taste and
    kvass aroma. Gas in these drinks appears artificial
    in a way. Such a brew can cause problems with the tummy. Even
    natural kvass caution is worth drinking for moms who have problems
    with the digestive tract. The reaction of crumbs to natural kvass is difficult
    predict: some kids are tormented by gazikas, others don’t show
    no worries.
    Only gradual will help here.
    introduction of kvass in the diet and observation.
  3. Ice drink is not useful to anyone, especially in extreme heat.
    A nursing mother really needs to opt for warm
    drinks, but 1 cup of slightly chilled kvass will not harm

The best option for a nursing mother would be homemade.
home brew. Если же пить покупной – то пусть это будет
natural cask. Buying such a brew, you need to make sure it
freshness and in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards during its
bottling. But from the use of the store is better to refuse

Useful properties of natural kvass

Natural kvass is not only allowed in limited quantities,
but may be helpful. Полезные свойства напитка как нельзя
relevant for young mothers:

  • Relieves fatigue;
  • Invigorates and tones;
  • Good thirst quencher;
  • Contains vitamins and minerals.

Thus, if a nursing mother wisely and with care
comes to the question of the use of kvass, you can be sure this
the drink will do no harm, and may even be useful.

что категорически не рекомендуется мамам при ГВ

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