Krivosheya in infants: causes and methods of treatment(massage \ gymnastics)

кривошея у новорожденных

Врожденная кривошея у новорожденных детей –
quite common disease.
This anomaly is more common
occurs in boys than in girls. Neck rotation mainly
to the right side.

The content of the article

  • 1 Withчины кривошеи у новорожденных
    • 1.1 Photos of newborns with torticollis
    • 1.2 Video about crooked
  • 2 Methods of treating torticollis in infants
    • 2.1 Массаж для новорожденных при кривошее в домашних

      • 2.1.1 VIDEO: Massage with hypertonia of the muscles and torticollis
    • 2.2 Treatment by position
  • 3 Prevention of torticollis
    • 3.1 Medical gymnastics
  • 4 Хирургическое лечение

Withчины кривошеи у новорожденных

  • Deformation of one or more vertebrae, violation
  • With excessive unilateral pressure on the fetus uterus, head
    is installed incorrectly;
  • With intrauterine inflammation, muscles develop inflammation in
    chronic, the muscle becomes shorter and loses its
  • In difficult labor, the muscle may break, and muscle fibers
    go over the tendons. In this place the scar is organized, in the muscles
    the entire length of lag growth.
  • When malformations of the mastoid muscles.

Большинство ортопедов считает, что кривошея у
новорожденных – это в первую очередь врожденный порок, чаще
received during childbirth. From this disease are not insured
babies born even by caesarean section. Worth
note in infants with buttocking fetus it
more common than others. For exact
определения причины этого диагноза требуется консультация
Specialists: Pediatrician, Orthopedist, Neuropathologist.

Photos of newborns with torticollis

Video about crooked

With the treatment of torticollis, it is better not to delay, but to start with two
week age.
Forced head position
infants can lead to asymmetry of the face and skull. In senior
age left untreated with torticollis leads to scoliosis
(curvature of the spine) and facial deformities. The older child
the more difficult to treat.

Methods of treating torticollis in infants

The productive result includes:

  1. Massage for newborns with cranberries;
  2. Therapeutic gymnastics;
  3. Treatment by position;
  4. Physiotherapy procedures.
  5. Bathing circle for newborns;
  6. Impose a special cardboard collar, sheathed with cotton and
    gauze. (Collar of Shantz)
  7. Occupation in the pool (bathroom)
Занятие в ванной
Круг от кривошеи
Массаж от кривошеи в воде

If a признаки кривошеи вызваны, каким либо общим
the disease then needs to be treated and his. Firstly
the result depends on the participation and activity of the parents of the baby in
treatment. Massage for this disease, however, as with any
better to entrust the specialist. An experienced massage therapist will help achieve
better result than parents at home.

Массаж для новорожденных при кривошее в домашних

  1. Put the baby on his back. General stroking massage
    chest, arms and legs. Gentle muscles with gentle movements.
    torticollis. Stroking and rubbing the cheek with
    healthy side;
  2. Make corrective exercises, alternating healthy cornering
    and a sore side;
  3. Easy stroking pat stomach. Repeat neck massage.
    Gently rub the feet of the child;
  4. Rotate the baby on the stomach. Make light strokes back
    and neck. Rotate the child from one side to the other, this
    the procedure is caused by the extension of the back;
  5. Finish by stroking the feet of the hands.

Massage to do 3 times a day, 5 – 8

VIDEO: Massage with hypertonus of the muscles and torticollis

Treatment by position

Parents can make home for their child too much
например лечение положением. Conduct it must constantly
regardless of the hands of the child or in the crib. This type of treatment
necessary for passive stretching of the affected muscle. For
correct formation of the body pattern. Wrong head position
child should not be familiar and natural. Parental
participation in this type of treatment is paramount.

The child must necessarily sleep properly. Putting a child is necessary
replace only the hard mattress and pillow with a diaper (folded in
repeatedly). During sleep, follow to turn the baby’s head
was towards the damaged muscle. It will be easier to do if
side of the sore muscles put the toy and turn on the light. With this
The position of the affected muscle is stretched involuntarily.

It is good to apply the fixation of the child’s head in the correct position.
with the help of salt bags. Pay attention to the body
lay symmetrically. If the baby often regurgitates, then this
The method can not be applied!
In this case, the child must
lay on a healthy side, if on a patient, then
underlay high pillow.

Preventing torticollis


Кривошея у грудничков

Специальный воротник при кривошее

Гимнастика при кривошее доступна в домашних условия. If a
you decide to do it yourself, first consult
Physical Therapy Physician. Gymnastic exercises for the baby
painful, so everything must be done carefully, but
persistently. Упражнения выполняются together

One person holds the body and arms of the infant, and the other securely
holds the head. The shoulder girdle with this method is positioned
parallel to the edge of the table, and hang your head and neck. Sure to
remember that the head and body must be located exactly one at a time
lines. Gradually reduce head support. With this method muscle
relax and as a result stretch. Hands limit
baby turn the head and tilt. Exercise to perform symmetrically.
Raise the head of the baby until the chin touches the chest. Exercise
perform morning and evening. no more than 5 times.

When you take the child in your arms, gradually reduce support
heads. Try to hang it under its own weight,
This contributes to the stretching of the muscle. Raise your head for some
time let the baby rest and repeat
again. Exercise проводить не менее трех раз в день.

Treatment should be carried out in parallel with the courses of massage and
electrophoresis. After conducting a couple of courses in most cases
the result is positive. However, parents need to remember that
recurrence is possible. On the affected side, muscle growth
will continue. To fix the result is recommended in
The first year to spend at least 4 courses of physiotherapy with massage.

Хирургическое лечение

In extremely rare cases, it is impossible to achieve positive
результата при консервативном treatment. Operative intervention
recommended by one year old. There are two ways:

  1. Muscle dissection (myotomy);
  2. Plastic lengthening of the muscle.

The first method is carried out only in the orthopedic department, under the general
anesthesia. After ligation of the neck wounds fix gypsum

The second method is suitable for children after 4 years. After operational
interference muscle symmetry is restored. If a у ребенка было
underlying disease, then relapse may increase. Cicatricial process in
The area of ​​the muscle connection is strongly pronounced. In periods of rapid growth
child must be observed by an orthopedist. If a лечение
ignore or not complete the child will form
irreparable pathology. The head will constantly bend over
shoulder area.

VIDEO: Muscular torticollis, hypertonic muscle in the chest
baby before and after baby massage

A good result can always be achieved if you do not run
illness and systematically conduct classes with the child. With
proper treatment of this disease is completely. Parents
should first of all provide active assistance to your baby in
getting better!

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