Когда ребенок начинает crawl на животе,on belligerent and on all fours

Often parents want their baby to grow up as soon as possible –
rolled over, sat down, crawled, got up and finally went. However, is it worth
take pride in the fact that the child began
walk independently for half a year?

Когда ребенок начинает crawl

The necessity of the crawling stage

In modern pediatrics, it is believed that skipping stage
crawling is extremely undesirable for children, because upright walking creates
strong load on the spine of the baby. When crawling just
the back muscles are actively developed, which are responsible for
the spine was kept upright.

Кроме того, когда ребенок начинает crawl, одновременно с
this way he develops thinking, because for a harmonious
The alternation of arms and legs will require a complex work of the brain.

Когда ребенок начинает crawl

Ребенок начинает crawl

Возраст, в котором дети начинают crawl

After three months, when the toddler begins to roll over, his
the review is seriously expanding, he is starting to see a lot
fascinating items that were in the back position
invisible. Then he makes the first attempts to reach the toys, and
a little later and creep up to them on his stomach. When the baby already has 6
месяцев, его родителей все сильнее интересует вопрос, во
сколько ребенок начинает crawl по-настоящему.

Crawling on all fours babes can start at 5
months, but most often this happens after half a year, at 9 months,
when the muscles of the arms, legs and back become well stronger, and the crumb will do
try or already be able to sit down himself.

Если ребенок крупный, то он может активно не crawl даже в 8
months, but then the doctor may recommend a course of massage,
to strengthen the back muscles. Real creep like a stage
child development should be carried out precisely on all fours,
Anticipating the formation of walking skills.

Crawling stages

когда ребенок начинает crawl на животе

ребенок начинает crawl на животе

У каждого ребенка эти этапы могут проходить по-разному:
perhaps someone starts earlier just crawling on his stomach,
someone almost immediately begins cross-crawling on
fours, someone has one of the stages in general

  1. Many start with crawling on their stomachs, and some children
    crawl backwards, others move sideways or crawl
    forward in belligerence.
  2. Fullyе ползание может начинаться так: ребенок выставит
    forward immediately both hands, and then a sharp movement, a little
    resembling a clumsy jump, put their feet on them. Such
    crawling can be compared to frog jumping. Other children immediately
    start to get on all fours while swaying
    back and forth, and then try to put your hands forward one after the other
    and move their legs toward them. All these attempts are good.
    иллюстрируют, как дети начинают crawl.
  3. The most difficult is considered cross-crawling, when
    at the same time with the right hand, the left leg extends forward, after
    What leg and hand are replaced in a clear and harmonious manner.

Exercises to help you crawl

When the crumb learns well to make coups from back to
belly, and then back, will be briefly climb
предплечьях, можно начать выполнять некоторые упражнения,
чтобы ребенок начал crawl:

  • fitball exercises
упражнения чтобы ребенок начал crawl

exercises so that the child starts

Данные упражнения хорошо развивают мышцы детской спины и даже
can relieve colic in a baby (if after 3 months they have not yet
passed to the end). Baby need to put a tummy on the ball head
from mom and hold in the armpits area. While the ball is smooth
swaying back and forth, the crumb learns to arch the back, straining
necessary for crawling muscles. (Смотри о фитболе и занятиях на
фитболе очень подробную статью

  • gymnastics for pens

The goal of gymnastics is to strengthen the muscles of the arms and back. Baby
lying on the back, mom takes the pens, after having achieved
so that the baby is well grabbed mom’s thumb. Then mom
gently raises the baby’s hands up and lowers them. You can also
hold the child’s arms apart and then cross
them on the baby’s chest. After that you can try slowly
lift the child by the handles (up to a 45 degree angle), and then
lower it.

  • exercises for coups

If the baby is not quite confident mastered coups, then this
exercise will help speed up the process a bit. Mom puts
the thumb of his hand in the palm of a child and holds him tightly
brush. Then the mother begins to direct the body of the crumbs to the coup.
In this case, the mother holds the child’s left leg with her right hand, helping him
turn the pelvis.

  • exercise “frog”
массаж ребенку чтобы начал crawl

Massage to start reenok

Мама берет ножки ребенка, который лежит на спине, за голени и
smoothly begins to bend them into the frog’s position, and then smoothly
unbend. Turning the baby on the tummy, it is useful to give him
opportunity several times push off from the bent legs
folded mother’s palms and move forward.

When performing exercises you need to calmly and tenderly communicate with
as a child, creating a favorable emotional background and forming
positive attitude to exercise.

how teach baby to crawl. The most

Watch the video: how to teach a child to crawl

Firming massage

Of course, prescribed by the doctor
Massage can only be performed by a health worker. At the same time make
простой общеукрепляющий массаж ребенку, чтобы он начал
crawl more actively, can mom and dad at home. The main thing is to remember that
The skin of a young child is very tender and better at home.
just restrict such a technique as stroking. Can not
perform massage earlier than half an hour before or after feeding,
limit one time per day. In the hands of the mother during the procedure
Rings and other decorations should not be present. Duration
Massage can be about 5-10 minutes, but if the baby is not
like, and tears begin, it is better to postpone this thing.

Stroking the arms, legs, back

It is most convenient to perform this procedure on a special changing table.
little table. Mom strokes baby’s hands both inside and outside of
hand to forearm. Foot massage is carried out in sequence from
stop to the thigh, avoiding the knee joints. We turn the baby on
tummy and start stroking the back up and down. After the lungs and
pleasant strokes to strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and back can
A little shuffle them in the sequence described above.

We attract baby to crawl

It so happens that the baby is already well crawling on the bed
in belligerence or like a frog on all fours, but on the floor does not want
crawling in any. How, then, help the child start

  • Learn and help

Convinced of the proper development of the child, from five months you can
prepare the baby to crawl. The best place is clean
floor covered with a rug or blanket. Putting the child on the floor and laying
a cushion under the breast, you have to show him your favorite toy and put it
at a short distance from him so he wants to reach out
her Heels of the baby should be leaning against the wall or around the arms of the mother,
helping him push forward.

You can put in front of your favorite toys or new items,
close enough that the kid wanted to take them, but enough
far so that he had to crawl to them, and not reach.
Be sure to praise the child if he got a little
creep. Let the baby is not too parses your words, but
but he very precisely feels the intonation of approval.

как помочь ребенку начать crawl

  • Illustrative example

Crawling adults or other crawling babies nearby will serve
a great role model for a child. This action
will contribute to the identification of all dangerous places and objects in
space, prevent unforeseen precedents. Promotion
parents and a friendly atmosphere will push the kid to more
active efforts to crawl. After some success the tasks need
complicate, creating obstacles in the way of the kid.

Small children who have learned a little crawling adore
to overcome various obstacles: low barriers, passages under
chairs, etc. Use this to make crawling more
active. You can buy in the store a special track with small
obstacles, and you can make it yourself or use it in
As such “barriers” simple tools that are always under
hand, for example, rollers from towels.



  • On the belly of bellies:

On the stomach, the child begins to crawl after six months, depending
from the development and readiness of the body. If the kid does not show attempts
crawling after 8 months, it is worth contacting a specialist. Efforts
patient and smart parents will help prevent many
diseases and poor development of the baby. For muscle revitalization doctors
recommend practicing professional massage and exercises for
mastering the crawling skill.

Some children, having learned to roll over on their belly, begin
attempts to move with the arms and legs, spinning in a circle or
move backwards. Statistics show that children usually start
crawl on their bellies with 8 months. Raising the body, baby
rests on the hands and moves, pulling up the body.

Children crawling on their bellies

  • On knees:

From 9 months, the baby can stand on all fours and swing,
preparing yourself for further crawling.
Timely crawling on all fours will develop muscle
back baby, preparing him to walk skills. Fully
the child can crawl from 10 months when the arms and legs move
synchronously and confidently. Cross creeping is top
craftsmanship kids.

Girls are ahead of boys in development, so they crawl
start earlier.

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Союз педиатров России: how научить ребенка crawl?
Crawl. Motor skills and exercises. Tips for parents

Importance of crawling


Умение crawl благотворно сказывается на развитии ребенка,
strengthens motor skills, affects the formation of speech and brain function.
Training perseverance, dedication and endurance.
Therefore, parents should be involved in the effort to teach
ребенка crawl, не пропуская этот этап развития.

On the topic of development:

  • Child development months (up to a year)
  • When a baby starts walking on its own
  • When the baby starts to sit

Видео: Учим малыша crawl

Ребенок не хочет crawl? Interest him!

The baby crawls a little, and in fact for the full development of the child it is
really important. Watch him and you will see that there is
things to which he is not indifferent. Stimulate your baby with
using items of interest to him, but don’t give them to him.
Spread them near the child, and as soon as he crawls and
rejoice at your prey, take away things and put them even further. we
это делаем с помощью пульта от телевизора, дочка не устает crawl
behind him and, accordingly, this additional development of the baby.
The child gets more tired and sleeps better. We wish you success in this.
hard work – care and development of your child!

P.S. When the baby starts on its own
crawl комнатные напольные растения следует убрать наверх,
trash bin and household items hide, low
close the outlets with special covers – see how
secure a home for a small child.

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