Kinetic sand – a popular novelty for the gameand creativity

All children love to play with sand: in the sandbox, on the beach – they beckon
even piles of building sand. And no wonder: this material gives
a huge scope for creativity and creative activity,
which is so important for the development of kids and preschoolers. Seeing how
long and enthusiastically they can mess around in the sand, sometimes
I want this sandbox to be at home. Only domestic
sandboxes do not exist. However, now you have the opportunity
to arrange at home not just a sandbox, but a real beach, thanks
new invention – kinetic sand!

кинетический песок

Kinetic sand is designed to play with children from 3 years and
Available on sale weighing from 1 kg. Now do not be afraid
the emergence of this material at home – with all the advantages of the usual beach
sand kinetic sand has a number of additional
benefits that do not create any hassle at home

What makes kinetic sand so

  1. This is a unique material consisting of 98% of the purest
    quartz sand and 2% of a special binder.
  2. Wet to the touch, like wet sand on the beach, and at the same time
    like dry sand trickling through your fingers
    kinetic sand does not leave marks neither on hands, nor on working
  3. This material is easy to model and is great.
    tool to create any shapes, like using sand
    molds, and without them. You can build grand houses from it.
    locks without fear of the consequences of their destruction, because this sand
    incredibly easy to clean: its particles just stick to each other
    friend like pieces of dough.
  4. Kinetic sand is absolutely harmless to games: non-toxic, not
    it causes allergies, it does not breed bacteria – it can even be
    there is, although, of course, this is not worth it.
  5. Games with kinetic sand not only provide space for children
    creative fantasy, but also develop fine motor skills, and together with
    it, as we know, and speech. And due to pleasant tactile sensations
    This sand also has a pronounced therapeutic effect:
    soothes, relieves stress and nervousness, causes the desire to
    creativity and creation.
  6. Kinetic sand does not dry, and therefore you can play with it
    again and again, not worrying about the loss of its wonderful properties.
  7. If you wish, you can buy a multi-colored kinetic
    sand – then all the above advantages will be added more
    color art perception of the game, and pure bright colors are not
    only pleasing to the eye, but also able to elevate mood.
  8. Moreover, you can order a whole set, where, in addition to packaging
    directly to the sand itself, various molds, buckets,
    paddles and other associated sand games tools.





You can buy this wonderful material in any children’s store. BUT
it is even better to order it online via home delivery. The
more that by buying online you can save more time for
leisure with children and not walk with them over crowded people
shopping, moreover, when it is so easy to catch a cold! Buy
such kinetic sand can be discounted if you look
offers, on sites that offer different coupons, so
you can use the coupon myToys, and you can order such sand
с этого магазина. Там же можно найти и цветной
kinetic sand.  If you give this moment a little
time, you can find such sand for every taste and color, of course
expression about taste was figurative j

11 proven kinetic sand games for

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