Kids games and fun in the snow

Children like no one else are waiting for the arrival of winter and the first snow. After all
in the snowy courtyard you can come up with a lot of fun games and fun.
In addition, snow is an excellent material for creativity.
The task of the parents is to take care of the baby’s outfit. Clothes should
to match the season so that the child doesn’t get wet or cold, and
at the same time do not hinder his movement.

игры на снегу

�”Skating from a hill”

Descent from a snowy or icy hill is a favorite winter
fun that is popular with children of all ages.
The smallest are rolling down the hill on sleds, older children – on
squatting, and “professionals” – on their feet. Regardless of the way
descent the process of sliding gives joyful experiences and
indescribable sensations from contact with a slippery surface and
speed of movement.

If you do not have a sleigh, and the child is not old enough to
ride down a hill without an aid, will come to the rescue
a piece of plywood or cardboard. Such a child adaptation is easy
will bring it on a hill, and after riding it can be simply thrown away. To
the kid kept on an improvised sled, bend the front edge
leaf on the kind of useless sled. Cardboard release is the least
dangerous, because the child does not fall with anything.

�”The young sculptor”

Children love to make snowmen from wet snow, figurines
beasts and even fortresses. Help kids diversify their creations
with the help of scrap materials (cones, twigs, stones), unnecessary
garments, garden tools. Do not have to do
sculptures on the ground. An image made out of snow will be fine
Look on the dark bark of a tree.

�”The most accurate”

The fun game of snowballs perfectly develops the eyes of the kids and
coordination of movements. Good snowballs are obtained from sleet.
If the snow is loose and not sculpted, “shells” can be
prepare at home. Lightly freeze snowballs in the fridge (only
Do not overdo it) and fold them in a plastic tray. On the wall
paint a target or a surface
will aim at the snowballs. The game will become much more interesting and exciting,
if you arrange a competition for accuracy.

�”The Snow Labyrinth”

Such fun for kids can be organized when the snow has fallen.
lots of. In the maze of snow, you can play hide and seek or
catch up, search for various items. Pre
draw a maze diagram on paper and then lay out a plan for the future
buildings in the snow with branches or ropes.

Using a spade, make moves in the snow according to the plan.
plan and fill the walls to the desired height. To strengthen
water them. The height of the partitions should not exceed 2/3 growth
a child so that parents can watch him without entering
the maze.

�”Shadows on the snow”

Show your baby how to use your own body
pristine snow make a variety of figurines. For example, if you lie down
on the snow on your back and spread your arms and legs wide, you’ll get a figure
stars. And if you hold divorced hands in the snow, the imprint
will look like angel wings. To сделать слоника, положите
baby on the flank with arms and legs stretched forward and then
let him straighten one arm behind his head. The main thing is to learn
gently lie down and get up from the snow.

�”Construction of snow”

Older kids are happy to build buildings of snow,
then to arrange snow battles. With the help of adults you can
build real fortresses that will stand for more than one day. For
Begin to choose a poorly populated, preferably shaded place.
You can form walls from pressed snow balls or
make bricks with a small box or bucket.

If there is a big snowdrift nearby, you can make a home out of it.
Eskimos – the needle. Make a hole in it, tamp it from the inside
walls, fill the building from the outside with water. Optionally, you can
equip your home with snow furniture and decorate with natural

Winter fun is loved not only by children, but also by adults. Don’t miss out
Occasional fun and useful time in the fresh air with your
baby And to capture the happy moments, do not forget to take
with a camera or camcorder.

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