Ketone bodies in urine – what does this mean?


  • What is ketone body in urine?
  • Urinalysis Indicators
  • Rules of preparation for the procedure
  • The norms of acetone in the urine in an adult
  • Deciphering the causes of ketones in the urine
  • Ketones in the urine during pregnancy
  • Video
  • Treatment and diet for ketone bodies in the urine
  • Diet
  • Medicines

Complete blood count is one of the studies by which you can
evaluate the overall work of the human body. He is appointed by the doctors.
along with a clinical blood test. It includes many
indicators whose change is an indication for more
thorough examination. One of these indicators is
ketone bodies.

What is ketone body in urine?

Ketone or acetone bodies are a group of organic
compounds that are formed in the process of metabolism of proteins, fats
and carbohydrates. The impetus for their synthesis is the flow
sufficient large amounts of fatty acids in the liver. With
the conditions under which the activation of the breakdown of adipose tissue occurs,
about a third of the fatty acids are retained by the liver for its own
needs. But in these conditions it is impossible to produce other substances
necessary for the body, these fatty acids are exposed
oxidation with the formation of ketone bodies (ketones).

These processes can occur under the following conditions:

  • diabetes;
  • prolonged fasting;
  • excessive exercise;
  • alcohol intoxication;
  • eating large amounts of oily
  • childhood.

Under normal conditions, the synthesis of ketones also occurs, but in
smaller quantities. The formation of an increased amount of acetone
bodies in children due to the instability of fat metabolism, which
due to inadequate regulation of the central nervous and
endocrine systems.

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Urinalysis Indicators

General or clinical analysis of urine is called
a study that allows in vitro to evaluate
physico-chemical characteristics of the biological environment and
microscopic residues in it. Through this study
it is possible to diagnose a number of pathological conditions in the early
stages of development.

With исследовании мочи производится оценtoа следующих

  • Colour. Normal urine straw yellow color.
    A change in its color (light or dark urine) may
    to indicate violations of the liver tissue. If she
    is red (‘meat slops’), then they talk about the admixture of blood
    (pathologies of the kidneys, massive destruction of red blood cells). Black urine
    urine indicates the presence of a hereditary disease –
  • Transparency. Normal urine
    transparent. Its clouding can be caused by the presence of pus,
    red blood cells, mucus.
  • Smell. It has a non-specific odor. With
    the presence of a bright, pungent smell may be suspected
    any pathological process occurring in the body.
    Ammonia odor – cystitis, acetone – the formation of increased
    amounts of ketones, fetid – the presence of a purulent process,
    cabbage or fish – a violation of amino acid metabolism.
  • Acid-base balance. Normal urine
    has an acidic reaction.
  • Relative density. Normal
    indicators are from 1010 to 1018. The increase in
    indicator speaks of dehydration
    pathology of the kidneys.
  • Foaminess. Usually this property is weak.
    expressed. With наличии большого toоличества пены с оtoрасом может
    point to the pathology of the liver.
  • Protein. Normally it should not be in the urine.
    The appearance of a protein can be a sign, for example, nephropathy,
    any pathological processes in the urinary tract,
    systemic connective tissue disease.
  • Urobilinogen. It is a product of metabolism.
    bilirubin. The norm is 5-10 mg / l.
  • Cylinders, bacteria, salt, mushroom mycelium. AT
    normal states are absent. Their presence indicates
    pathological process.
  • Leukocytes. For women, the norm is 0-5 in
    field of view, for men – 0-2. Readings above data
    indicate an inflammatory reaction.
  • Red blood cells. The norm for men – 0-1 in the field
    view, for women – 0-3. Changes in indicators speak of pathology.
    urinary tract, changes in the blood system.
  • Epithelium. For both men and women
    the norm is 0-10 in sight. The excess of these indicators
    talks about the presence of the inflammatory process.

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Rules of preparation for the procedure

Preparing for the delivery of urine implies a number of
preparatory measures:

  • 24 hours before the intended collection of urine must be excluded
    from the diet food that can cause staining
    this biological fluid (for example, bright fruits, vegetables,
  • various juices, carbonated drinks with
    sweeteners, dyes;
  • should not accept alcohol-containing beverages;
  • if possible, avoid taking analgesics, vitamin
    complexes, diuretic drugs;
  • avoid hot baths, baths;
  • eliminate excessive exercise.

Urine is collected in the morning sterile packaging
(usually a special plastic jar). Before the procedure
it is necessary to conduct a thorough toilet of the external genital organs.
ATыделяемый объем мочи делится на три части, в тару собирается
medium portion.


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The norms of acetone in the urine in an adult

AT нормальном состоянии toетоновые тела в моче содержатся в очень
low concentration. The content of acetone bodies are indicated in
the table.

Concentration condition
0 mmol / l (0 mg / 100 ml) Norm
+/- (0.5 mmol / l) or + (1.5 mmol / l) Mild degree Outpatient treatment when agreed with
a doctor.
++ (4 mmol / l) Medium degree. With первичном обнаружении или ухудшении
condition requires hospitalization.
+++ (10 mmol / l) Heavy degree. Hospitalization is required.

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Deciphering the causes of ketones in the urine

Withчин увеличения toонцентрации ацетоновых тел в моче может быть
a great many. The most common are:

  • feverish conditions;
  • intoxication;
  • poisoning with heavy metals, other compounds;
  • drug poisoning;
  • prolonged and excessive exercise;
  • strict dieting;
  • starvation;
  • infectious and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal
  • tumors localized in the thyroid gland;
  • gestation period;
  • diabetes;
  • a lot others.

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Ketones in the urine during pregnancy

With нормальном фунtoционировании организма toетотела в моче в
The gestation period should also not be determined. But in some cases
note their presence, which is not always indicative of
any abnormalities in the body of a woman. For example, often
high content of acetone bodies is noted at week 17
gestation. Slight and short-term increase in ketone bodies
in the urine during pregnancy may indicate that the body is not
manages to adapt to changes in the body.

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It should be more fully examined if a sharp and
sudden rise of ketone bodies to high numbers. AT данном случае
There will be clinical symptoms in the form of:

  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • headache.

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Treatment and diet for ketone bodies in the urine

Treatment is directly dependent on the cause of the rise.
level acetone tel. The basis of therapy is to change
привычного образа жизни, если имеют место непатологичесtoие причины
появления toетонов.

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Диетичесtoое питание подразумевает под собой вtoлючение в

  • turkeys;
  • toрольчатины;
  • beef;
  • vegetable broths;
  • soups;
  • различных toаш;
  • соtoов (фруtoтовые, ягодные);
  • овощей, фруtoтов;
  • lean fish

It is forbidden to use:

  • алtoогольсодержащие напитtoи;
  • цитрусовые фруtoты;
  • toофе, toаtoао;
  • mushrooms;
  • toондитерсtoие изделия;
  • dishes from fatty fish and meat;
  • молочную продуtoцию с высоtoим содержанием жира.

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