Kefir kefir – strife or how to choose usefuldrink for a child up to a year?

Modern parents are puzzled by the question: what product
first feeding the most useful for the baby? Having tried mass
options, most moms and dads start to give preference
the legendary kefir. Of course, the benefits of this drink is indisputable.
The main thing is to make the right choice from the whole variety. After all
not every kefir will suit kids.

кефир агуша

Kefir – a tradition of sour milk foods

The love of sour milk drink in Russia began in 1922.
It was then that the first dairy kitchen opened at the Institute of Protection
maternity and childhood. Pediatricians talking about proper development
child, put on the theme of balanced nutrition and
tirelessly recommended to enter into the diet of baby kefir. Same
lines doctors adhere to so far, knowing about the miraculous
product properties. And moms themselves have long known that kefir –
a storehouse of vitamins and microelements.

Доказанный факт – суточная норма кефира дает
30% of the daily value of calcium and protein. According to the calculations of doctors,
The 200-ml packet contains 5.4 grams of protein and 240
Milligrams of calcium – the daily need of one year old child.

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Kefir kefir – strife or how to choose useful напиток?

It is not naive to believe that any fermented milk product with
shelves of the store will be useful to your baby, because kefir kefir –
discord Most modern parents believe the more expensive
the product, the more colorful the container and the richer the composition, the better – it will bring
maximum benefit. This opinion is often deceptive and quickly broken.
about the walls that are built by large professional marketers

�”Suitable for baby food”

When choosing a quality drink for a child, priority
it is not packaging, but an adapted recipe, strict
quality control and safety. Look for age indication on
packaging to make sure it is truly certified
baby food product. This can only boast
baby kefir.

Small, not big


Many will say “there is no difference between kefir for a baby and
kefir for an adult. This is a mistake. For the production of kefir for
kids have more stringent requirements. For example, requirements
security. Children’s kefir is produced only on selected
lines and in closed mode, and the sterility of the premises and
technological devices sometimes envy even the walls of the hospital

Low acidity

Speaking about the difference in children’s and adult kefirs is very important
mention about the acidity. Kids drink recipe
adapted to the peculiarities of the immature organism. Restriction
acidity in a children’s drink – not more than 100 degrees Turner, which
allows him to digest faster.

ПОМНИТЕ: Кислотность может повышаться при
storage, it is therefore very important to look at the expiration date and choose for
child the most fresh product.

For comparison, in adult kefir there are no restrictions on acidity,
That can play with the child a malicious joke and deliver discomfort.

Features of the package and the pitfalls of the composition

To talk about marketing and other tricks. Despite all
the rigor of production and quality control, read the information from
packaging of the product you like.

First, the composition. In quality kefir it is quite simple.
and understandable: only milk and kefir fungi. Besides, the drink is not
must contain sugar. This makes it doubly safe for
the first feeding Artificial colors, flavor enhancers, GMOs and
preservatives in baby yogurt are prohibited. This rule
adheres to every bona fide manufacturer.

In your favorite baby yogurt, there are additional ingredients,
except vitamins and bifidobacteria? In your hands, not kefir! Supplements
change the beneficial properties of the drink and turn it into the usual tasty
dessert. For example, in “Kefir”, “Kefirchik” or “Kefirok”. On
the package of this useful drink you can easily find the inscription –
�”Kefir. Baby food”.

�“Agusha”: keeping traditions for the little ones

Classic kefir “Agusha” – a favorite product of moms and kids. Mama
can be confident in the safety of the product: strict control on
every stage of production guarantees quality. Besides,
low acidity and lack of sugar make this kefir
suitable for the introduction of dairy foods. And kids love “Agusha”
for an incredibly delicate taste!

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