Как лечить молочницу у women: препараты,treatment with candles, pills

ABOUTбновление: Декабрь 2018

What is candidiasis of the vaginal mucosa is known literally by everyone
women, with 30% of them suffering from chronic
recurrent thrush. In women, drug treatment in the last
time is not always successful, because only in modern
paid clinics for the treatment of any disease are appropriate in view of
sensitivity of microorganisms to various antibiotics and in
in case of candidiasis, to antifungal drugs.

Иначе лечение может быть не effective. This is due to the fact
that with the discovery and the beginning of the active use of antibiotics and
other antimicrobial, antimycotic agents pathogenic
microorganisms gradually began to adapt, develop
resistance to those or other antibiotics, antimycotics. Doctors
it has long been sounding the alarm that with every decade banal, ordinary
bacteria, viruses, fungi have become much more aggressive than 50-60 years
back, and the immune response to their introduction or reproduction in
most of the population is waning. Junk food, meat
products stuffed with growth hormones and antibiotics, abundance
chemicals in everyday life, in food, contaminated
air, a lot of negative information and constant stress,
experiences – gradually destroy the natural processes in
body that can not cope with increased load, hence
reduction of body defenses.

The pharmaceutical industry continues to produce
new and new tools to fight infections, viruses and
fungi. As for thrush, this disease is the majority
of women считает небольшим дисбалансом в микрофлоре vagina. it
so if the cause of thrush in women is
antibiotic therapy, use of hormonal contraceptives,
беременность  — в этих случаях после отмены лекарств или
termination of pregnancy, thrush in women after treatment
local drug quickly passes.

ABOUTднако, если молочница возникает в комплексе с прочими
gynecological diseases, hidden sexually transmitted infections,
is the first sign of diabetes, it constantly arise
relapses after treatment – this indicates serious malfunctions in
body, metabolic disorders, immunodeficiency states,
hormonal disorders, diseases of the endocrine system, etc.

it является как бы звоночком, сигналом о том, что ослаб местный
immunity, as candida is a fungus that is always present in
normal vaginal microflora in healthy women, and the presence
favorable factors for the growth of fungal flora leads to its
active reproduction. Therefore, many women are interested in the question –
what means and how to treat thrush in women effectively,
safe and fast?

Choosing the best drug and proper treatment of thrush in
of women

The pharmaceutical market in Russia is unusually rich in various
preparations for thrush – suppositories, creams, ointments, tablets. All of them
разделяют на 2  основные группы:

  • Preparations for local treatment – ointment, suppository, cream,
    Vaginal tablets are the best choice for gentle therapy.
    since their use does not have a systemic effect on the whole
    an organism. They are used in light or uncomplicated forms.
    vaginal candidiasis, as well as chronic thrush in
    combination therapy with antimycotic agents taken
  • Systemic, general drugs are pills that
    have an effect on the entire body, and getting into the focus of inflammation, and
    to other systems and organs. They are used in severe and often
    recurrent candidiasis.

Understand which ones are most effective can be up to
infinity. The main thing when choosing drugs is to rely on
the result of the analysis of bacterial seeding, which should determine
the sensitivity of the identified colony of fungal agents to a specific
active substance.

Sometimes with chronic thrush Candida fungi are detected.
glabrata, in contrast to the common pathogens of Candida thrush
albicans, they are considered more resistant to antimycotic

That is why it is important to determine when recurrent thrush
pathogen by bacterial culture. In this case, the attending physician
will appoint a knowingly effective remedy that will be less
toxic, and with the least side effects. In our article
ABOUTбзор 10 эффективных свечей от молочницы можно узнать о плюсах и
минусах применения любых суппозиториев от кандидоза vagina.

ABOUTсновные принципы в лечении первичной молочницы или
uncomplicated candidiasis

Лечение молочницы у of women должно начинаться с устранения причин
its occurrence, reducing the influence of provoking factors (narrow
synthetic underwear, intimate hygiene, abundant
the use of sweets, flour products, rare change of tampons and
gaskets, etc.), treatment with antifungal drugs and
restoration of intestinal microflora and vagina:

  • It is advisable to treat only local
    treatment because antifungal drugs in gynecology
    systemic effects have a toxic effect on the liver and
    the kidneys. In the uncomplicated form of candidiasis, various
    vaginal suppositories or vaginal tablets that contain
    antimycotic drugs.

    • Клотримазол — Канестен, Кандизол, Йенамазол
      100, Антифунгол, Кандибене
    • Miconazole – Klion-D 100, Gyno-daktarin, Ginesol
    • Isoconazole – Gyno-herbal agent
    • Натамицин — Pimafucin
    • Fetikonazol – Lomeksin
    • Sertaconazole-for thrush in women, drug treatment
      Zalain is effective, but in a chronic process its use is not
    • Econazole – Gino-pevaril, Ifenek
    • Imidazole – Ginofort, Mikogal, Ginesol 7, Candide B6
    • Ketoconazole is considered the most effective drug –
      Livarol, Vetorozal, Mycozoral, Nizoral, Ketoconazole, Brizoral,
  • On the recommendation of the doctor, local treatment of thrush in the lungs.
    cases can be replaced by a single dose of fluconazole
    (Fluconazole for thrush), analogues of which
    являются Флюкостат, Diflucan, Микосист, Микомакс, Цискан,
    Diflazon, Mikoflyukan.
  • Acute thrush depending on the choice of the drug is treated from 1
    up to 7 days, while the efficiency reaches 85-90%. During therapy
    women should refrain from sexual intercourse and strictly
    observe intimate hygiene.
  • As a prevention of the resumption of thrush after treatment
    You can periodically wash with a weak solution of soda, boric
    acid or potassium permanganate.

Many women find that treating thrush with
douching is optimal, not expensive, affordable and
effective treatment. This is a big misconception. Douching
with thrush soda, chlorhexidine, potassium permanganate, etc. solutions
– very dangerous, unacceptable method of treatment.

  • When newly discovered thrush, if it originated as
    independent disease, other tests do not reveal any
    other bacterial infections, doctors do not recommend using for
    topical treatment of thrush in women such drugs as Terzhinan
    and polygynax. These tools though contain nystatin (outdated
    antifungal drug) are candles with a wide
    antibacterial spectrum of action, and for their thrush
    use violates the vaginal microflora, suppresses useful
    flora and causes bacterial vaginosis,
    Gardnerella (see discharge with the smell of fish).
  • It should be remembered that the disappearance of signs of thrush is not always
    indicates that the disease is cured. Be sure to after
    treatment should be re-performed vaginal examination

Since thrush is often combined with other gynecological
diseases, hidden infections, be sure to contact
to the gynecologist if:

  • After treatment, the symptoms of thrush in a woman persist or
    relapse occurs 1-2 months after treatment.
  • In addition to signs of thrush there is weakness, fever, pain
    lower abdomen.
  • If there are side effects to the drug for thrush,
    mucosal irritation or allergic reactions or during treatment
    purulent or blood discharge appeared (brown discharge in
    the middle of the loop).

How to treat chronic thrush in women

Lack of free time, workload, family
economic affairs often force women to engage
self-medication, despite the fact that everyone knows that it is impossible
engage in self-diagnosis and take drugs without a full
examination and control of cure.

In addition, the sensations, symptoms and nature of the discharge
it is impossible to determine the disease, and thrush very often
masks other hidden infections (chlamydia in women
bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, etc.), allergies and
other gynecological chronic diseases.

Wrong selection of medication, too short courses of therapy
leads to chronic, often recurrent thrush,
The stability of candida to many antimycotic drugs is
aggravates further treatment of candidiasis. Antifungal agents
from thrush there is a mass of side effects, contraindications, they are not
proper use can lead to complications and transition
diseases in chronic.

Therefore, a woman in the event of any discomfort in the area
genitalia should find time for themselves, pass in time
examination by a gynecologist and follow all the recommendations of the doctor. ABOUT
the occurrence of chronic thrush gynecologists say when
exacerbations of the disease are more often 4 times a year. ABOUTбычное лечение,
prescribed for acute thrush in such cases is not
effective. ABOUTсновные принципы лечения хронической молочницы у

  • Preparations for local therapy – cream, candles, ointments are used.
    такие же,  как при легких формах молочницы.
  • Systemic reception is necessarily added to local therapy.
    antifungal pills for thrush.
  • Treatment of chronic thrush usually lasts several months and
    includes the treatment of possible concomitant diseases,
    fortifying vitamin therapy excluded oral
    contraceptives, taking antibiotics, recovers possible
    intestinal dysbiosis.

    • Fluconazole – Analogues Flucostat, Diflucan
    • Итраконазол — аналоги Ирунин, Кандитрал, Итразол, Румикоз,
      Orunit, Orungal
    • Pimafucin
    • Ketoconazole – Oronazole, Fungavis, Nizoral,
  • When establishing a mixed vaginal infection caused
    pathogens of Gardnerella, candidiasis and trichomoniasis, used
    candles Neo – Penotran Forte.
  • After antifungal treatment and confirmed
    elimination tests for candidiasis should
    использовать эубиотики, восстанавливающие здоровую микрофлору
    vagina. The doctor may prescribe candles
  • Also widely used for the treatment of often recurrent
    thrush various physiotherapy: magnetic therapy, SMT,
    electrophoresis, darsonvalization, laser therapy.

One of the treatment regimens for chronic thrush

At the initial stage of treatment of chronic thrush in women
The following drugs are used:

  • Topical treatment – candles Clotrimazole 200 mg., In a course of 10-14
    days, at night 1 candle.
  • Fluconazole tablets 150 mg, on the 1st day of treatment, 4 and 7
  • Tablets with active ingredient Itraconazole (Irunin, etc.) 200
    мг., по 1 таблетке в day в течении недели

With maintenance therapy:

  • Topical treatment – candles Clotrimazole 500 mg. within six months
    1 candle per week.
  • Also, 1 tablet of Fluconazole 150 mg. Once a week in
    during half a year.
  • Itraconazole tablets 200 mg. 1 time per month – 1 tab. 2
    р/day также в during half a year.

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