Japanese scientists have developed a method for determiningoncology by blood in 3 minutes

Update: February 2019

MYTECH Research Associate – Katsuyuki Hasegawa, created
A new survey method for detecting oncopathology (together with
Toushu Clinic at Showa University).

The unique technology allows only 1 drop of blood for 3
minutes to determine whether the patient has a malignant tumor, and
also early stages of pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, cancer


An experiment to determine the reliability of the result was carried out
only on 20 patients with benign and malignant
tumors and the result was unmistakable. Japanese scientists are planning
after 1 year conduct the first clinical trials.

Specialists have developed such technology – on
a plate of metal of special composition is applied 1 drop of blood, if
the patient has a malignant tumor then under the influence of
various types of radiation, including 3D laser and
ultraviolet, the blood begins to glow if the tumor
benign, then the blood does not emit light. The main thing is that
simple method and you can start using it even tomorrow in any
hospital of the world.

In addition, Japanese scientists specializing in
manufacturing of high-precision medical equipment was
developed a method for determining oncology of the gastrointestinal organs
tract. It will take a year to implement it to create a base
data from the resulting images, which differ according to
on the type of malignant tumor.

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