It’s boring to stay at home with a small child: whatdo and how to diversify life

A decree is a real test for any woman. AT
first of all because you have to change your lifestyle,
donate some favorite habits. As a result, many
women complain that they are unbearably boring to sit at home with
small children. Let’s talk about how to diversify your
leisure sitting at home with a child.

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  • 1 Why do you get bored?
  • 2 Is there a way out of the vicious circle
    • 2.1 Fatigue
    • 2.2 As always, no time
    • 2.3 Diversify activities with the child
    • 2.4 Boring without work
    • 2.5 Lack of communication
    • 2.6 Too monotonous games
  • 3 When mom is bored with a child. Diary of mom – a psychologist

Скучно сидеть дома с маленьким ребенком

Many women sitting at home with a small child experience
boredom. Moreover, this boredom of the wave can develop into a real
depressed, so leaving the circle of constant discontent with life
it is very important to find as soon as possible.

AND самое главное: в том, что вам скучно, нет и не может быть
nothing reprehensible or even more shameful! ATы ни в коем
case should not blame yourself, considering a bad mother. ATы –
beautiful mother, just you are also a person who has her own
needs (both physical and intellectual), interests,
hobbies without which life seems boring, losing the usual
paints. AND это абсолютно нормально! Therefore, we hide away
periodically pop-up feeling of guilt, and we begin to argue

Afraid to admit to yourself and others that you are bored
stay at home with the baby? Do not panic: this fact, although it causes
a strong sense of guilt and outright shame is not at all
proof that you are a bad mother. ATовсе нет, наоборот, вы
completely normal mother! AND наш сайт для
мам попытается вам это доказать и даст
Some tips on how to survive this difficult period in your
of life.

Why do you get bored?

While still pregnant, any woman draws her future decree.
in the brightest colors. She thinks it will be the happiest.
несколько лет в ее of life. But, when is the long awaited time
comes, it turns out that everything is not so easy and cool, arises
resentment that easily goes into depression.

A woman asks herself (naturally feeling guilty):
what’s wrong with me, why I’m bored, what I miss, because
my dream came true, I have a beautiful child, etc.? ATсе очень
simply. On the shoulders of a modern woman – a lot of responsibilities
which with the advent of the child no one thought to cancel. She’s like
first must (in terms of stereotypes of modern society)
look great, cook beautifully, keep clean and comfortable in
home, be a good lover, etc.)

AND никто не спрашивает при этом, чего хочет сама женщина, легко
Does she. The situation is aggravated if the young mom does not have
assistants. But the older the child, the more time and energy he
requires Six months, a year and a half, and the woman begins to realize that
she is just unbearably boring …

Each faced a situation when they had to break away from
started to devote time to the child. Baby once again
runs up, pulls the clothes with the words: “Mom, let’s go play!”. AND
вы послушно выключаете утюг, выключаете недоваренный суп,
throw an undersized underwear, turn off an unreviewed show or
заканчиваете незавершенный разговор по телефону,  (или
postpone any other matter) and go to build castles, a house for
Barbie, hairstyle dolls or roll cars. It would seem, after all
it must be very exciting – play pirates or hide and seek,
to make funny hares and cubs from plasticine, to make injections
patients and give them toy pills. AND увлекательно все это
looks only from the outside, and for the hundredth time is nowhere near as fun!
And to get sincere pleasure from children’s games, you need
probably most fall into childhood …

Parents must with all their being fall into childhood,
to really enjoy the pleasure of playing with
small children.

But it is very rare, especially in our time, when around
so many temptations and so many interesting things! This and fascinating
movies, and books, and chatting with your beloved friends, and the opportunity
chat with girlfriends on the phone. And what is worth only one
the Internet. As you can see, the interests of mommy and the child – absolutely
different, with the result that the woman begins to be very bored. What about children,
even the smallest, it is very well felt, catching
slightest mood swings mom. AND здесь начинает мучить совесть,
because the baby is not to blame!

Is there a way out of the vicious circle

So what to do in a situation where games with a child are bored,
How to diversify your leisure time while sitting on maternity leave? ATозможно ли это
in general, or just stand, clenching his teeth, to suffer these few years,
while the child goes to kindergarten and there will be more time for
personal life and interests?

ATыход однозначно есть.

  1. ATо-первых, необходимо честно себе признаться в том, что вам
    boring that’s the main reason for your discontent.
  2. ATо-вторых, избавиться от естественного, но совершенно
    inappropriate feelings of guilt in front of your child. Repeat again:
    you are not to blame for anything, you also deserve to be happy, and you
    not required to make any sacrifices to long-awaited motherhood.
  3. AT-третьих, необходимо постараться найти и осознать главные
    reasons you get bored.

AND, наконец, найти выход из сложившихся обстоятельств.

Consider the most important reasons that lead to
that it becomes unbearably boring for you to sit at home with a small
child, and also tips, thanks to which you can change
situation for the better.

усталая мама


AND это понятно: за день женщине приходится переделать огромное
number of cases requiring huge energy costs
(constant feeding, bathing, changing clothes of a child, active
games, cleaning the apartment, cooking and much more). it
exhausts, exhausts, and sometimes drives into real
depression. The child needs to run energetically along with him
home, and you do not have the strength to even get up.

What can be done here? We advise in detail
analyze your “work day”, highlighting the main and
minor matters. Most often, women suffer from the fact that
misplaced priorities. Decide immediately what is for you.
important, and what is secondary and focus on the first, and
the rest is possible.

The next step is to think how you can unload your little
�”Working” day, because it is simply impossible to enjoy
communicating with the child, preparing dinner with one hand, stroking the underwear with the other,
while playing with the baby, etc. Live easier! Not ironed linen
никуда не денется (его всегда можно погладить завтра), сегодня
Do not have time to wash the floors? – Wash tomorrow! Things have always been there
will, they need to be treated “philosophically.” Yes, and my husband may well
as far as possible to connect to homework, even if
works (you also work in your own way, and it is not yet known whose
work harder). Great if you can discuss your problem with
husband, ask for help and find a way out together.

Do not try to be the perfect mom, wife and mistress
at the same time – no strength is enough.

It’s impossible, with a small child, to keep the house in perfect
condition, and everyone understands this.

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are sitting! ANDли памятка мужьям, не понимающим все «прелести» декретного

As always, no time

Lack of free time is the second important reason leading to
that the woman is constantly dissatisfied, sitting at home with
a child. The brightest confirmation of this: forums for moms just
are full of complaints about how little time they have left on

What to say? We women are sensual creatures. We keenly
We need positive emotions that give us beautiful
outfits, makeup, favorite movies and books, chatting with friends and
other AND в декрете эта потребность никуда не пропадает. Each of
for us to feel happy, it is important to find time for
yourself, your hobbies and small joys.


What can be done in conditions of acute shortage of time? Well,
firstly, if you correctly rated and prioritized (see
the previous chapter), they probably understood what they were doing during the day
можно пренебречь, дабы выделить свободную минутку для yourself

ATо-вторых, не следует стесняться и просить помощи у близких
(husband, grandparents, and sometimes friends). ATы удивитесь, но даже
minimal change of setting (for example, you left the child with
grandmother, but they themselves went to the manicure, met with a friend,
visited the pool, etc.) is able to greatly change the mood
and charge with energy! ATернувшись домой даже после непродолжительного
rest (sometimes enough for an hour or two), you are so bored for
your baby that playing with him will give you pleasure yet

Believe, you can (and should) find and find time for yourself in
under any circumstances, if properly distributed all the same
priorities. It’s good that we live in high-tech times, and
Today, each of us has a washing machine, a slow cooker and
other, greatly facilitating life and saving time.

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ANDногда, чтобы снять напряжение и переключиться, достаточно
put the baby to bed, brew yourself some fragrant tea and for a while
just enjoy letting go of all worries. AND таких приятностей может
be very much (coffee in the park, while the baby is sleeping in the stroller,
evening bath, while the kid plays with dad, something delicious,
conversation with a friend on the phone, etc.)

Tired of being a mom. How not to go crazy
в декрете:

Diversify activities with the child

Do you want your child to grow smart and develop well?
Do you think that teaching a child is boring and uninteresting? Thanks
a huge number of modern developmental techniques and
devices, you can turn the learning process into an exciting
(and, both for the child and for you) process. Do not neglect
such an opportunity! Feel free to buy all sorts of finger
paints, constructors, development and do it with pleasure. AND
The main thing – turn on the fantasy, you can always think of something
interesting for both of you!

Moreover, subject to financial opportunities, at your service
professional courses, which will be engaged with your child
professional teachers (and you can devote this time

Moms are buying up all sorts of tutorials and techniques,
To persevere every day with your crumbs. For what?
In order to tell friends at the next meeting: “And we are already Yesenina
We know one tooth, and this is a year and a half! ”

It is very important in this matter – not to overdo it. All classes are good at
measure, and strong pressure is able to discourage the child’s desire to learn.
Perhaps the ideal option would be classes in the school of early development.
1 or 2 times a week, for which the child will be really
interesting. AND самое главное — не нужно форсировать события и
strive to teach the child what he is not yet ready for
(for example, learn to read before three years). Much better to play with
him in both interesting and educational games. So, not
turn the stick, let everything be gradually and in due time.

Boring without work

The thing is that women who were actively building before the decree
career, passionately loved their work, or just led an active
business lifestyle, not enough of these impressions. Especially when
they are watching their successful colleagues who, without slowing down
turns, reach labor success.

In that case, think about how you could
realize yourself sitting on maternity leave. It may be as partial
employment in the same workplace, and another type of activity,
which you could do without harming your family. For example,
you can negotiate with the boss and work half the rate or take
some work at home. If this is not possible, you can
try to master any other activity that does not require
full employment (there are many options: network marketing,
work on the Internet, etc.) So you can
to be realized, to develop, and the money is never superfluous

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вакансии для мам в декрете

Lack of communication

With the advent of the child, familiar communication becomes much
less. This is understandable: girlfriends who have no children, or those whose
children have grown up, talk about breastfeeding is not particularly interesting
feeding and childhood diseases. ANDз-за этого недостатка женщинам и
getting very boring.

How to be in this situation? Look among your circle for those who
like you, recently gave birth to a child or just preparing for it
event. Feel free to spend time together. Can
walk or visit each other. Common interests very
unite. A game with the baby in company with other children and their
Mommies are always more fun.

Too monotonous games

What could be worse than monotony? Of course, babies are very
interesting all day long to run and jump, playing with your loved ones
toys that can not be said about you. Same games from day to day
day, able to incredibly tire and bored.

How to be? Include your imagination and invent
various games and activities that will be fun
both of you. As an option: offer your child to paint with fingers
colors on unnecessary wallpaper and join this fascinating
to do toy cooking with your child, wash baby dishes,
think up a lot of fun active games. Help you – soap
bubbles, mosaic, kinetic sand, plasticine, developing
designers, easel, where you can create the first masterpieces, and
much more.

AND будьте внимательнее к своему малышу, не давайте ему понять,
What do you want to play with him? After all, it’s not his fault
that you have too much to do. It is much better to involve him in work.
around the house (of course, within reason). Offer a child
participate in cooking (for example, he may well
toy knife cut vegetables or fruit), cleaning the apartment
(for example, help you hang out your laundry, lay down your toys,
wipe the dust on a small table, etc.). Believe most
children with great pleasure and enthusiasm perceive such
requests! Another huge plus of this activity is that the child learns.
something new, it feels necessary and useful.

6 ways to take a child without toys. Developmental
games with baby 1-3 years old:

But, if, having tried all these methods, you still dream
run away from home, you can try to hire a nanny. AND не думайте, что в
this is something shameful, after all, shifting some of the responsibilities on
another person, you will have more opportunities to communicate with
beloved child.

As you can see, make your life on maternity leave more
diverse and bright quite real, the main thing is not to lose heart and
think a little. Remember also one banal truth: for
In order to work, you will have a whole life, and the child will
small only once. In the end, these are the happiest years, oh
which we remember more than once in the future. Good luck to you and yours


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When mom is bored with a child. Diary of mom – a psychologist

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