It is proved that walking is significantly reducedprobability of stroke

Update: February 2019

Spanish doctors conducted a grand impact study
various factors on the life and health of the elderly. Study
lasted more than twelve years and was conducted on 33 thousand men and
women divided into groups according to age, sex, profession and

As a result of the study, in particular, it turned out that
older women who have given walks at least three hours
week, stroke or micro stroke was 43 percent less frequent.


That is, it’s enough to walk half an hour a day to
significantly reduce the risk of stroke in women.
The probability of reducing the risk of stroke in men until

пешие прогулки помогают от инсульта

Although the results of the study can not be called absolutely accurate,
since it was carried out by simple questioning, and can not
consider all factors affecting human health.

But the fact of the positive impact of even small walks on
prevention of stroke can be considered proven. Read in our
article about the benefits of pine cones after a stroke.

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