It is proved that the aging of the body in different partsbody goes unevenly

Update: February 2019

Los Angeles University of California specialists
conducted research aimed at finding out whether
aging different tissues in the body, proving that biological
the clocks work differently in different parts of the body. Thats
There are organs and tissues grow old at different speeds.

Researchers have studied 8,000 DNA samples of over 50 species.
pathologically altered and completely healthy tissues in the body
человека разного возраста  — от зародыша до 100 летного
person It turned out that in the tissues and organs between chronological
and biological age there is a huge difference. For example,
mammary glands in women age by 3 years faster than the whole body,
and the heart tissue, on the contrary, is 10 years younger than the real age


A completely startling discovery was that
progeria children (hereditary genetic disease when
premature aging occurs), body cells
consistent with chronological age. Research also
found that tissues near located with tissues affected
oncology, were 12 years older, cancer cells
tumors about 35 years older than healthy tissue.

старение организма в разных частях тела неравномерно

A samples of brain tumors (see signs of a tumor
brain) some children were 80 years older than the present
biological age. Given the results, scientists
concluded that in childhood and adolescence cell
clocks go faster, and after 20 years there is a slowdown and
biological time becomes more uniform.

These studies once again confirm the fact that age
serves as a risk factor for cancer as in
women, tick and men. As well as the fact that due to early aging
breast tissue, breast cancer in women (see signs of cancer
breast) is considered the most common malignant
neoplasm in women.

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