Is kanefron effective for cystitis?

Update: December 2018

Cystitis is a fairly frequent disease in which
inflammation of the bladder. It is usually accompanied by inflammation.
urethra – urethritis. The disease may be
isolated or enter into the program of genital infections. Main
patients with this ailment are women, although men also sometimes
suffer from this disease.

Acute cystitis usually occurs suddenly after
hypothermia or other precipitating factors such as general
reduced immunity, stress, hygiene. Most basic
a sign of cystitis – painful, frequent urination,
the pains are aggravated at the end when the bladder is completely
emptied. It also occurs after acute urethritis, when and before
this urinating was painful, but in the beginning and then pain arises and
mid and late, plus frequent urge and pain in

There are lots of different drugs to help cope.
body with such an unpleasant disease. Someone really helps
Цистон при цистите, кому-то Фурагин, Фурадонин, Нолицин,
someone takes cranberries for cystitis. We will look at how
effectively a new cure for cystitis – Canephron (manufacturer
Germany). With cystitis, many doctors recommend it.

Cystitis Medicine – Canephron


Tablets for cystitis – Canephron, contain in its composition
a unique combination of medicinal herbs that provide
anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial, and
antispasmodic action. This is the root of lovage, grass
centaury, rosemary leaves. Available in the form of alcohol
solution and dragee.

Цена в аптеках в среднем: капли 350 руб., драже
60 pcs. 400 rub.

Indications for use

Used in the treatment of cystitis, pyelonephritis,
glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis. And also as a means
for the prevention of re-formation of kidney stones after
removal of stones. This drug is especially indicated for patients
suffering from chronic diseases, and need constant
противорецидивной, поддерживающей  терапии. Conducted
drug studies prove his ability significantly
reduce the frequency of exacerbations in chronic inflammation
urinary system. Pediatricians allowed treatment by cannephron
children from infancy according to appropriate indications.


Drug action

This drug is most often used as part of
complex therapy, since it increases the effectiveness of therapy
antibiotics. Contributes to the normalization of urination, reduces
intensity of pain, cramping when urinating, reduces the risk
recurrence in chronic cystitis.

Канефрон при цистите: отзывыIt also has a good
tolerability even with prolonged use and combined with
antimicrobial therapy. However, it should be borne in mind that any
even the strongest medicinal herbs are not able to render
momentary effect, their effect becomes noticeable only when
prolonged use.

In the case of a strong inflammatory process with high
body temperature, it is impossible to hope for herbal remedies,
Canephron should be used only in complex treatment.


Since the drug is exclusively of plant origin,
contraindication to its use can only be a tendency to
allergic reactions, especially to medicinal plants.

Use during pregnancy

If a woman has cystitis, use Canephron during pregnancy.
possible, but only on prescription. He is often prescribed
obstetrician-gynecologists in antenatal clinics, and for treatment, and for
prevention of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary
ways. In this case, it is used only as a dragee, because
Pregnancy alcohol solutions are not desirable. When feeding
breast also no contraindications for its use, except
individual intolerance of its constituent herbs.

How to take Canephron tablets for cystitis:

Treatment by Cannephron and any other herbal medicine is not
should start without consulting a doctor, without integrated
survey and modern diagnostics. Drug intake
performed as follows:

  • Adults take 50 drops or 2 tablets 3 r / d.
  • Children from year to 6 years: 15 cap. 3 r / d.
  • Children over 6 years: 25 cap. или 1 др. 3 r / d.
  • Breast children: 10 cap. 3 r / d.

After reducing the acute symptoms of the disease should continue
therapy for another 14–28 days. To mitigate unpleasant
bitter taste for children can take drops with other
liquids. Dragees are taken without chewing. When treating cannephron
with cystitis and other diseases of the urinary system
It is recommended to use a lot of fluids.

Cystitis – treatment Kanefron, отзывы:

If you have taken this medication for cystitis, please
leave your feedback in the comments.

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