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  3. Causes of skin sensitivity in infants
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Every mother, having experienced the wonderful Sudokrem product for treatment of the skin of the baby, begins to constantly use it.


Like its Russian counterparts, like Zinc Paste, “Desidine” and “Tsintol”, the main active component of “Sudocrem” is zinc oxide. It contains lanolin, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate.

Some may be alerted by the presence of benzyl benzoate, which commonly used to make strong anti-scab funds and has severe age-related contraindications. However his the content is so small that it does not create problems for the gentle infant body.

This concentration is sufficient to ensure a guaranteed and quick antiseptic effect. Digitally Composition Sudocream is expressed as follows:

100 g of cream contains:

  • 15.25 g of zinc oxide;
  • 4 g of lanolin;
  • 0.39 g of benzyl alcohol;
  • 0.83 g of benzyl benzoate;
  • 0.15 g of benzyl cinnamate.

As auxiliary components in Sudokrem used:

  • Water;
  • Liquid and solid paraffin;
  • Microcrystalline paraffin;
  • Synthetic wax;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Propylene glycol;
  • Lavender Oil

Please note that paraffin, as a petroleum product, is also traditionally refers to the “undesirable” category of elements. However and its percentage is extremely small.


The drug was developed by the Irish company “Forest” as universal remedy for diaper rash, bedsores care, infectious skin inflammation. Its general purpose is creation emollient and anti-inflammatory effects. Thanks uniquely developed content, this cream stands out for its instant and absolute skin healing action.

Zinc oxide has

  • Antiseptic;
  • Astringent;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Heals wounds on the baby’s delicate skin from chafing;
  • Eliminates irritation from diapers and clothes.

Purpose of benzyl alcohol:

  • Disinfection;
  • Anesthesia.

Benzyl cinnamate is a powerful remedy against fungi and bacteria. Benzyl benzoate is known for its antiseptic properties.

Causes of skin sensitivity in infants

9 long months before coming to life, your baby was in water area. Her skin is used to 100% content. moisture in the environment, and therefore for many months will go to getting used to new conditions.


Imagine a marine animal trapped on land. For its survival requires constant and abundant hydration the surface of his body until the moment he returns to the water.

Your child no longer has to return to the water, however, his skin is also prone to drying out and, if Do not moisturize or protect from exposure elements, the child will be restless, will lose a healthy sleep. Inflammatory skin diseases with itching and an increase in temperature. This is why it is so important:

  • Timely bathe the baby (with the addition of various anti-inflammatory herbs, if there are no contraindications);
  • Moisturize his skin with special baby lotions and oils;
  • Maintain the correct climate in the room (moisture content should be at least 60%, the temperature – 21-23 degrees above zero Celsius
  • Ventilate the room;
  • In no case do not wrap the child;
  • Use the so-called “free” swaddling;
  • Do not zeal in the use of baby powders;
  • Choose optimal diapers and clothing (mainly cotton).


Do not forget that Sudokrem, although it has no contraindications, in addition to personal intolerance, it is still a remedy. Therefore, do not use it as a baby lotion or oil after each bath, if there is no evidence.

“Sudocrem” is necessary if the skin of a child, especially in the groin, in the folds, in place of maximum contact with the surface (if the child is lying on his back – then back, if on the right side – this side) redness occurs. Slight redness is easily eliminated without cream when help ordinary air or chamomile (or calendula) baths. The drug must be used when detect:

  • Significant redness;
  • Diaper rash;
  • More serious irritation;
  • If the child has rubbing from the diaper or the edges, gums clothes, sometimes bleeding wounds.

A single application of Sudocream with a thin layer is enough for healing for 2 hours already. This tool is not only effective, but also very economical, despite the rather high the price.

Just a light, almost invisible to the eye layer of it is enough to effect has been achieved. You can use the drug up to 6 times a day, however, three times will be enough, thanks to the persistent effect and moisture protection.

The main rule for the use of the drug, as well as its analogues, is a preliminary cleansing and drying of the skin. At each diaper change necessary:

  • Wash the child thoroughly with slightly warm water (36 degrees; you should always try the water with your elbow, not your palm, and the feeling should be comfortable). Avoid Unjustified using wet wipes instead of washing, because any a wipe cleanses the skin only from the outside, and only water in combination with Baby soap gives a real cleansing of all skin layers. Leave wet wipes only for those cases when you are not at home (away, at the doctor’s visit, for a walk).
  • Dry (not by wiping, but blotting) with a soft with a cotton towel.
  • Allow to air dry for about 5 minutes at room temperature.

If you follow this guide, and also do not forget to change diapers at each feeding, or even twice (until and after, because often the baby has a chair during feeding), not less than once every three hours, then the need to use the drug minimized. Try to maintain a good diet. nutrition, especially in the first six months of feeding: avoid foods, causing allergies, as well as excessive weakening of the stool (after all, diarrhea leads to fluid loss in the body) .Find out our publications on how to identify and treat prickly heat in infants.

Be sure to read the material about why on the pope red spots appear.

We recommend an article on solving the problem of dry rough skin in baby.


Universal characteristics of Sudocrem allow you to use its for the treatment of allergic reactions in any area of ​​the skin. However, follow the rule to always consult a doctor, because some eczema diseases may require antibiotic interventions.

If you follow the rules for caring for baby skin, as well as use Sudokrem in small quantities and only with availability of indications, you will be able to keep a jar of 120 g even in for 2 years. For hygiene, as stated in the drug Sudocrem instructions for babies, avoid using the same a jar for the baby and other family members (the drug became very popular for all ages, it is used even in cosmetic goals).

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