Is it worth it to milk the baby


  1. Age
  2. Climate
  3. Disease
  4. Conclusion

Do I need to milk my baby? This question is being asked. almost every young mother.

But a definite answer to it does not exist. To answer This issue, you must consider the following factors:

  • The age of your child;
  • The method of feeding (breast or artificial);
  • Climatic conditions of location, including indoor microclimate;
  • The health status of the baby;
  • Individual features of the baby.


Let’s start with age. Almost all pediatricians and nutritionists agree: the question is whether to milk the baby with water before reaching 4 weeks of age, the only true answer will be – no, in the absence of special testimony, of which will go below. Not one baby mammal on the planet consumes no liquid other than breast milk at first days of life. Indeed, this is exactly what nature intended: the first food of the baby liquid, contains the necessary amount of water and balanced nutritional and auxiliary complex substances.

But this rule does not apply to artificial babies. To such children between feedings 30–60 additional drink should be offered milliliters.

It is strictly forbidden to force the mouth water, provoking a swallowing reflex. Simple enough offer the baby a bottle with a pacifier (at first you should moisten a little tongue of a baby with water from a bottle), and he independently on an unconscious level will determine whether him a little water at that moment.


Do I need to milk the baby in the heat? Most young Mom believes that the hotter the room, the greater the need baby in the water.

This is not entirely true. Naturally, with an increase in the external temperature, the organism of any warm-blooded creature begins produce 99 percent more sweat out of the water. But heat, heat, is different.


If it is accompanied by high humidity (on the seashore), then additional moisture penetrates the baby’s body through skin pores. Even in a dry climate, you should the possibility of avoiding additional doping of the child until 28 days of age, replacing it with wet rubbing or shower several times a day between meals.


There are also some diseases and physiological conditions of infants, in which they should be added. Common neonatal jaundice accompanied by significant increased bilirubin in the baby’s blood.

Additional drinking will slightly reduce the concentration this substance, facilitate and accelerate the process of its allocation.

About all situations in which doping is required child, the observer will definitely notify you pediatrician. Ask us why the baby is constantly sucking finger.

Be sure to think about why a child drinks a lot of water.

Useful article for those who choose bottles for newborns.


Summing up, you should once again pay attention to the main the rule of dipping: the child’s body always knows whether it needs it additional source of moisture. Baby should not be forced to drinking water.

Norm, if up to six months of age a healthy child, being in favorable conditions, gets everything he needs moisture along with breast milk and there is no need to milk baby with water.

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