Is it possible to take paracetamol duringbreastfeeding?

парацетамол при грудном вскармливании

For a nursing mother, even the common cold can be huge.
hindrance in the performance of their maternal duties. Very hard
walk and play with the baby while the head breaks, the nose
not breathing, and the temperature has risen. How to ease your
condition when taking medication in most cases
contraindicated or not desirable because of their ingestion in milk.

As the safest cure for malaise, paracetamol
when breastfeeding is appointed most often because
gets into breast milk in trace amounts and does not contain
composed of components dangerous for the child and the mother.

Can I take paracetamol during lactation?

Paracetamol is a pain reliever with a mild
anti-inflammatory action. Compared to others
analgesics (analgin, caffetine), included in the same group,
paracetamol is the least toxic, and with a single or
moderate use, its concentration in milk does not exceed 0.23%
from the dose that the nurse took. But with a long
it also begins to have a toxic effect on
baby Paracetamol is not on the drug list.
contraindicated during lactation, so doctors prescribe it
lactating women with ARVI.

How to take paracetamol?

Paracetamol is best during breastfeeding.
take immediately after feeding the baby because the concentration
the active substance in the blood reaches a maximum after 30 – 40 minutes
after taking. It follows that 30 minutes after taking
paracetamol feed the baby is not desirable. Low toxicity of this
medication due to the fact that it is almost completely excreted by the liver
and kidneys from the body after 3-4 hours – this time is also
as safe as possible to attach to the chest.

Парацетамол во время ГВ принимается по следующей
в течение 2 – 3 дней, по 1 таблетке до 3-х раза в
day. It is advisable to consult with
a doctor It is important to remember that fever is
your body’s natural protective response to infection or
inflammation, so you can not knock her if she did not rise above
38,50С. Do not take medicine only
minor headaches or a mild cold. These symptoms
can be stopped by other, more benign means. During lactation
medication is an extreme measure, if the state of health does not allow
you with the baby to stick to the usual mode.

Like any drug, paracetamol has a number

  • Hepatic and renal failure;
  • Allergy to the components of the drug.

And there are also side effects:

  • Glomerulonephritis, renal colic;
  • Hematopoiesis disorders, leukopenia, anemia;
  • Nausea and abdominal pain;
  • Skin rash;
  • Drowsiness.

Therefore, when breastfeeding paracetamol must be taken,
параллельно наблюдая за реакцией baby If side effects occur
effects in you or in your baby, then you need to take the medicine immediately
stop it.

At the first sign of ARVI, take all steps to
prevent the disease from becoming severe when you have to
take medications:

  • You should gargle several times a day: with a solution of soda,
    decoction of herbs, lubricate the solution of Lugol.
  • Rinse the nose with soda solution with a syringe, syringe or
    sea ​​water, which is now very much in the form
  • Drink vitamins and natural immunostimulants (drugs
  • From folk remedies for lactation, you can use the following
    Herbs: Chamomile, Echinacea, Mint, St. John’s Wort, Calendula. Good
    have a healing effect: honey, ginger, garlic, raspberry
    jam, cranberry and cranberry mors.

If you can not do without paracetamol, then do not take
drug in parallel with coffee or strong tea, as they
increase the concentration of the active substance. When not long
taking the drug in the correct dosage side effects occur
extremely rare and harm to the child is minimal. Therefore, the reception
paracetamol in severe acute respiratory viral infections in the nurse is fully justified
allows you to not interrupt lactation and avoid stress in the baby.

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