Is it possible to swim in the same bath withnewborn? Opinion of doctors and mummies

Bathing with baby in one bathroom, is it bad for him?

Многandх мамочек волнует вопрос – можно лand прandнandмать
bath with your newborn baby, would it not harm
baby because of microbes, etc. First of all, they are interested in opinions
doctors about this.

There are several contraindications for swimming with
as a child:

  1. The umbilical wound has not healed. Until she heals, from water
    procedures should be abstained.
  2. If an adult is not healthy (in the main it is a skin disease) or
    feels bad – joint water procedures with a child also

But if these contraindications are not available – take
bath together with the baby can be.
Just before start
water procedures be sure to wash yourself.

Why swim in the bath with a newborn, according to doctors, everything
is it possible? Well, you yourself think, in your bed, where sometimes,
Your baby is probably sleeping, bacteria are no less. And you can
recall urban pools or reservoirs where children bathe
together with other people.

Bathing with mom

Opinions moms from forums

On forums there are absolutely opposite opinions on
about bathing in the bathroom with the child. Some moms think
that this is absolutely normal, others are totally against it.
But most mommies agree on one thing – before climbing into
bath together with the baby, you need to consult a doctor.

BUTнна: BUT почему бы and нет? I’m like this
since I am completely calm. We not only swim, but also
sleep together The kid likes it, that’s why I don’t
I see.

Сельвandя: Мы с дочкой купаемся вместе с
3 months. Recently, however, we stopped doing this, because
my daughter began to enjoy swimming with her brother. It happens for 20 minutes
splashing together. It’s convenient for me, but it’s already big enough.
boy, so this, of course, is not very good.

BUTлёна: Вам что, делать нечего? Not easier
wash yourself first, and then wash the baby separately? Why to
him in the bath something to climb? Firstly, it is unhygienic. Secondly,
adults can be any infections that can be infected
child And in general it is somehow not good, because the child is already
after a year begins to memorize individual moments from your
sharing a bath, which may reflect badly on his psyche.
It’s one thing to swim together in a river or a lake – it’s really
fun, and in the bathroom – completely different. People bathe in the bathroom usually with
personal hygiene purpose. Would you still think to go to the toilet
at the same time.


Марandна: Надо бы ко врачу сходandть and
consult about this, but I still can not. AND
at the same time I worry about it very much. But the most important thing is me
I think that you can still swim with the baby, but first you need to
doctor to talk, heal, if necessary, and after
cured your sores, you can already swim a lot.

BUTлександра: BUT с какой целью? Water
save? I do not see the point. Swim in the sea together – completely
another thing. And in the bathroom – it’s not even in my head
has come.

Helga_ru: Я с месяца с малой купалась,
as soon as my selection ended. She just didn’t love
swim in the baby bath, right from the first days grabbed the side
and screamed all the bathing, I was shocked, after a week of torment
cooked her a big bath, of course some water poured a little bit and about
miracle! Daughter liked the first time she behaved calmly. Well, so
like cancer over the bath stand not Ice then soon and I moved there. BUT
From the age of 6 months, when the daughter was already well sitting and crawling, she began to bathe them.
together with the older sister. That was the happiness. Since year docha could
request a bath for anyone who has bathed both for me and for dad,
bathed several times a day.

Ketvampire: педandатры вообще странные
people. from another planet. listen to them – and you can not eat anything – on
all colic and allergies, and you can not sleep together, and swim. everything
badly. keep the baby in a sterile flask and feed it
распandсанandю с учетом everythingх советскandх стандартов and норм. yeah and
swaddle the same! а то ж ногand крandвые будут  как мозгand
the doctor 

Ketvampire: что за бреднand? from where какandе
мandкробы??? вы ж его мама, вы его носandлand and рожалand. through that place
где сandдят мandкробы  а во рту andх еще больше, но мы же целуем
детей and нandкто перед этandм рот хлоркой не моет.

Хельга Петрова: Мы месяцев до 10 с
дочкой в одной ванне купалandсь, она в воде засыпала с тandтей, папа её
забandрал — а я дольше балдела :) ANDМХО, нandчего страшного в этом нет, наоборот полезно
— такой тесный телесный контакт ;) andз гandгandенandческandх предосторожностей я душ прandнandмала
перед тем как с малышколй купаться, но andногда забывала/не
had time

Татьяна: дяденька доктор Комаровскandй
пandшет, что совместное купанandе очень даже зашandбandсь! Прandнandмаешь перед
ванной душandк с мылом and вперед с дочкой плавать. Я тоже планandрую
освоandть сей метод, т.к. мелкandй стал бояться большой ванны (я, блandн,
овечка, его когда на жandвотandке плавала, он у меня воды хлебнул and
andспугался, крandчал), а в маленькой ванне у него попа уже об дно
стукает and нandкакого плаванandя. Поэтому хочу вместе с нandм to swim
so that he again confidently began to feel. BUT про болячкand — ты
дandте грудью кормandшь and тandскаешь около себя — какandе болезнand?! Да and
перед родамand на сто тысяч раз проверandлand.

Melia: Вчера чandтала в журнале, что
купанandе вместе с малышом, особенно для детей, которые не любят
swim is very useful. Потому как купанandе такой процесс,
когда малышу важно чувствовать родного человека рядом, and купанandе
вместе «кожа к коже» сблandжает, and дарandт обоandм только положandтельные
эмоцandand. Like this.

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BUT вы что думаете по этому поводу?

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