Is it possible to sleep on infants


  1. Arguments against”
  2. Arguments for”
  3. The necessary conditions
  4. Conclusion

From birth, each baby shows its own character and its own preferences. The baby himself chooses a pose for sleep.

But how it turns out – most children prefer to sleep on tummy. And they absolutely do not care what the doctors think about it and parents. Here we are faced with many contradictions: someone says that you can’t lie on your stomach, and someone that only that’s right. How to be?

Arguments against”

The argument against being on your stomach is based more on a hypothesis, than on real facts. The main and only argument against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). There is a direct link between pose of the child during sleep and SIDS. A certain group of American scientists conducted a study proving this connection, but later it turned out that observations recording the postures of babies during rest, not was conducted.

Arguments for”

  • A baby sleeping on her stomach has virtually no chance choke on his vomit (if he burps in a dream);
  • This posture greatly facilitates the departure of gazikov, reducing colic
  • When the baby sleeps on his tummy, his dorsal and cervical muscles, he begins to hold the head earlier;
  • Pose on the abdomen – excellent prevention of hip dysplasia joints, since the legs are physiologically correct;
  • During such a bone, the skulls do not deform (unlike side poses);
  • Another plus for boys’ moms: if the baby is sleeping on his tummy, then urinate only for himself, and does not describe everything around;
  • It is noted that in children sleeping on their stomach, strong and long recreation.

The necessary conditions

If your baby likes to sleep on his stomach, do not retrain him, and provide the necessary conditions for a calm sleep:

  • The mattress in the bed should be firm;
  • No pillows (at least up to two years);
  • Humidity in the room is 50-70% (otherwise in the nose, babies can mucus crusts form, leading to difficulty breathing);
  • Room temperature 18-21 degrees;
  • Do not smoke where the child lives.

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Note to young parents: When the baby begins roll over


Take care of your baby’s health, but remember that the child doesn’t enemy. And he intuitively feels that it’s better and safer for him and Is it possible to sleep on infants.

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