Is it possible to reduce the temperature without pills andIs it worth it to shoot down?

Update: October 2018

The heat is always scary, especially when it comes to
child But doctors look at hyperthermia differently and call not
shoot it down to 38.5 ° C, since at that time intense
production of antibodies against the causative agent of the disease.

Why does high fever occur? It is physiological
the body’s response to the introduction of a foreign agent, which are
viruses, bacteria, fungi and harmful substances. The body itself protects
creating unsuitable conditions for reproduction of infectious

Hence the conclusion that to deal with high temperatures
follows by treating the cause of the disease rather than eliminating it
symptoms. Of course, if the temperature lasts more than 5 days, she
dramatically drains a person and indicates development
complications, the accession of a secondary infection (in the case of arvi,
influenza) or bacterial resistance to the antibiotic (against the background
ongoing antibiotic therapy).

  • indicators 38-38,5 C are considered light heat
  • 38.6-39.5 – moderate heat
  • more than 39.5 – high heat
  • but if the thermometer shows a figure of more than 40.5 C – this
    the state is already life threatening

Each person responds differently to hyperthermia. Someone and with
37 S says goodbye to life, others calmly tolerate temperature
39 C, without feeling strong discomfort. There are
diseases for which temperature should not be allowed to rise above
38.5 С:

  • epilepsy and convulsive readiness (in children who once suffered
    convulsions at temperature, should be shot down after 37.5 ° C)
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • blood diseases
  • severe damage to the central nervous system, etc.

How to bring down the temperature without medication for an adult

  • Create a cool air temperature in the room, 18-20 C, but
    excluding drafts.
  • Drink plenty of liquid at room temperature. It can be
    unsweetened berry fruit drinks, mineral water, compote, weak tea,
    just water. You need to drink in small portions, but constantly. Wherein
    care should be taken that urination is also
  • Place the feet in a basin of cool water.
  • Attach cool compresses to your body: towels or sheets
    moisten in water and apply to legs, forehead, neck, wrists, armpits
    and groin.
  • Wiping the body with cool water (20-22 C): alternately wet
    body parts with water, then let them dry.
  • Sit in a bath with slightly warm water (33-35 C) so that the water is
    waist-high. To wipe the face and upper body with the same water. This
    the method is most effective because it allows you to simultaneously bring down
    temperature and flush toxins from the skin.
  • Apply ice to the places of the projection of large vessels (see article
    how to properly apply the ice). Chipped ice should fall asleep in
    plastic bag and alternately apply it to certain
    zones, having previously protected them with a dry cloth: forehead, armpits,
    the area under the knees and groin folds. Duration of the procedure
    no more than 5 minutes, after an interval of 15 minutes can be repeated
  • Wear light cotton clothing and lie in

A sign of lowering temperature is sweating, and
the disappearance of muscle pain and chills.

How to reduce the temperature without pills in a child

The temperature in children of the first year of life should not be released on
drift Organs and systems are not perfect yet, and the reaction to
hyperthermia can be severe (see antipyretic drugs for

Older children can also be helped without medication. But should
consider a few points: if the general condition is severe, the child
does not drink and does not urinate, on a background of high temperature cold
limbs, and the temperature, falling, immediately rises to high
indicators – should be without delay to call an ambulance, for
hyperthermia also manifest life-threatening diseases:
meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia, etc.

  • Create a cool air temperature in the room where
    there is a child (18-20 C), there should be no drafts.
  • Strip the baby to the panties – heat will evaporate
    with a large surface of the skin. Do babies first remove
    diaper since it is the source of the greenhouse effect.
  • Give the baby a drink. Every 5 minutes you need to give about
    5-10 ml of liquid (water at room temperature). Often
    temperate children refuse to drink. You can drink a syringe,
    removing the needle from him, let him drink in the drinking bowl of his favorite bottle, i.e.
    to interest the baby. You can’t have a big drink all at once.
    the amount of water as this can cause vomiting.
  • Wipe baby’s body with water at about 22-25
    degrees To wipe immediately the whole body should not, so as not to cause
    chills. First wipe face and forehead, which after a minute
    dried with a towel, then according to the same principle – pens, neck,
    back, legs.
  • For children from 3 years is possible and this way: pour in a bowl a little
    warm water (36-37 C), put there naked baby and pour
    its water from the same basin, except the head for 2-3 minutes.
    Then you need to wipe the baby, put on cotton clothes and
    put in bed.

What happens to the body at high temperature?

  • Reduced sweating
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Muscle aches occur
  • The metabolism is activated
  • Pulse is increasing
  • The skin becomes dry and hot.
  • Lost your appetite
  • A person feels chills, body pierces shiver

What should not be done at high temperatures?

If you can tolerate it, then it is better not to knock it down.

Do not beat the heat up to 39 C in adults
and up to 38.5 C in children, if it does not cause complications, and the status
man is not burdened by dangerous diseases. But even this framework
some doctors consider it too low – the temperature is considered to be
body up to 40 C is not dangerous. It is at high temperatures that most
the immune system works efficiently, interferon is produced, and
pathogens also die (see an overview of antiviral
drugs when ARVI).

You can not try to bring it down to 36.6

No need to strive to bring the temperature down to 36.6 C. Especially often
this mistake is made by parents, trying to bring down the temperature of the child
to normal and even lower. If the temperature from the high numbers fell by
1.5-2 degrees is already good and quite enough to
there were no complications from hyperthermia, and the body continued
fight infection.

Do not knock it down from the very first minutes of raising

Also, do not beat the temperature from the first minutes, as she
detected. We must give the body a chance to start active work.
против инфекционного agent. Well, if you constantly shoot down
the temperature, not letting it rise – is a direct path to the lingering
infections and serious medical treatment even banal

What not to do at high temperatures

At high temperatures can not use the tools and methods
which contribute to a further increase in temperature:

  • mustard plasters
  • alcohol-based compresses
  • banks
  • heaters
  • steam bath, hot bath and shower
  • electric blankets and heating pads
  • alcohol
  • hot drinks
  • sweet drinks
  • caffeine-containing beverages
  • warm clothes, socks, wrapping in rugs, etc.

 If there is a humidifier – is it worth it
to use?

There is no consensus on this issue. It is believed that during
high temperatures include humidifiers is not desirable
because moist air prevents evaporation of sweat – the most important
the mechanism of natural temperature drop. It is also believed that with
humid bacteria and viruses easily penetrate into the lungs and can
aggravate the disease. But when the temperature drops, humid air
contributes to better coughing and thinning of sputum, therefore
use is possible.

Rubbing alcohol

This, one might say, folk remedy has its own
supporters and opponents.

  • Opponents of this method of reducing the temperature do not recommend
    обтирать тело ни водкой, ни какими-либо спиртосодержащими
    liquids. Alcohol vapors entering the blood through the lungs cause
    dizziness and headache. A sharp cooling of the skin leads to
    the fact that the body begins to compensate for generating heat,
    следствием чего является сильный chills. Those. on without that
    a weakened body lays down an extra load. For example, in
    Republic of Belarus, is officially prohibited alcohol wiping as in
    hospital and ambulance.
  • Proponents recommend locally distilling vodka (pens,
    ножки ребенка) и только не крепким раствором, не более 40 degrees
    Rubbing baby vodka is not recommended even by supporters of the method
    since the baby’s skin partially performs the respiratory function and
    риск alcoholного отравления грудного ребенка очень высок (см. чем
    treat colds in children and antibiotics for colds).

Temperature Measurement Methods

  • Oral – the tip of the thermometer falls under the tongue, the mouth closes.
    The measurement lasts 3 minutes. Norm – up to 37 C. This method is not
    applicable in children with a mercury thermometer.
  • Rectal – the tip of the thermometer is oiled and neatly
    inserted into the anus. The result is obtained within 1
    minutes Norm – up to 37.5 C. Most often used in small
    children as the measurement is fast and accurate.
  • Axillary – The tip of the thermometer is placed in the axillary
    hollow The measurement time is 8-10 minutes. Norm – up to 37 C.

Why not beat down the temperature with aspirin and analginum?

Aspirin, especially in children under 12, can lead to development
the hardest pathology – Ray’s syndrome, in which
affected the central nervous system and liver. Analgin is not only useless in treatment
hyperthermia, but it also negatively affects the immune system
system, reducing the number of leukocytes in the blood. And once
The recommended hellish mixture of aspirin and analgin is poison for

Yes, the temperature will drop, but the effects of medication,
which are practically not applied in Europe, can be very
severe (allergies, development of ulcers, pathologies of the kidneys, liver). TO
Unfortunately, the side effects described in the annotations to the data
drug, it is just a real threat, which should not
to be treated as something very unlikely: in 25% of patients,
who took aspirin or analgin, they were found other
side effects.

How to reduce the temperature of folk remedies

Some plants and organic foods can also help in
combat high fever. We only note that they can
Use only for adults, since children with hyperthermia
Allergic reactions often occur even to familiar food. Everything
the fluids suggested below should be drunk slightly warm or
room temperature but not hot.

  • Fruits and berries high in vitamin C: red and
    black currants, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, oranges, prunes.
    You can eat them natural, and even better to cook them
  • Plants with diaphoretic effect. We already found out that thanks
    sweat drops body temperature. Broths or teas from
    lime blossom, calendula, oregano, birch buds not only quench
    thirsty, but also activate sweating.
  • Another well-known diaphoretic plant is raspberry. Special
    The effect is given by raspberry branches, which should be filled with boiling water and
    insist half an hour (5 branches per half liter of water). To drink in small sips.
    The effect is not long in coming.
  • Honey. It not only activates sweating, but also has
    antiviral and antibacterial activity. It can
    add to the cooled herbal infusions or berry juice from the calculation
    teaspoon per glass.

Remember that hyperthermia is not a disease, but a reaction of the body.
for infection. Pay attention to the treatment of the underlying disease, not
waste your energy to reduce the temperature!

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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