Is it possible to put mustard plasters and banks for bronchitisand pneumonia

Update: October 2018

Mustard and medical banks are non-drug,
auxiliary methods of treatment of diseases of the bronchopulmonary
system, but not the main treatment. Mustard plasters act on
reflex level, and medical banks are comparable in action to

Some people consider these treatments as surpluses of the past,
others still apply them effectively. Like other methods
treatment, the use of mustard plasters and cans has its
contraindications, indications, course of therapy.

The mechanism of action of cans and mustard plaster

Medical banks

What it is: these are small glass vessels with a rounded bottom and
thickened edges. The capacity of the cans is 30-70 ml. Reduction
pain, resorption of inflammatory processes.

Mechanism of action: Burning oxygen in a can leads to
creating negative pressure, i.e. vacuum, skin and subcutaneous
fiber is absorbed into the cavity of the jar. There is a local tide
blood and lymph in the skin from the underlying tissues and organs. Going on
rupture of the smallest vessels – multiple hemorrhages are formed
in the thick of the skin. Gradually, the blood splits, and decomposition products
Blood – biologically active substances – are absorbed into the blood. it
It has a simulating effect on a number of organs and tissues.

Result: reduction of pain, resorption of inflammatory

Mustard plasters

What it is: it is a remedy in the form of a sheet of thick paper with
a layer of fat free mustard seed powder or a bag of mustard
powder, consisting of porous cells (4 or 2).

The mechanism of action: mustard essential oil irritates the skin,
local hyperemia occurs, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels and
activation of blood circulation in this place. Parallel arises
irritation of skin receptors, which leads to an increase in
excitability of the sympathetic CNS. Blood accumulates
adrenaline and sympathetic, resulting in an increase
phagocytic reaction of the immune system.

The result: reduced pain, increased trophism and tissue warming,
enhancing the protective function of immune cells. Active passage
bronchial mucous secretion.

Contraindications to their use

Both mustard plasters and cans are contraindicated in:

  • High body temperature and another day after it
  • Skin diseases, especially pustular and traumatic
  • Signs of increased bleeding
  • Pregnancy and lactation period
  • Oncological diseases
  • Tuberculosis of the lungs and spine
  • Mental arousal of patients
  • Cramps

In addition, such procedures are contraindicated in:

Medical banks

Mustard plasters

  • Children’s age up to 3 years
  • Total depletion of the body
  • Blood diseases
  • Заболевания ССС: гипертония, ИБС, пороки сердца, сердечная
  • Sclerosis and vascular thrombosis
  • Insomnia
  • Children’s age up to 1 year. Up to 3 years mustard plasters are allowed for
    apply only the inactive side to the skin or through the pad
    (bandage, napkin)
  • Allergic diseases
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Psoriasis

 When to wait for the effect?

Does the yellow card and banks help with inflammation of the respiratory organs?
systems? Of course, rely only on these treatments such
serious diseases like acute bronchitis and pneumonia cannot be – without
antibiotic therapy recovery is impossible (see treatment
home bronchitis, treatment of pneumonia in a child).

Massage is important in the treatment of pulmonary pathology.
(especially in infants and bedridden patients) and respiratory
gymnastics, respectively, they should be taken very seriously and
do not ignore.

Improvement after cans and mustard plasters, coupled with the main treatment
should be observed after 2-3 procedures, in the absence of
There is no positive dynamics of expediency in this treatment.

Банки для лечения бронхита and pneumonia

These two, without exaggeration, of serious diseases proceed
long and in some cases with complications. Danger of use
медицинских банок прand pneumonia заключается в возможном разрыве
nearby layers of lung tissue, so this way
additional treatment must be agreed with the doctor!

Can I put the banks with bronchitis? Прand pneumonia и бронхите
the use of medical cans is justified only at the stage
recovery in the absence of signs of respiratory failure,
intoxication and fever for at least several days.


How to put banks on your back

Banks put on the back, depending on the localization of the outbreak
inflammation. Where to put: under the shoulder blades and between the shoulder blades, under
clavicle, lower back. Choose places with thick muscular and fatty
layer, avoiding bone protrusions and without affecting the projection area
hearts. At each site put 5-6 cans. For the procedure
will need:

  • set of clean and dry cans
  • clamp or tweezers
  • cotton wool, alcohol
  • Vaseline and matches

The patient lies on his stomach, his back is rubbed with alcohol and
Lubricated with a small amount of petroleum jelly. На clamp or tweezers
wind cotton wool and dip it in alcohol, slightly squeeze and set fire.
Hold the jar with his right hand, quickly injected into her cavity clamp with
cotton for 1-2 seconds and immediately put the jar to the skin.

When correct Delivered banks the following occurs:

  • skin and subcutaneous tissue are absorbed into the cavity of the can and visible
    in the form of towering roundness;
  • skin color varies from bright pink to purple;
  • the patient feels tissue tension and heat, but not pain.

When all the banks are in place, the patient is covered with a blanket and waiting.
required time. The first procedure lasts 1-5 minutes, in
the subsequent time is increased to 15-20 minutes with a repetition
1-2 days, but in other areas of the skin.

After the time has elapsed, the jar is slightly tilted to the side and pressed
on the skin near the edge of the jar to get air in and out
vacuum. The skin is rubbed and the patient is left to rest for 1 hour.
After the cans on the skin are red or purple,
purple-purple spots that gradually dissolve.

Mustard plasters при бронхите and pneumonia

Like banks, it is possible to use mustard plasters with bronchitis already on
stages of recovery and without signs of intoxication and hyperthermia and with
permission of the doctor (especially for children). Very good
mustard plasters have proven themselves in the fight against a strong and painful
dry cough – a constant companion of pneumonia, bronchopneumonia and
bronchitis, which worries the patient for a very long time even after
recovery. Mustard plasters способствуют устранению застойных явлений
in the lungs due to the anastomosis of the blood from the affected
plot of the lung in the subcutaneous vessels. Mustard pills help and
the earliest possible removal of sputum from the bronchi and also strengthens

  • When bronchitis can be put mustard plasters a day after
    normalization температуры.
  • Поставить горчичники прand pneumonia можно через 2 дня нормальной
    temperatures, since imaginary improvement is possible, and mustard plasters are only
    aggravate the disease.

How to put mustard plasters

Mustard plasters при бронхите and pneumonia можно ставить на верхнюю
part of the sternum, on one or two sides of the chest, between and under
shoulder blades, as well as calves and heels. You can not put mustard on
bony protrusions, birthmarks, should avoid the heart area,
kidneys and mammary glands. Mustard plasters не должны касаться один

For the procedure понадобятся:

  • bowl with water 40-45 degrees
  • mustard plasters (preferably packages)
  • towel
  • napkin

The patient fits comfortably on his stomach or back (depending on
places overlay mustard plaster).

Mustard plaster is completely dipped in water and pressed against the skin,
neatly smoothed around the perimeter. After setting all
горчичников поверхность тела укрывается towelм и человек
quietly is 5-15 minutes. You can repeat the procedure up to 4 days.

In children under 5 years and patients with sensitive skin between
mustard plaster and leather is recommended to put a gasket of several
layers of bandage or cloth wipes to avoid skin burns. AT
There are special mustard plasters for sale, less aggressive,
than ordinary.

When correct поставленных горчичниках:

  • a person feels warm 2 minutes after application
    mustard leaf;
  • a person may feel burning, but the absence of such
    is a sign that mustard plasters are bad or not
  • There should be no pain, a strong burning sensation.

When the procedure is over, mustard plasters are removed and the skin
wipe clean with a damp cloth to completely eliminate traces
mustard You can lubricate the skin with neutral baby oil, but
alcohol rubbing after mustard plaster is prohibited. Skin remains
reddened up to several days, but not bright red – this
evidence of individual intolerance to the procedure.

When should you stop using cans and
mustard plaster?

In addition to direct contraindications, these auxiliary methods
treatment should be abolished if there is marked discomfort during
procedure time, both physical and psychological, the emergence
pain and intense burning during and after the procedure.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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