Is it possible to give kefir to children up to a year? Recipesmaking kefir for kids at home

Mommies always wish their child all the best,
therefore, they watch over his health and development day and night.
They try to feed the baby with extremely healthy food that is not
if only she would not harm the health of the child, but on the contrary would help him
harmoniously develop. Now there are many ambiguous
opinions, reviews about the benefits, as well as about the dangers of using kefir
children up to a year. Can I use it in the diet of the child, or
it is a rather allergenic product containing
alcohol? Does the digestive system normalize, or does
on the contrary is poorly absorbed by the body?

Кефи́р — кисломолочный напиток, получаемый из
whole or skimmed cow’s milk by sour milk and
спиртового брожения с применением кефирных «грибков» —симбиоза
several types of microorganisms: lactic streptococci and
sticks, acetic acid bacteria and yeast (about two
dozens). Uniform, white color, perhaps a small selection
carbon dioxide.

The word “kefir” in translation from the Caucasian means
�”health”. Is there any benefit in it, or is it
all myths.


Benefit / Harm

Consider the positive properties of kefir:

  • During the use of kefir, the intestinal microflora is capable of
    recovering and clearing various toxins
    beneficial effect on the body as a whole;
  • Блаof the yearря кефиру происходит усвоение таких веществ, как
    calcium, iron and vitamin D, which must be taken
    children under 2 years;
  • Promotes immunity strengthening;
  • Helps improve appetite;
  • Contains amino acids and vitamins, rich in calcium;
  • It has an effect on the child’s nervous system. is he
    restores the strength of the baby, gives him vivacity for the whole day,
    removes the first signs of fatigue;
  • Useful for children with various developmental problems (rickets,
  • Кефир действует как антисептик, так как в его состав
    includes lactic acid, which has a therapeutic effect
    stomach disorders, infections;
  • Able to restore the body of the baby after suffering

And now negative:

  • The presence of milk protein “casein”. For the body of an adult
    human does not pose any danger, but for the baby
    There are certain risks. �”Casein” badly split
    enzymes of a small organism, besides can penetrate
    the intestinal wall, thereby causing allergies;
  • Kefiric acids, various mineral salts that are included in
    its composition, have a detrimental effect on the kidneys, digestion, they
    act as the strongest stimuli.

We conclude that the benefits of taking kefir are much higher
therefore, its benefits are obvious! The main thing is to follow the rules of introduction
prikorma, then no negative properties will have on you and
your toddler of your pernicious influence.

From what age to give?

There is a difference between children who are on the chest.
feeding (feeding for children on HB) and children with artificial
(supplements for children of the artifacts). The first can begin to receive
this fermented milk product from 8 months, the second slightly earlier from 7. With
what is the reason for this though not significant, but the difference? Needs for
food in infants differ. He needs completely different mineral,
protein components, so the child is able to cope with the reception
of this drink, only after the introduction of cereal, vegetable
puree, fruit. This most often happens to the achievement of a crumb 8

Do not forget that the baby has its own opinion, baby
may refuse to drink kefir, because that does not match it
taste addictions, because kefir has a sour taste. To somehow
solve this problem, pediatricians allow a little sweeten it
apple or banana. Sugar is not used for this purpose.
recommended because от сахара резко снижается польза этого

How to give?

При введении кефира в рацион ребенка, стоит
follow exactly the same rules as when entering
any other dish. Starting lure is gradually. You
start giving a teaspoon, and then increase the dose, bringing it up
up to a volume of 200 ml per day.

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Cooking yogurt themselves

Below is one of the recipes for homemade kefir.
Preparing it is not so difficult, so do not think that
something might not work out for you.

You will need:

  • pasteurized, baked or skimmed milk;
  • the basis (yeast) can be kefir itself, sour cream or yeast
    from the pharmacy (the most common are Narine and bifidobacteria. On
    starter instruction for making kefir).

A liter of milk is boiled for 5–10 minutes, then poured into sterile
glass dish Add one or two tablespoons of leaven,
envelop and put in a warm place for 8-10 hours. Then give walk
in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Kefir can be stored at 2-4 C
no more than 3 days. To give his crumbs stand slightly warm.


�“I do this: I take 0.5 liters. fresh milk, warm it up but
I do not boil! Add 2-3 tables to warm milk. spoon fresh sour cream,
and at night in a warm place! “

�”In our village women shared with each other kefir
fungi, 1 / 4china spoonful of fungi pour a glass of milk on 12
hours or days (I do not remember exactly) and it turns out baby kefir. Now
a lot of things for children sour milk in the children’s pier. kitchens, gram
3-40 pour a glass of milk – and there will be kefir, this
lactic acid bacteria multiply. ”

Закваска сметаной: Можно использовать
pasteurized and whole milk. Last need to boil
within 5–7 minutes. Take a glass of milk (200 ml), boil,
add 1 tablespoon of sour cream and set to sour at room temperature
temperature 10 hours. Then, in the resulting kefir to taste baby
You can add sugar. Keep refrigerated.

Закваска кефиром: Нужно приготовить
directly starter itself. In 100 ml of boiled milk
room temperature add 1 tbsp. spoonful of one-day kefir.
Infuse for 12 hours. Ferment time ferment can
increase in the cold season to 24 hours. Keep the leaven in
the fridge. Само приготовление кефира: в 200 мл кипяченного
warm milk add 100-150 ml of leaven. Insist for
10–12 hours, add sugar to taste.

Закваска Наринэ: Кефир, приготовленный с
With the help of the sourdough Narine, not only tasty, but also useful. By this
kefir can stabilize the intestinal microflora, also better
calcium will be absorbed, allergic alertness will be reduced
organism (and in some cases food allergy disappears). AND
only it can be given to children from birth. With such kefir
will have to tinker, but it’s worth it. Cooking main
yeast: boil 500 ml of milk for 10–15 minutes, then
cool to 39–40 C. In advance prepared sterilized
glassware mix 1 bottle of yeast (0.3 l) and milk.
Close tightly, wrap and put in a warm place for 10-16 hours.
The color of the finished sourdough is light cream (maybe white),
consistency viscous. Then cool in the refrigerator to a temperature of
2–6 C. Keep the leaven in холодильнике при температуре 2–4 C.

Закваска бифидобактериями: Такой кефир
often recommended by pediatricians. First, prepare the leaven:
в кипяченое молоко (40 C, 200 мл) добавляем 1 флакон
bifidobacteria (5 doses) and 30 g sour cream. Insist 2-3 hours in warm
place Готовим кефир: 200 мл кипяченого молока комнатной
temperature, 1 tablespoon sourdough. Mix and infuse 12
hours at room temperature. The finished product can be stored in
the fridge.

AND самый простой способ: Смешать кипяченое
milk and kefir in the proportion of 3: 1, insist at room temperature
temperature 12 hours. The finished product is placed in the refrigerator.

Смотрим видео как делать домашний кефир

AND еще один рецепт:

What is the difference between kefir for “children” and for “adults”?
Is there a difference?

кефир для детей до of the year

Baby has a much lower fat content, namely 2.5%. is he
enriched with various vitamins and minerals. Milk and leaven,
which are used for its manufacture, possesses the highest
quality. Products designed for children undergo more
strict check. However, do not forget to check yourself
Kefir storage conditions and its shelf life, as poisoning
carries a great danger. Also view the composition. It does not
there should be no dyes, preservatives, starch,
наполнителей и добавок с буквой Е. ANDсключительно молоко, закваска
on fungi. Seeing in the store kefir packaging, which
meets all the above requirements, feel free to buy it,
In this case, you can not worry about the health of your baby.
Popular brands of baby kefir: Agusha and Tema.

ЧANDТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: магазинное молоко детям до
of the year

Доктор Комаровский о вреде кефира

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