Is it possible to give children glycine, why should itprescribed and how to use?

Glycine is known for a long time. Global
The study of the drug ended about 10 years ago. In the course of it
it turned out that glycine is not so sharp on the body
impact like other stronger drugs affecting performance
central nervous system. Since then, glycine has become an active
put into practice.

The content of the article

  • 1 About the drug
    • 1.1 Is it possible to give glycine to children
    • 1.2 Take glycine correctly
    • 1.3 Is glycine harmful to the baby’s body?
    • 1.4 Opinions pediatricians
    • 1.5 Parents’ opinions


Glycine is considered one of the safest medicines.
among nootropic substances. Doctors are allowed to give it even
для нормализации работы нервной системы и
improve brain function. The medicine is prescribed for babies as well.
eliminate anxiety, for a restful sleep and improve mood.
Older children are recommended to take glycine to improve
concentration, increasing school performance and for
maintain overall tone.

About the drug

Glycine acts on the basis of amino acids. This is the substance that
produced by the human body. Also it is in the chest
milk and protein products: eggs, meat, fish. Act

  • Improves metabolism;
  • Eliminates anxiety, relieves stress;
  • Stimulates mental activity;
  • Eliminates aggression;
  • Normalizes sleep;
  • Warns brain and vegetative-vascular disorders.

It is important – glycine does not accumulate in body tissues, despite
what quickly penetrates the necessary biological fluids inside
man, after which it turns into water and carbon dioxide.

Is it possible to give glycine to children

Since glycine is based on natural substances,
present in the cells of the human body he is absolutely
harmless to kids and often prescribed by doctors. For children
It is recommended to take glycine if you have the following problems:

  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Memory impairment;
  • Emotional instability;
  • Lack of attention;
  • Nervous disorders;
  • Crying;
  • Anxiety;
  • Mental retardation.

Glycine is also given to children who find it difficult to adapt to
society, especially those who often show aggression. A drug
enhances intellectual performance, thereby helping
It is easier for children to find common ground with their peers. Region
use of glycine is very wide, so the need for admission
drug must consult a doctor.

Take glycine correctly

When prescribing medication, take into account the age of the baby
– depends on the method of administration and dosage. Besides
The body’s response to glycine is surely observed.

  1. For children до 12 месяцев глицин назначают при
    persistent sleep disturbances, excessive excitability and restlessness
    behavior. Dosage – 0,25-0,5 from the tablet. First you need it
    crush into powder, then dip the nipple in it or apply
    medicine on the inside of the cheeks and put under the tongue
  2. For children до 3 лет можно давать по 0,5 таблетки
    in the same way. Do not dissolve powder in water – it loses its
    properties and not absorbed into the blood and lymph.
  3. For children старше 3 лет можно давать целую
    pill, not crushing it. The tablet needs to be absorbed. Child is unlikely
    whether it will be opposed – it tastes sweet.

Regardless of age, glycine is taken 2-3 times a
day. The average course duration is 2 weeks. Deadline for admission
determined by the doctor.

Is glycine harmful to the baby’s body?

Hypersensitivity to the amino acid in the composition of the drug –
the only contraindication to its use. Glycine
considered completely harmless even to babies.
A rare side effect of its use is an allergic reaction.

Highly важно подобрать правильную dosage. Glycine воздействует
on the central nervous system, so the wrong reception
drug can cause undesirable changes in behavior and general
well-being of the child. The dosage is selected by the doctor and, if necessary.
corrects, watching the reaction of the baby to the drug.

To understand whether glycine is suitable for your child, you can already at first
techniques – if it causes negative reactions in behavior and
baby’s health, the drug is not worth taking.

Do not start taking the drug without prior consultation.
with a pediatrician. Some parents, believing that glycine is absolutely
harmless, therefore, no undesirable consequences cause
maybe start giving it to your child. This may lead to
certain health problems: the baby may start to fall in
fainting, becoming restless, sleep poorly, can also
there are problems with the psyche. All these problems are quite
can be avoided if you correctly approach the use of amino acids,
Taking medication only as directed by the pediatrician and correcting
dosage if necessary.

Opinions pediatricians

Pediatricians prescribe glycine quite often, as he
effective, effective and safe for the child’s body. Reaction
child is observed at the first admission, so if necessary
dosage The drug can always be adjusted.

Glycine – универсальный препарат. It is both sedative and
drug to stimulate brain activity, and protection from
stresses. The desired result can be achieved by adjusting the daily
dose of medication. Glycine не вызывает привыкания, ведь препарат
based on an amino acid originally present in human
the body.

Opinions of parents

Parents of babies are divided into 2 camps. Some consider any
intervention in the central nervous system of the child is unacceptable.
Others realize that sleep disturbances, stress and worsening of attention
negatively affect the health and general well-being of the baby, therefore
advocate taking glycine.

There are reviews on the Internet, where parents of babies write that
their child fainted, does not sleep well, or that the child has become himself
to feel bad. As a rule, these are people involved in
self-medication. As a result, the dosage of the drug was incorrect.
что привело к ухудшению здоровья baby

That’s what moms write on the forums:

«Glycine моему ребёнку назначили, когда ему исполнился год.
But as soon as we started taking it, an allergy immediately jumped out.
Now, when doctors ask if there is any intolerance to some
drug, and the answer is that there is an allergy to glycine. ”

�“My daughter was diagnosed at birth: hypoxia.
Glycine стали давать сразу же и с тех пор принимаем его без
breaks along with vitamins for the nerves. Now my daughter is 12 years old, she
A student in school, class pride and, on the whole, calm and
balanced child. And when she was a year old, we were diagnosed.
�“Epilepsy” and said that in the future she would only be able to attend
special school. Yasmina.

�“My son was prescribed glycine at 1 month. He slept very badly
I woke up at night several times, was capricious a lot. Once
started taking glycine, sleep improved, the child became calmer,
he is capricious now much less. True, remained the same
hyperactive – it’s difficult for him to sit in one place for 5 minutes. ”

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