Is it possible to get pregnant during the breastfeeding

It is believed that breastfeeding can not
get pregnant However, it is not. Probability of pregnancy during
lactation in the absence of menstruation even small, but
there is.

Можно ли забеременеть при грудном вскармливании

It is believed that for postpartum recovery and onset
New pregnancy, the female body should rest from 3 to 5 years.
there is also another common perception that during
breastfeeding is impossible to get pregnant.

Yet there are many families in children – by weather, in which the second
the baby was a pleasant surprise. So is it possible to get pregnant while

Lactational amenorrhea

After giving birth in the body of a young mother, a colossal
hormonal adjustment. Other changes include lactation.
amenorrhea. This is a condition where a woman has some time
there are no periods and ovulation.

Lactational amenorrhea – нормальное
physiological condition of women during breastfeeding. In that
the time interval is eliminated from the menstrual cycle main
The process is ovulation, and it is impossible to get pregnant without it. Her
duration depends on the individual characteristics, correctness
грудного feeding и сопутствующих нарушений в организме. Have
some women, menstruation begins after a couple of months
after childbirth, and there are those who enjoy their absence more
of the year.

In the period of lactational amenorrhea, the chance of getting pregnant is
only 2%, but under certain conditions it turns out
enough for the birth of a new life.

When breastfeeding is organized properly, menstruation
renewed on average within 1 year after delivery. Yet
each woman’s body is unique, so that menstruation can come as
after a couple of months, and 1.5 years after the appearance of the child on

Another important point: the first ovulation after childbirth
sometimes occurs before the onset of menstruation, therefore the woman is quite
может забеременеть во время грудного feeding.


When this method of protection “does not work”

In the first six months after the birth, if the woman feeds the baby
exclusively breastfeeding, the possibility of pregnancy is negligible
is small. Yet такой способ предохранения не является на 100%

The ability to become pregnant during lactation increases in
following cases:

  • the child is applied to the chest less than once every couple of hours;
  • at night the baby is fed less than 4 times;
  • Feeding by mode, not on demand, is selected;
    controls sucking time and takes breast before baby
    let her go;
  • the baby is fed with water, fed with mixtures, they start
    lure in age less than six months;
  • случаются продолжительные перерывы в процессе грудного
  • mother rarely takes the child in her arms, does not practice joint

Each of these factors increases the chance of becoming pregnant during
breastfeeding. If the family is in principle not against
the appearance of the second crumbs, this method is the place to be.

If the next pregnancy is not desirable, it is better
choose a more reliable method of contraception, but first you need to
consult with a doctor on their compatibility with

Symptoms of pregnancy during lactation

It is not uncommon for women who still have
there was no menstruation, suddenly find out about their new pregnancy.
And this is no longer a short time, because the delay
menstruation is taken for continuing lactational amenorrhea. Such
a situation may arise if a woman has not become acquainted with all
conditions, compliance with which reduces the chance of becoming pregnant while
lactation almost to zero.

Haveчитывая, что зачатие возможно и до возобновления менструации,
all nursing mothers should know the main symptoms of pregnancy in
период грудного feeding:

  1. A cheerful, playful, healthy baby suddenly refuses to breast
    – if the mother becomes pregnant again, the taste of her milk changes, and the baby
    It may not like it.
  2. A sharp decrease in the amount of milk caused by
    reorganization of the body for carrying another baby.
  3. Swelling, tenderness of the chest without visible damage.
  4. If the monthly after childbirth has already been several times, and again
  5. Weakness, malaise, nausea, vomiting. pulling back pains
    frequent urination to urinate.

Любой из этих симптомов, это повод сделать тест на
pregnancy and go to the gynecologist. The most important thing is not
worry if pregnancy is confirmed. After all, it is possible
that a new life was born right now not by chance.

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Natalia Petrukhina, an expert in the field of female
health and natural family planning answers the question:
�”Is it possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding?”

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