Is it possible to get a haircut during pregnancy

Pregnant women can not much, and sometimes prohibitions
reach the point of absurdity. Who said that pregnant women can not get a haircut, and
What is this statement based on? We will understand how haircut affects
health of the future baby, and find out whether to cut it for the future
moms during pregnancy.

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  • 1 ATолосы при беременности: стричь или не стричь, вот в чём

    • 1.1 Why pregnant women can not cut their hair
      • 1.1.1 Women’s hair as a symbol of health and chastity
      • 1.1.2 Common Superstitions
  • 2 Is it possible for pregnant women to do a haircut: a modern look
    • 2.1 Opinion of modern medicine
    • 2.2 Opinion of alternative medicine
    • 2.3 Opinion of scientists
    • 2.4 Professional opinion
    • 2.5 Opinion psychologists
    • 2.6 Opinion of the clergy
    • 2.7 Opinion of modern mom
  • 3 Hair care during pregnancy
  • 4 Superstition inо время беременности

Is it possible to get a haircut during pregnancy

ATолосы при беременности: стричь или не стричь, вот в чём

Folk omens prohibiting cutting hair during
pregnancy, confuse future mothers. One side,
I want to stay beautiful, but on the other – the idea that a haircut
can hurt the unborn baby, very scary. We will dispel
your doubts, bringing together superstitions and opinions of experts of different
областей относительно насущного questionа: можно стричься беременным,
or still not.

Why pregnant women can not cut their hair

No information on when the haircut ban first appeared
волос pregnant women. but учёные, нашедшие письменные
mentions of the strength of the hair, believe that it could have been formed back in
ancient times.

Women’s hair as a symbol of health and chastity

If in ancient times a pregnant woman would ask to cut her
curls, she would have been refused. No, she couldn’t even
come up with this idea because:

  • AT пещерный век волосы служили «покрывалом», отлично сохраняющим
    heat. A pregnant woman could hide them, and a nursing mother –
    wrap the baby in them;
  • AT Средние века обрезание кос для женщины служило страшным
    punishment. If the wife was caught cheating on her husband, then she
    cut off her hair and said she was “stupid.” it было
    for her a terrible shame;
  • AT XVIII–XIX века женщины постоянно были либо беременными, либо
    nursing (women who have married have given birth to children with little or no
    stop). They often got sick from exhaustion, quickly
    were getting old, they had thinned their curls early, rarely did a woman manage
    keep up to 30 years of beautiful hair. Nobody even thinks about a haircut
    could not: hair and so there was almost no.

it интересно! ATо все времена
hair was associated with special force. And the longer they are, the
wiser and stronger was man. ATспомните только легенду о библейском
Samson, whose strength was concentrated in his strands. And he
lost her when the insidious Delilah cut off his curls. Even scientists
proved that the hair contains DNA molecules that store
genetic information about its carrier. ATпрочем, как и в
nails …

Common Superstitions

AT прежние времена младенческая смертность была высокой. And bye
people did not have modern medical knowledge, they tried
to explain the death and illness of newborns, giving rise to superstition. Many
of them are related to how a woman during pregnancy treated
with your hair.

ATот некоторые из народных примет:

  • Ancient legends say that hair is a source of female power.
    They protect the baby from evil spells. therefore ходило суеверие, что
    if the expectant mother cuts her hair, she will doom her child to
    death, depriving him of protection;
  • ATолосы также олицетворяли материальное благополучие и здоровье
    women. If she shortened them, then they “cut off” with them
    wealth, health and female happiness;
  • AT древние времена люди считали, что ребёнок в материнской
    the womb is immaterial. He has a soul, but no body. Usually
    materialization of the soul (birth) occurred 9 months after
    conception. But this happened earlier, if the expectant mother cut
    hair. This explains miscarriages and preterm labor;
  • Long hair in antiquity was also associated with longevity.
    therefore повитухи говорили, что, подстригая локоны, беременная
    a woman makes the life of her child shorter;
  • If a girl was born, it could be related to the fact that
    during pregnancy, the mother cut her hair, “cutting off”
    male organ;
  • Shortening the curls in the later periods, the woman will certainly
    condemned herself to heavy labor;
  • Short strands from mom promised a “short” mind to her baby;
  • It was forbidden to comb your hair on Fridays, as this
    predicted a difficult birth.

it интересно! AT старину волосы
endowed with functions that the umbilical cord actually performs.
The midwives said that the strands give nutrients to the fetus.
therefore отрезать локоны, прерывая эту связь малыша с матерью,
can not.

Can pregnant women do haircut: a modern look

Developed science and medicine allowed to establish the true causes
high child mortality in the past. therefore приметы, связывающие
The health of the child and the mother with the length of the hair has been criticized.
See if hair is cut. pregnant women
specialists in different areas.

Opinion of modern medicine

Doctors do not see any connection between the hair of the mother and the fetus.
After all, the hair shaft is dead, like the nail plate. They can
shear without fear and even need if a pregnant woman is very
wants to clean up. This will help her raise her spirits,
and a good emotional attitude to the child is definitely going to benefit.
However, medicine warns future mothers:

  • During pregnancy, the entire body is rebuilt. And he can
    start reacting unpredictably to something that would not have caused
    irritations. Any odors at the hairdresser used in
    her hair care products can cause allergies,
    головокружение, тошноту и даже рвоту
  • Allergic reactions. In the future mother’s body goes
    hormonal adjustment. Against the background of such a failure can completely
    �”Cure” past ailments or appear new. In beauty salons
    always smells like chemistry. And soaring particles in the air,
    fixing varnish or fragrances – not something that is useful to inhale
    woman in position.

Attention! Visit the hairdresser
possible, but only with good health. If early toxicosis
caused disgust for smells which happen in beauty shops,
better to call a hairdresser at home.

Opinion of alternative medicine

Irina Kuleshova, being an ambulance doctor, is already more than twenty.
years friends with unconventional methods of medicine. She relieves
patients from diseases of the physical nature on the energy
level According to her, hair is a conductor, one of the components
energy balance. She claims that at the time of conception in
hair ends closes the cycle of energy flows that
start turning in two circles:

  1. External, giving the future mother the strength from the outside.
  2. Inner, transmitting this power to the fetus.

Irina warns pregnant women against short haircuts.
However, trimming the tips not only permits, but even
recommends. This contributes to the flow of new energy.

Irina Koleshova:

1. Thursday. Since ancient times, it is considered
sacral day. On Thursday, before the Trinity, it is customary to collect medical
grass, on this day, it is filled with special power. Before Easter
celebrated “pure Thursday” – the day of purification of the home and body. AT
Thursday is accepted to get rid of all bad and unnecessary.

Что делать: использовать этот день для стрижек и процедур
on cleansing hair from accumulated negative energy.

2. Salt This is the only natural
the substance that we use in its original form, she
concentrated in itself the energy of the Earth. About the ability to absorb salt
negative energy and improve health is also known since ancient


Что делать: перед мытьем волос влажными пальцами втереть
a little ordinary salt in the scalp, leave for 15 minutes and rinse
as usual, using the usual shampoo.

3. Color. Symbolism of color since the foundation of the world
firmly entwined in our lives that we sometimes do not notice how often and
unconsciously using his language. Color is powerful
able to influence mood and health.

Что делать: использовать полотенце для волос зеленого
colors. After saline purification of energy flows green color
consolidate the result, put the defense, becomes a catalyst
a positive attitude and ensure the flow of healthy energy.

Opinion of scientists

Scientific statistics has disproved the relationship between hair cutting
expectant mothers and fetal health. Pregnant women who protect their
curls, face miscarriage and give birth to sick children as well
Rarely, like those that regularly resorted to the services of a hairdresser. BUT
the birth of healthy babies in mothers with a short haircut happens
as often as those that during their pregnancy took care of their

Professional opinion

AT период беременности гормональный фон женщины перестраивается.
This changes the structure of the hair, which begin to behave
unpredictable. They may stop stacking, become thin or
thick, straight or curly, soft or hard. it
подтверждает стилист салона Davines BUTлександра Кочергина, которой
already fortunate enough to experience maternal happiness.

BUTлександра без опасений стриглась во время беременности. but
She warns future mothers from a radical change of hair. Yes,
strands have become different: they are more magnificent, thicker and more beautiful. And a new haircut
they are perfect. But after giving birth, their structure will be the same, and
it will be impossible to predict how these curls will fall down. therefore
the stylist recommends only trimming the split ends every 1–3 months.
the tips of the hair give a shaggy look untidy.

From the point of view of science, even expectant mothers
shear hair. For at least three reasons:

  1. Excessive density. Hormonal changes
    background in the body leads to a significant reduction in hair loss.
    therefore будущие мамы всегда замечают увеличенную густоту и пышность
    strands. But such enhanced hair growth requires an increased portion.
    vitamins and minerals. To saturate the strands and not deprive the baby,
    women are given special vitamin complexes. AT таких
    conditions, trimming the hair looks quite appropriate.
  2. Split ends. it еще одна веская причина
    go to the hairdresser. Spiked hair ends
    signal usually about deficiency in the mother’s body of trace elements and
    of vitamins. Doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs that fill
    the shortage. BUT чтобы посеченные волосы не «вытягивали» полезные
    substances best cut them.
  3. ATыпадение после родов. After the appearance
    baby to light during the first six months of a woman
    face rapid hair loss. With this problem,
    as the reviews show, almost all women in labor are fighting, and she
    associated with the restoration of hormonal balance. Naturally than
    the longer the strands, the more nutrition they need and the more intense
    they will fall out. therefore стрижка во время беременности —
    prevention from postpartum rash of curls.

Opinion psychologists

Psychologists modeled two situations with two possible
solutions to the problem:

  1. Psycho-emotional state of a pregnant woman
    She became whiny and very susceptible to
    statements of strangers. Under their influence, the idea of ​​folk will and
    superstition seems to her quite justified. Especially if the same
    opinions hold close relatives. Then better not
    get a haircut There may be an effect of self-suggestion: it will happen exactly
    what the future mother fears the most.
  2. A pregnant woman has a stable psyche. Her not
    worried about the opinions of others, and she does not believe in omens. She doesn’t even have
    the question may be “can” or “not” to get a haircut, because
    she never appeals to superstition. Then, if you wish,
    haircut to do. Attractive appearance causes joy and
    contentment with yourself. BUT хорошее настроение полезно для малыша.

Attention! Psychologists adhere to
scientific point of view and believe that hair shortening cannot
harm the fetus by itself. ATлияние на ребёнка может оказать лишь
attitude of the future mother to the haircut.

Opinion of the clergy

The Orthodox Church warns people against superstitions. ATедь это
vain faith that is incompatible with true faith. ATот что
Representatives of the clergy say to Orthodox believers:

Archpriest Nicholas, who serves in the temple of St. Joseph
Обручника (г. Краснодар)
, утверждает, что Творец не
наказывает женщин за подстригание strands. The Lord loves everyone and
merciful to all. The length of the hair does not matter. ATажно лишь
so that the future mother would lead a life according to God’s commandments.

Протоиерей ATасилий, служащий в ATознесенском храме (г.
, упоминает послание к Коринфянам, 15 строку 11-й
chapters She says that to grow hair for a woman is
great honor. ATедь ей они даны вместо покрывала. but в послании
It is not said that cutting the strands can cause God
anger. Nor are there any words about whether a pregnant woman is obliged
grow long curls.

Muslims have a ban on haircutting expectant mothers not
blamed because in the sunna and the quran nothing about this
written by therefore женщина, вынашивающая ребёнка, может постричься и
even paint over if she is allowed to do this by her husband. Superstition in
Islam is excluded because faith in them is sin and polytheism.

Opinion of modern mom

Elena Ivaschenko, the editor-in-chief, also shared her view
Happy Parents magazine. She said that she endured
two children. And the pregnancy did not prevent her from visiting the hairdresser for
haircut updates. But she didn’t have to completely change her hairstyle,
because she arranged it.

Elena also noted that the last trip to the salon when
She always planned pregnancy on the 9th month. Then she is neat
looked in the hospital and immediately after discharge from it: after all
Not until haircuts. BUT быть современной ухоженной мамой, по мнению Елены,
– “great.”

Hair care during pregnancy

Proper and systematic hair care will be nice
alternative to haircut and will minimize or even help
avoid split ends and other troubles that
make hair cut:

  1. The type of hair during pregnancy may change, so
    need to revise cosmetics for hair care and pick up
    ее соответственно типу волос.
  2. Cosmetics must be natural, contain a minimum of chemical
    substances. Most women during pregnancy prefer
    use care products prepared by yourself.
  3. Split ends are the most common problem that
    makes worry expectant mothers and be tormented by doubts about
    haircuts Regular feeding will help to avoid this problem.
    withered tips. For this fit masks based on natural
    components or properly selected cosmetic oils that
    it is necessary to lubricate the ends of the hair before washing the head and leave it on
    half an hour.
  4. If the pregnant woman does not have enough micronutrients, the hair
    start falling out. You can strengthen them with rinse aid,
    made from herbs: nettle, hop cones, St. John’s wort and
  5. Do not forget about the masks for hair, selected in
    according to the type. Natural homemade masks made from
    improvised means, will not make the future mother worry about
    ее состава и содержания в них вредных substances.

If, however, the expectant mother firmly believes in national signs and
believes that cutting hair will negatively affect her condition or
able to baby, then you should not force her to update her hair.
Calm and balanced state of the pregnant woman is more important, because
it is this which contributes to the health of the woman and the child.

So get a haircut, or not? AT этом questionе беременной
woman is better guided by the heart. If a haircut will bring
joy and it will not cause health anxiety
child, you can safely go to a beauty salon. If you
doubt, better postpone the trip to the hairdresser: anxious
condition now to anything.

Hairdresser Philip talks about how pregnancy
affects hair structure:

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Superstition inо время беременности

Pregnancy women have always been covered with a huge amount
all sorts of signs and superstitions. But if you stick to them all,
this truly important period can be turned into a nightmare.
Сегодня развеять самые нелепые мифы нам помогут — экстрасенс BUTлена
Курилова, акушер-гинеколог ATиталий Рымаренко и наши звёздные
moms leading Lilya Rebrik and Dasha Tregubova:

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