Is it possible to eat moldy bread by cuttingdamaged parts?

Update: February 2019

In no case!

If on bread, vegetables, fruits or soft cheese appeared
mold, the product is no longer suitable for food. What we call
mold (beautiful fluffy growth on the surface of the product) – only
part of the system of fungi that can penetrate the entire piece of food.

The visible part of the fungus is intended for breeding and is called
sporangium, scattering up to a thousand disputes. Ie, moldy
bread, even if the visible part of the mold takes several
millimeters, there is no “clean” part.


What danger carries a mold depends on the type of fungi. Part of
they are relatively low-risk, others are serious
threaten health. For example:

  • Fungi of the genus Cladosporium are relatively safe but capable
    cause allergies.
  • Penicillin Korochkovy produces toxins that cause
    serious poisoning in humans.
  • The habitual black mold on bread is also unsafe for

Short term heat treatment cannot neutralize
mushroom toxins. Eating “clean” parts of products covered
mold is the real “Russian roulette”. Moldy bread
need to throw, and nothing else.

Unfortunately, modern bread products stale already on
the third day, while the loaves and loaves of bread of the Soviet time
only stale after long storage.

  • The main reason is a violation of the storage technology of the entire chain,
    from grain to finished product.
  • In addition, returnable, unrealized, expired bread
    Shelf is often added to fresh dough.
  • Low-grade flour with an abundance of improvers and impurities (see bread
    add a grain feed grade 5, so the required mass
    chemical substances).

Note that in the rules for the use of moldy products
There are exceptions. Nutritionist Catherine Zeratsky in his blog on the site
Клиники Мэйо утверждает, что  твердый сыр можно есть после
mold cutting. But this is the opinion of one person.

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