Is it possible to eat fish during breastfeedingfeeding (red fish, salted, smoked, dried, river,fried, dried)

Fish is the most valuable food for humans. And in the diet
nursing mother must attend fish dishes. But
Is all fish allowed when breastfeeding? Consider which
it is the fish that can be consumed during HB, in what quantity, and
Are there any contraindications for this product?

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Рыба при грудном feeding

Польза рыбы для кормящей мамы

  • Vitamin D contained in fish allows food to be eaten.
    Calcium in the baby’s body is completely absorbed;
  • Fish is digested easier than meat, and because of this
    normalizes stools and has a beneficial effect on the nursing intestines
  • The essential omega-3 acids that fish is rich in strengthen
    cardiovascular system and mothers, and children;
  • Fish protein is well absorbed by the body, and it creates a barrier
    for the formation of salts of lactic acids and uric acids that
    a beneficial effect on the mother’s kidneys, which are rearranged after childbirth
    their function in the “pre-pregnancy” mode of operation and need to
    extra protection.

Contraindication to eating fish during breast
может быть предрасположенность матери к
food allergies. If she previously had allergic
reactions to any type of food should be postponed.
fish for food during lactation. Start eating fish in
In this case, six to eight months after delivery,
20-30 grams per reception.

Now consider separately the different types of fish
which is most popular and is most often on
our table, and appreciate the benefits of each of them for nursing mothers.

Types of fish and features

1. Красная рыба (семга, горбуша, форель,
лосось и т.д.
) является чемпионом по содержанию полезных
Omega-3 fatty acids. Breast Red Fish
feeding разрешена к употреблению, но в умеренных
quantities, because it is quite allergenic product.

2. Соленая рыба по определению содержит большое
the amount of salt that can lead to an imbalance of the kidneys,
the appearance of edema. Поэтому соленая рыба при ГВ не
корящим матерям.

3. Копченая рыба не принесет никакой
use, because when processing smoke or smokehouse fish
most of the nutrients are destroyed. But carcinogenic
substances on the contrary accumulate that with prolonged use
contributes to the formation of chronic diseases of the body, and
even oncology. Insufficient fish processing also contributes
that parasites are not destroyed in it, which can lead to
serious violations of the body.

4. Сушеная рыба в большинстве случаев пропитана
salt that disinfects it, but everything is also unsuitable for human consumption.
nursing mom. A large salt intake can lead to
it will accumulate in the thoracic ducts and change the taste of milk, and this
will lead to the rejection of the child from the breast. Dried fish with breast
feeding – не лучший продукт, поэтому позаботьтесь о
health of your baby and give up at the time

5. Речная рыба содержит много костей, но это не
deprives of its useful qualities. If you cook this fish for a couple or
boil broth out of it, it’s a great meal for nursing
moms. River fish during breastfeeding is beneficial, but only
when it is cooked properly and without use

6. Жареная рыба противопоказана к
consuming Since roasting takes more than 15 minutes, this
time is enough for all useful substances to collapse
with high heat treatment in oil.

7. Вяленая рыба по своей пищевой ценности
akin to dried. Of course, in her natural cooking –
salting and drying, both omega-3 acids and protein are preserved, but
high salt content negates all benefits for nursing
moms. Поэтому вяленая рыба при грудном
feeding временно под запретом.

Remember that fresh fish has the greatest value.
chilled, but frozen is already losing half the healthy

On the organization of the diet during breastfeeding depends
health of you and your baby. Include in food fish in boiled,
тушеном виде, один-два раза в неделю в пределах 50
. This will be enough to provide the body
all useful that is available in fish.

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Video about food during GW – what is possible and what

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