Is it possible to eat cabbage nursing mom duringbreastfeeding

Mommies of newborn babies and pediatricians continue to argue about
the influence of the diet of a nursing woman on the well-being of the infant.
Domestic doctors hold the opinion of the exclusion of certain
products from the menu as contributing to the occurrence of allergic
reactions and increased colic. Their overseas colleagues believe
that the effect of food on a newborn is very indirect, and they allow
after childbirth is everything, but adhering to the principles of healthy
power supply. Капуста при грудном вскармливании может
have a different effect on the crumbs, it all depends on the availability
allergic reactions and method of preparation.

Капуста при грудном вскармливании

Myth about the dangers of eating cabbage nursing mom

Any kind of cabbage, if it was grown without the use of prohibited
drugs, it contains a lot of substances that are beneficial to
human organism. Protein is rich in folic acid and
vitamin C, broccoli – vitamin A and protein. Colored and
Brussels sprouts have excellent dietary

For some people, this vegetable causes bloating and increased
gas formation in the abdomen. But this is more likely due to the peculiarity of their
digestive tract – hypersensitivity or somehow

Many women avoid breastfeeding while breastfeeding.
eat cabbage, associating with it the appearance of the baby

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products during GW)

There is a stereotype here – if my cabbage causes
fermentation in the stomach, then my child will have a similar
state. This opinion has a right to exist, especially if
a woman will feed the baby cabbage. But for the most part,
colic is the body’s reaction to the colonization of the digestive system.
systems by numerous bacteria that enter it from the surrounding
environment. Direct relationship between the diet of the nursing mother and the frequency and
there is no colic intensity.

Rules for introducing cabbage into the diet after childbirth

Капуста во время breastfeeding, съеденная мамой,
can only harm a child’s health
allergies to this product. It’s naturally not about spoiled
vegetables – their use in any case is unacceptable.

The possibility of allergies in the baby on cabbage is very small,
but write it off is not worth it. Enter the vegetable in the menu you need, as
and any new product, with caution, carefully watching
the appearance of the skin of the crumbs and his chair. Their reaction
подскажет, можно ли есть капусту кормящей маме. Rash, diarrhea
or constipation will warn about the presence of food intolerance, and possibly
even allergies. In this case, you should forget about cabbage at least
half a year

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Ways to cook cabbage for nursing mothers


After a couple of weeks after birth, mother can try
cook cauliflower soup. Due to its low content
Fiber, this type of cabbage is remarkably digested. Yummy
the dish will turn out from the boiled cauliflower inflorescences baked in
the oven. А вот жарка в период breastfeeding не самый
The best way to heat treat.

Gradually, you can enter into the diet and other types of vegetables family
cabbage. Главное придерживаться принципов здорового power supply.
It is better to eat boiled cabbage or extinguish it, so it is preserved
beneficial properties and the effect on digestion will be

White cabbage

Care should be taken fresh and stewed
white cabbage, it is most likely to cause flatulence. AT
salads better add Peking cabbage. But juicy cabbage
sheets that have been broken off before the appearance of juice can significantly ease
Feeling of fullness in the chest on arrival in large volumes of milk
or relieve inflammation associated with poor breast emptying
a child.


квашенная капуста при грудном вскармливании

The most important restriction is to use
квашеной капусты при грудном
This is due to the high content.
acids and salts, as well as the need to apply for the starter
seasonings. It is advisable to postpone this tasty dish until the end

Seaweed breastfeeding

Despite its name, sea kale is not a vegetable, but
seaweed It will be very useful for women whose babies suffer from
lack of iron or phosphorus. These trace elements will by the way and
mommy herself, to maintain her health.

Laminaria, like all seafood, is rich in iodine. Insofar as
iodine excess is not less harmful to health than its deficiency, then in
the menu of nursing women sea kale can enter no more than 150
gram 3 times a week.

When deciding whether any kind of cabbage is on the menu when
feeding the baby breast milk, guided by the state
child and his reaction. Afraid to use cabbage should not be, but
It is not worth to abuse its possible negative properties either.
If, nevertheless, the mother’s heart suggests that from cabbage
must be discarded because the newborn is amplified by her
colic or allergy starts then maybe worth it
to listen. ATедь лучше матери мало кто способен понять, что нужно
her child.

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