Is it possible to cucumber with HB

An indispensable source of vitamins in the human diet are
vegetables. They should be the staple and on the table in nursing
moms, but you need to enter them into the diet very carefully and gradually.
Everyone knows that milk is the staple food
an infant, and what mom feeds on, has an important
value. Together with the mother’s milk, the baby receives vitamins and
minerals that help strengthen the immune system. Therefore, if
the child is not prone to allergic reactions, then use
vegetables during breastfeeding is necessary. And, of course, in
summertime really want to eat a cucumber – very tasty and
useful vegetable. And very often the question arises – is it possible to eat
breastfeeding cucumbers and how useful it will be for
Mom and baby?

Useful properties of cucumbers

свежие огурцы кормящей матери

Fresh cucumbers are very healthy, they contain a huge
the amount of vitamins and minerals that provide
normal work of the whole organism, a large number of tartron
acids, by which carbohydrates do not turn into fats.

Useful properties of cucumbers:

  • high potassium content that is beneficial
    effects on the work of the heart muscle, and kidneys;
  • low calorie;
  • the presence of a large amount of dietary fiber, which improves
  • high levels of iodine;
  • the presence of vitamins PP, B, E;
  • high content of trace elements – sodium, calcium, fluorine,
    chlorine, iron, magnesium, zinc.

When using cucumbers:

  • digestion, and assimilation of protein food improves;
  • laxative effect occurs;
  • have a diuretic effect;
  • normal metabolism.

When can I add fresh cucumbers to the diet of a nursing mother?

Of course, all the above properties of fresh cucumbers are very
useful for adults. But how useful will it be to crumbs?

Despite the fact that the food eaten in breast milk does not pass,
the child is still passed the reaction of the maternal organism to
product. And too early to enter Mommy’s diet of fresh cucumbers
may cause gas, bloating, cramps and even

Unfortunately, most newborns in the first three months
suffering from pain in the tummy caused by fermentation of milk in
intestine. And cucumbers will only aggravate the pain, so
it will still be better if the mother temporarily abandons them.

Enter cucumbers into the diet during feeding
грудью желательно на четвертом-пятом месяце жизни малыша,
when he has problems with digestion.

It is recommended to use cucumbers during breastfeeding with
am and in the minimum amount to watch the reaction
baby throughout the day. If there are colic or bloating,
then by the night they will pass.

If the child feels well, he is not worried about bloating.
belly, colic, no diarrhea, then nursing mom from cucumbers
Do not refuse, but do not overeat.

Attention should be paid to the quality of cucumbers. In the cold
time they are grown in greenhouses, using various chemical
means. Therefore, nitrates that accumulate in the fruit can
cause poisoning, that is, from the consumption of such vegetables is better
refuse. In the summer, it is better to use fresh cucumbers and
from your bed.

Eating salted and pickled cucumbers

соленые огурцы

The content of useful substances pickles are not inferior to fresh
fruits. All trace elements are stored in them, they normalize
digestion and increase appetite.

Nursing mother salted and salted cucumbers should be used with
great care. Excessive use can cause
intestinal colic in a child. Enter them into your diet you need
gradually and in small portions, along with the usual
products. If the child does not have a rash, do not bother the tummy,
You can eat another piece.

In the absence of consequences, nursing mothers are not prohibited.
use cucumbers, but in reasonable quantities, because they hold up
fluid in the body.

Excessive consumption of pickled cucumbers can cause

  1. violation of the chair;
  2. increased gas formation;
  3. nervousness;
  4. increased thirst;
  5. allergic skin rash.

When cooking it is necessary to choose vegetables with a large
careful not to cause discomfort to the child because
his digestive system is very weak.

маринованные огурцы


Pickles содержат большое количество соли, уксус,
the use of which is not desirable during breastfeeding.

Question to eat or not, cucumbers during breastfeeding
It is better to decide the mother, based on the state of the child.

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