Is it possible or not to swim with chicken pox?

Update: October 2018

Chickenpox is a disease that both children and adults suffer.
The basic principles of chickenpox treatment are known to many, but
the question of taking a bath or shower during an illness remains controversial
and many are interested in whether you can swim with chickenpox.

How to wash with chickenpox?

Very many young parents with a child’s illness or illness
Chickenpox adults do not know whether to swim with chickenpox or
not? The fact is that during the windmill the skin is completely covered
itchy blisters and, as it seems to many, from contact with
water can worsen an already serious condition.

Most doctors are strictly not allowed to take water.
procedures, until the last wave of rashes subsides.
Of course, if a child or an adult has a high body temperature,
there are purulent ulcers, or any complications, you can not swim
until the acute process subsides.

American and Western European doctors claim that bathing
with chicken pox, it is permissible and even necessary because it washes away sweat
dirt, which in turn provoke additional suppuration,
as well as water treatments relax and help relieve
itching. The only condition is to avoid swimming in hot water and not
use washcloth. It’s not easy to wash with chicken pox,
but absolutely necessary.
Only this should be respected.
some rules:


Можно ли купаться при ветрянке или not?

Bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate

  • In no case can not be used when bathing detergent
    products, neither soap, nor shower gel, nor shampoo, nor foam, should not
    get on inflamed skin, especially if you are bathing
  • If you take a shower, then it is worth doing this briefly, but
    often, up to 4-5 times a day.
  • If you are taking a bath, it is also not worth it too long
    time to be in the water. The best option for taking a bath
    considered with the addition of a weak solution of potassium permanganate, it has
    antiseptic properties and contributes to the rapid drying
  • Naturally you can not use washcloths and other familiar
    cleansing agents, as this will increase the itchiness and damage
    sore skin.
  • In no case should not carefully wipe with a towel,
    the best thing would be to wet the body with the softest towel
    which every time after a bath or shower should be clean, new.
    After the skin is completely dry, it should be treated
    «зеленкой» или другими средствами все имеющиеся пятнышки rash

When can I bathe after chickenpox? This question is no longer relevant.
automatically as bath and shower taking with chicken pox
contribute to the earliest possible recovery and naturally after
windmills can also be bathed as usual.

General recommendations for relieving the patient’s condition
chicken pox

  • In order to avoid penetration of infection in the wounds of the rash, should
    Cut nails thoroughly, especially for children. When combing
    vesicles may cause additional inflammatory
    process, when entering them into microbes.
  • The temperature in the apartment should not be too high, since
    increased perspiration increases the itching and
  • Underwear and bedding should be changed every day, and
    it should be exclusively cotton.
  • For the speedy elimination of toxins should drink
    as much liquid as possible.
  • If the rash of chicken pox is in the mouth, you can rinse
    mouth with furatsilina.
  • If itching becomes unbearable, you can take
    antihistamines prescribed by the attending physician.
  • To dry and disinfect the rash, lubricate regularly.
    newly formed bubbles of green paint, fucorcin, rivanol.

So, to the question: Is it possible to swim with chicken pox? Answer
unambiguous – yes, it is possible and even necessary!

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Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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