Is it necessary (and possible) to give water to newbornschildren with breast, artificial, mixed feeding? Water athiccups

A newborn baby with pleasure sucks the breast or bottle,
regularly sends its natural needs, develops
according to their age. Everything seems to be in order, but practically
Each mommy has a lot of options for situations “Are we all
do we do right? ” One such issue is the problem with
�”Thirst” baby. Is it possible to give water to newborns
Do children need extra liquid, especially in hot

нужно ли (и можно ли) давать воду новорожденному ребенку

Do I need drinking water to a newborn baby?

It seems that drinking water is simply necessary for everyone,
especially very small. However, in the case of babies not so much
everything is clear. Так нужно ли давать обычную воду
новорожденному или можно обойтись без нее? And if you can give
water, when, from what moment?

The need for drinking water of a child depends on the method of feeding.
infant: infant, artificial or mixed.

Water to newborn baby when breastfeeding

The dilemma of drinking water for a baby can be solved quickly
Having considered the composition of human milk. Breast milk in its composition
contains 90% water, the remaining 10% are fats, proteins,
carbohydrates, essential micronutrients and vitamins. As seen,
when breastfeeding the newborn gets quite
enough water.

Вопрос о том, нужно ли давать воду новорожденным при
грудном feeding, имеет следующее решение: в воде
baby does not need.
After all, excess fluid
fill the small volume of the child’s stomach, and it is the shortage of the desired
amounts of breast milk. As a result, mom will have to express
surplus, otherwise the amount of milk produced in the breast sharply
will fall.

Up to two months to give the baby water is not worth it. In the third month
in a hot time if the baby is sweating or has dried in his mouth, you can
offer him some water, but only from a spoon. First of all,
the use of the bottle with the nipple often leads to the rejection of
sucking breasts (when sucking from a bottle the baby puts less
effort). Secondly, there will be fewer problems with feeding in the future,
because the baby is getting used to using a spoon.

Most importantly, water should only be offered, but not watered.
by force. This should be done between feedings in small quantities.
(one or two sips). The child “knows” best of all what they need:
He wants, he drinks water, but no, he just spits it out. And better just
the hot time of the baby is often applied to the chest, because the first portion
milk is not very fat (it even differs bluish color) and
the baby can do without water.


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Does the child need water with artificial and mixed

Compared with the composition of breast milk adapted mixtures
contain more protein. Поэтому, при
искусственном feeding малыша надо поить с первого дня
between feedings.
The amount of water you drink should not be added to
the amount of food, and water the baby if necessary.
Artificial babies can be watered from a bottle or a spoon.

With смешанном feeding можно поить малыша
водичкой, но в несколько меньшем количестве
. Average
A small child can drink 100-200 ml of water per day.

Water at hiccups

Hiccup is a sudden contraction of the diaphragm and the walls of the larynx. For
children up to the year hiccups are common, since the function of the diaphragmatic
muscles at this age are easily excitable. In children, the cause of hiccups
may be hypothermia, air entering the stomach during
feeding, thirst, nervous excitement, gas accumulation in

To get rid of hiccups, you just need to eliminate its cause. With
hypothermia is necessary to warm the baby. The air from the stomach will go away if
wear it upright. Withчину икоты устранят несколько глотков
warm drinking water. Gases in the intestines will help bring out the infusion
dill seed or, laid on the tummy, a warm diaper.

Итак, поить малыша при hiccups можно.
Water will help relieve spasm of the diaphragm, eliminating the cause of hiccups.

What kind of water and when to give a newborn baby

Now in pharmacies and specialized children’s stores you can
buy special bottled water for newborns. Such
water contains a balanced composition of salts and minerals for
a certain age, which is listed on the packaging. With
impossibility to buy such water, the usual boiled and
Cooled to room temperature water.

Before six months babies should be given water to drink in two
cases: when he has a fever or diarrhea. But
even with illness and breast milk will do an excellent job.
assigned tasks. It will restore the lack of fluid
resulting from perspiration, and can be dissolved in it
medicine for a sick child. Extra liquid baby
получает при коликах в животике когда вы поите малыша отваром
dill seed or fennel.

After six months, you can start giving and feeding
water It is better just pour it into a personal mug of the baby and drink from it
or, in extreme cases, from a spoon. Not worth watering baby
apply bottles with nipples.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: укропная вода для

To give water to a newborn baby?

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