Is it always good when a child is obedient

To raise a happy, healthy baby, and in
future – an adult, to cultivate in him independence and
faith in your strength, parents need to be careful with strict
education and submission to his will.

You can often hear on the playgrounds as moms complain
to each other on the disobedience of children. Let’s try to figure out
is it so bad when the child does not always exactly
instructions adults, sometimes naughty and naughty. If disobedience
harm to health, parents should insist on their own. In others
In some cases, it is better to support the initiative and give the child freedom in
decision making. For example, when choosing entertainment, colors of clothes,

An obedient, executive child is called good. But
is it so useful unquestioning execution of all instructions adults
for the education of the future self?

В каждом маленьком ребенке, AND мальчишке, и
Есть по двести грамм взрывчатки ANDли
even a pound!
Должен он бежать и прыгать, Все
хватать, ногами дрыгать,
А иначе он взорвется, трах-бабах
And there is no it!

Каждый новенький ребенок Вылезает из пеленок
AND теряется повсюду AND находится везде! is he
всегда куда-то мчится,
is he ужасно огорчиться, Если
что-нибудь на свете
Вдруг случится без него!

When a child is overly helpful, parents should be worried.
Although it seems that it is more convenient if the child does not create problems, obeys
the will of parents and politely behaves with others.

But разве ребенок не должен быть активным


is he познает мир и с интересом открывает для себя все новое. AND
Well, if parents help him in this.

Adults should figure out the reason for this unnecessarily “convenient”
submissive behavior of the child. Perhaps they exhibit excessive
severity and suppress still emerging personality. Will increase
their child is an exemplary citizen or parents will raise
independent, inert, subject to foreign influence

There are also personal features of temperament. Choleric people are prone to
activity, restlessness, they rush like a wind and do not give rest
parents. Phlegmatic seem calm and reasonable, more
like quiet, independent games and rarely create inconvenience

Baby does not want to upset parents. is he думает, что его будут
less love and punished for “wrong behavior”. Baby is pushing
in themselves negative emotions and does not allow them to go outside.
ANDз-за этого у него может скапливаться агрессия и возникать проблемы
with the nervous system. The child is afraid of the wrath of elders, trying
live up to their expectations, be exemplary and convenient to please and not
cause irritation.

When raising a baby in excessive bans hardly formed
independent person, able to defend their point of view during
adulthood. The dependent person will seek support from outside and
avoid responsibility for their actions, shifting decisions to

It is important to show your child that you consider him
desires and character. For this you need to give a little bit of freedom.
Let him choose what to play, what to read and what to wear. Than
he will have more opportunities to take initiative and to do
the choice, the freer the personality grows. Have a free man
more likely to succeed in life.

Let your child know that you are not judging him and
love the way it is. Baby needs to feel your
support in their children’s but important matters, even
if they seem insignificant.

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