Is ginger good for diabetes?

Update: January 2019

The beneficial properties of ginger with diabetes mellitus are determined by
that it is an amazing plant in addition to 400 useful substances in its
composition contains the whole complex of essential amino acids that
enter the body only with food. Therefore ginger is
catalyst of all metabolic processes in the body, improving
digestion process (see ginger root – benefit and harm). Juice of this
plants can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood,
regulate fat metabolism, thereby reducing the level of sugar in
blood, which is very important for diabetics. Besides,
Ginger has antibacterial, expectorant, anthelmintic,
laxative, tonic, and also stimulates
blood circulation, relieves cramps, treats ulcers and skin diseases,
increases male and female potency, is used in rheumatoid
arthritis and rheumatism. At the root of ginger and there are essential oils, and
vitamins C, B1, B2, potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc.

How to use ginger root with elevated sugar in
of blood

Dieting for people with diabetes is a must,
using ginger at the same time and you can give a fresh diet
food flavors and additionally receive and mineral
комплексы, питательные вещества и снизить уровень сахара в of blood. TO
diabetes most often occurs in people who are overweight or
obese, and ginger promotes weight loss. It is better
Whole ginger to use in the form of fresh juice or tea.Имбирь


  • Использовать его следует только тем больным, которые не
    принимают сахаропонижающие препараты,
    и им удается
    control sugar levels with diet because
    simultaneous reception of these funds and ginger enhance the effect
    drugs and sugar levels can drop very much, which is extremely
  • Использовать имбирь при сахарном диабете следует только
    when agreed with the endocrinologist.
  • При передозировке этим растением может
    vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and allergies
  • Allergies can occur not only from overdose, but also from
    людей, склонных к различным аллергическим
    поэтому начинать принимать корень стоит с
    minimum doses.
  • It should be borne in mind that ginger on the shelves of our
    supermarkets have import origin, and as you know the whole
    imported plant products to increase
    срока хранения подвергается обработке химическими
    , и имбирь не является исключением.

    To reduce the possible toxic effects of these agents,
    Ginger before use should be cleaned and placed in a container
    with water for an hour.

  • With the use of this root can decrease arterial
    давление и учащаться сердцебиение, поэтому не стоит
    злоупотреблять этим средством
    людям, страдающими
    hypotension and having serious heart disease.
  • Since ginger has its warming properties
    use at high body temperature since it will
    promote an increase in fever.

Ginger tea:

Treatment of diabetes with ginger root is possible in the form of
juice or tea. To brew tea, you need to clean a piece of the root,
soak for an hour in cold water, then grate it or
cut into thin chips. Put the chips in a thermos and pour
boiling water. Apply before meals for half an hour three times a day, adding to
traditional or herbal tea.

Diabetes Ginger Juice:

To make the juice – ginger root should be grated, and
then squeeze through gauze. This juice can be drunk 2 times a day, but not
more than 1/8 of a teaspoon.

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