Is a baby sling harmful to the child: true andfiction

Increasingly, in big cities you can see young moms not
with the usual strollers, and with slings of different colors and
models. Not surprisingly, the use of a patchwork holder
causes a lot of controversy and speculation. Who is right: advocates,
talking about the merits of slings, or opponents, violently
proving the danger of such a device? In our become we
let’s give objective arguments for and against, and you can
decide whether to wear your baby in such a “cradle” or

The content of the article

  • 1 Thesis One: Sling is life threatening
  • 2 Thesis Two: Sling is harmful to the musculoskeletal system.
  • 3 Тезис третий: слинг приучает baby к handsам, делая его

    • 3.1 ATидео: Слинги — за и против


It would seem that only benefit can be seen in the baby slinging: with
it is convenient to carry around in transportation and do homework,
You can feed the baby in almost any place. And this is far from
all the benefits of sling. However, here you can find a fly in the ointment:
poor posture in the baby, lack of eye contact with the mother
etc. Particularly hot debate in the press and parent forums
turned around after the US committee on
consumer goods reported deaths as a result
use holders.

Thesis One: The Sling is Dangerous to Life.

the confirmation

Indeed, in recent years there have been several cases
when the children choked in these carriers. (May 7, 2009
Derrick Foweler choked in Infantino’s carrying bag, Derrick was
6 days. Parents of the baby sued the company Infantino LLC 4
million dollars. This is not the first such death, in 20 years
carrying bags, 14 babies died of asphyxiation. In the US, a commission on
consumer goods issued a danger warning
 У младенцев слабо развиты шейные мышцы,
and they are not yet able to control the position of the head. therefore
babies can lean their nose and mouth against dense tissue and die
due to lack of oxygen in just a few minutes. Another one
danger lies in congenital reflexes: the baby is in a closed
space often collapses into a fetal position, snuggling
knees to the chest. In this position, he can neither normally
sigh, or cry, thereby calling mommy to help.


The culprits of such accidents were sling bags,
against the use of which are domestic and foreign
pediatricians. For small children fit slings with rings or
sling scarves. In these models, the position of the baby is natural, as in
mothers on the handles, and for their production use breathable fabrics. AT
such carrying the baby simply can not suffocate. AT
May-sling (hybrid “scarf” and backpack) baby and all
located vertically, therefore, his breathing is nothing

How to choose a sling? How to choose: Sling with rings,
Sling-scarf, Mai-sling, Sling-backpack, Fast-sling (pros and cons).
ATидео инстhandsции


Thesis Two: Sling Harmful to the Musculoskeletal System

the confirmation

Such a hazard may occur if
carry over is incorrect. Some irresponsible moms
children are held with their legs clamped together, which are set aside. Still
one wrong position – children’s legs are severely bent


Although you can use the sling from birth, you can transfer
маленького baby необходимо только в соответствующей его возрасту
positions. For example, for up to four months, babies are best kept
horizontal position. AT некоторых моделях можно носить и
vertically, without fear of harming the locomotor system.
Spread the baby’s legs in different directions and fix them.
The wrapped fabric will firmly press the baby against you and release the load from
spine. It turns out that this posture will help prevent dysplasia
hip joints.

Тезис третий: слинг приучает baby к handsам, делая его

the confirmation

«Не приучайте к handsам!» – говорят противники
babywearing, claiming that the constant use of such
adaptations leads to excessive attachment of the baby,
longevity, whims and tears. Indeed, such
�“Tame” children get used to the constant presence of the mother, which can
complicate the adaptation.


Newborns and babies need maternal care each
give me a sec. This is indicated by child psychologists, pediatricians, and specialists.
on early development. And the moms themselves point out that in such
�“Cradle” babies cry less, calm down faster and
feel more confident thanks to her mother’s warmth, her beating
heart By the way, if a child asks for pens, it is not always
means he is naughty. ATозможно, он устал или
got excited. A real sling for you can be a sling.

ATОЗМОЖНО ЗАИНТЕРЕСУЕТ: как отучить baby от

Thus, the sling can only cause harm when
wrong application – for example, using a model,
intended for more adult children. Laying baby in
carrying, you need to monitor the load on the spine,
breathing, and when he begins to walk – boldly let go to study
the world around us. Well, to wear your child in a sling or not – to decide
only you


  • Pros and cons of slings
  • Slingermama rubric

ATидео: Слинги — за и против

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