Irritable bowel syndrome – symptoms andtreatment of IBS, drugs, diet, prevention

Irritable bowel syndrome, or otherwise IBS, is
sustained functional disorders in the bowels,
chronic discomfort, pain and cramps in the abdomen and
accompanied by a change in the frequency and consistency of the chair with
no organic reasons.

Despite the extreme prevalence of the syndrome
irritable bowel, approximately 75% of the adult population does not
consider themselves sick and do not seek medical care. AT
the occurrence and development of the disease matter
psycho-emotional disorders.

What is IBS?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disease that
manifested by abdominal pain combined with impaired normal
bowel work.

In essence, this pathology is
собой хроническое расстройство кишечника с нарушением его
functions for no apparent reason. Soое явление сопровождается
abdominal pain, impaired stool,
discomfort, it does not detect inflammatory reactions or
infectious lesions.

Soим образом, IBS — состояние, при котором кишечник выглядит
нормальным, но не  функционирует в обычном режиме

Most often this pathology affects people after 20 years, 40%
patients aged 35-50 years. The prevalence of the syndrome – 15-25%
women and 5-18% of men. Moreover, 60% of patients do not seek
medical care, 12% go to therapists, 28% – to

The reasons

Medicine unknown organic causes of the syndrome.
According to numerous clinical studies, factors
which provoke the occurrence of IBS are:

  • Disruption of the neural connections between the intestines and that department
    brain that controls normal functioning
  • Motility impairment. Increased motility often leads to diarrhea,
    тогда как замедленная моторика вызывает развитие запоров
  • Dysbiosis – enhanced bacterial growth in the small intestine. Can
    appear harmful to the intestines harmful bacteria that
    leads to flatulence, diarrhea, weight loss
  • Lack of foods rich in dietary fiber
  • Dietary disturbance. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    will certainly bother people who give in food
    preference for spicy, fatty dishes in large quantities
    use coffee and strong tea, alcoholic beverages.
  • Hereditary predisposition is also not discarded.
    accounts: the syndrome is more common in people whose parents suffered
    similar disorder.
  • Intestinal infections are triggering in 30%
    the sick.

Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

ATедущими проявлениями синдрома раздраженного кишечника являются
pain, abdominal discomfort and abnormal stools. Often in feces
You can see a large amount of mucus. Spasm of various departments
intestine is observed non-permanently and can change the location in different

The most common symptoms in adults:

  • Боли в животе и спазмы, которые исчезают после
  • Диарея или констипация часто могут чередоваться.
  • ATздутие и отечность живота.
  • Excessive flatulence (flatulence).
  • ATнезапная необходимость сходить в restroom.
  • Feeling full of intestines, even if you just went to
  • Feeling that you have not completely emptied the intestines.
  • ATыделение слизи из заднего прохода (чистая слизь,
    produced by the intestines, normally should not be allocated).

Signs of irritation may appear immediately after eating, or in
stressful situation. In women, symptoms of IBS may occur before

Presence of at least two additional symptoms described below.
must confirm IBS:

  • ANDзменения в процессе опорожнения — внезапные сильные позывы,
    feeling of incomplete bowel movements, the need for much
    strain during bowel movements.
  • ATздутие, напряженность или тяжесть в животе.
  • Symptoms worsen after eating (become more
  • ATыделяется слизь из заднего прохода.

There are three main types of irritable bowel syndrome:
преобладанием запоров, с преобладанием поносов и с
the predominance of pain.

IBS Description of symptoms in adults
with diarrhea Observed:

  • frequent urge to defecate during and after meals,
  • on the back of liquid stool, the pain disappears immediately after
  • pain in the abdomen after eating, in the lower back and in the lateral parts of the abdomen
    just below the navel
  • difficulty urinating.
with constipation The clinical picture of pathology is characterized by a delay.
Задержка стула сменяется обычной частотой emptying.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation вызывает боль,
    which is not localized in one place, but dissipates.
  • The paroxysmal character is replaced by the whining.
  • Often there is bitterness in the mouth, nausea, flatulence.
Mixed version AT этом случае поносы и запоры будут чередоваться, но ведущим
a sign of pain remains along the rectum, similar to intestinal

  • cramping pains (rarely stitching or aching) in the abdomen,
    which disappear immediately after emptying;
  • diarrhea – diarrhea, constipation and alternation;
  • when urging to stool the patient has a feeling that
    he can not keep feces in the gut;
  • abdominal distention, gas production;
  • during stool, white or clear mucus will be excreted.

Signs of this disease also appear after a strong
intellectual and emotional stress, excitement,
fright However, with the normalization of the mental state of a person, they

Signs that should alert

Symptoms that should be alarming because they are not peculiar
irritable bowel syndrome:

  • if the disease began in old age;
  • если появляются острые симптомы — IBS не бывает острым, это
    chronic illness;
  • weight loss, loss of appetite, bleeding from the back
    passage diarrhea with pain, steatorrhea (fat in fecal masses);
  • high body temperature;
  • intolerance to fructose and lactose intolerance
  • the presence of inflammatory bowel disease or cancer


If you have problems with the intestines described in the article, you need to contact
to the gastroenterologist. Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are similar.
с признаками других заболеваний GIT, поэтому для постановки
correct diagnosis and determination of how to treat the intestines, it is necessary
full examination according to standards.

For diagnosis, you must pass:

  • General blood analysis. Позволяет обнаружить анемию как
    manifestation of latent bleeding and an increase in the number of leukocytes,
    which indicates the presence of inflammation.
  • Анализ кала на скрытую кровь поможет определить даже не
    eye visible bleeding, and increased fat loss with feces
    indicates the presence of pancreatitis.
  • ANDсследование гормонов щитовидной железы (для отрицания гипер-
    or hypothyroidism);
  • Lactose loading test (if lactase
  • Gastroscopy with biopsy from the downstream section
    duodenal ulcer (in case of suspected celiac disease
    Whipple, excessive bacterial growth);
  • Абдоминальное УЗAND и УЗAND кишечника позволяет выявить многие
    severe disease of internal organs including some
  • X-ray. ANDногда используется контрастная рентгеноскопия
    with barium, in order to get a relief image of thick
  • Colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy (instrumental
    research). Appointed if a tumor is suspected
    inflammatory bowel disease, developmental abnormalities,
  • CT scan.  CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis can
    help eliminate or discover other causes of your

ANDсключив возможные болезни и поставив диагноз, врач определяет
treatment methods. After the end of the primary course is held

Treatment of irritable bowel in adults

Combined therapy in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
includes the use of drugs in combination with
correction of psycho-emotional states and compliance with certain

When the condition is not aggravated, before resorting to
medication correction, you can try to stick
following recommendations:

  • Redefine lifestyle;
  • Adjust power;
  • ANDсключить табак и спиртосодержащие напитки;
  • Exercise should be daily, but feasible;
  • Spend more time outdoors just
    walking along

Soие несложные советы вполне способны помочь справиться с
nervous system imbalance and solve intestinal problems,
when they “grow” out of the head.


Homeopathy or medication for irritated
intestines are selected taking into account the predominance of symptoms: constipation, diarrhea
or the presence of pain.

  1. Antispasmodics. Relieve muscle spasm, reducing intensity
    painful manifestations. The most popular drugs: mebeverin,
    Sparex, Niaspam.
  2. ATяжущие препараты («Алмагель», «Танальбин», «Смекта»).
    Appointed when exacerbation of irritable bowel syndrome and
  3. Probiotics. (“Hilak-Forte”, “Laktovit”, “Bifiform”). With help
    beneficial bacteria improve intestinal function.
  4. Sorbents can reduce gas formation: Polysorb, Polyphepanum,
    Filtrum, Enterosgel.
  5. The softening of feces is provided with lactulose preparations:
    Duphalac, Portolac, Goodluck. They, without getting into the blood, are able
    change the consistency of feces.
  6. Osmotic type laxatives category drugs: Macrogol,
    Forlax, Lavacol, Relaxax, Expal. These funds give effect
    in 2-5 hours.
  7. При IBS with diarrhea. Up to three times a day before meals
    Take one tablet of Diphenoxylate or Loperamide. These
    funds help to slow intestinal motility. For
    eliminate diarrhea can use Smecta.
  8. Часто специалисты назначают антибиотики при IBS. Treatment
    irritable bowel syndrome is performed and with the help of these
    potent means. Only still not installed
    польза, приносимая антибиотиками во время этого diseases. ATрачи
    it is generally believed that it is thus possible to reduce
    патогенных микроорганизмов в GIT.
  9. Antidepressants – with severe anxiety, apathy, violation
    behavior and lowering mood best effect gives the application
    antidepressants: Amitriptyline, Prozac, Zoloft, Eglonil and others.
    All drugs must be taken at least 3 months
    together with other drugs and psychotherapy.

When taking any medication it is important to follow
the state of the intestines. If there is a violation,
talk to the doctor about the possibility of replacing the drug.


Given the fact that the pathology is accompanied by stress, improve
psychotherapy sessions will help. To process
treatments involve a psychotherapist who assigns
antidepressants, sedatives and, after consulting, will help
cope with stressful situations.

Recommended for patients with irritable bowel syndrome
physical activity, walking, aerobics. Often appointed
курсы лечебной физкультуры. In addition, it is desirable
normalize the daily routine, abandon activities rich
stressful situations, try to avoid emotional stress and


Often, patients with IBS are generally afraid to eat something and try
shorten the range of products as much as possible. But it’s not right.
On the contrary, the diet should be as varied as possible, given
features of the digestive tract of each patient. So
as a shortage of certain substances, such as magnesium, zinc, fatty
Omega-3 and Omega-6 lead to the deterioration of the mucous membrane
intestinal shell.

ANDзбегайте проблемных продуктов – если вы обнаружили, что
some foods after consuming make you worse
symptoms of IBS, should be avoided.

The most common symptoms can cause the following foods:

  • alcohol,
  • chocolate,
  • caffeine-containing beverages (tea, coffee),
  • carbonated drinks,
  • drugs containing caffeine,
  • milk products,
  • products containing sweeteners (sorbitol and

The menu must be present:

  • diluted cranberry juice, compotes, tea;
  • poultry broths;
  • pasta;
  • boiled or baked vegetables: potatoes, carrots, tomatoes;
  • porridge, first courses.

We can distinguish the following products that are recommended
significantly limit, and it is better to completely eliminate from use.
Such influence of products is noted:

  • stimulate diarrhea: apples, plums, beets, foods,
    rich in fiber;
  • increase flatulence and flatulence: legumes,
    pastries, cabbage, nuts, grapes;
  • contribute to the occurrence of constipation: fried foods and fatty

Diet при синдроме раздраженного кишечника с запорами

For frequent constipation, first of all, avoid
food that has a fixative effect, annoying
digestive tract causing fermentation. In this case, the power
irritable bowel syndrome is to exclude
similar products and the introduction in the diet of food, improves motor
intestinal function.

The basic principles of the Pevzner’s diet No. 3 are no different from
of the above:

  • It is forbidden to use: smoked meat, fatty meat,
    butter dough, fried eggs, pasta, rice, legumes,
    mushrooms, onions, garlic, cabbage, radishes, quince, dogwood, any products,
    containing fats;
  • разрешены: овощи тушенные и варенные, кислоmilk products,
    buckwheat, egg groats, millet, low-fat boiled or steamed meat and
    fish, bran, wheat bread, dried fruit, sweet fruit and

In some cases, psychosocial support and diet
prove to be an effective treatment for irritable syndrome
intestinal, and subsequent drug treatment is not at all

Diet при IBS with diarrhea

Usually in this situation, a table is assigned to number 4, which
over time, it smoothly goes into table number 2. Restrict the need
foods and foods that stimulate intestinal irritation, and
also secretory processes in the stomach, liver and pancreas
gland. After all, by doing so they lead to rotting and fermentation, which
provokes the development of unpleasant symptoms.


  • Food taken at certain hours, sitting on a chair, slowly
    in a quiet environment.
  • Give preference to food cooked in a double boiler in the oven
    or grilled.
  • Consume edible oils or butter added to
    end of cooking.

Not recommended:

  • Spices, pickles, seasonings, spicy dishes,
  • Fruits vegetables,
  • Rye bread,
  • Fresh dairy products, milk,
  • Fatty meat and fish,
  • Cold drinks,
  • Muffin.

Folk remedies

Irritable bowel syndrome can be treated with extracts
medicinal herbs purchased at the pharmacy or cooked
on their own.

  1. Effectively affect the condition of the sick root
    солодки, семена льна, корень кровохлебки, кора крушины,
    cherry fruit, bilberry leaf, grass and dill seeds, seeds
  2. When nausea, vomiting and intestinal colic helps freshly squeezed
    potato juice. Relieve inflammation of the walls with IBS, relax
    strained muscles of the intestine will help decoction of a mixture of pepper
    Peppermint, Chamomile, Hydrastis, Althea, Dioscorea.
  3. Infusion of thorns leaves with constipation. In a thermos pour a spoon
    dining room raw materials, then pour a glass of boiling water into it. Give the remedy
    brew, then take half a glass three times a day not
    less than a week.
  4. When constipation can help plantain seeds. For this 2
    dessert spoons of seeds should be soaked in 100 ml of water for 30 minutes,
    after which they need to eat.
  5. For diarrhea, infusions made from pomegranate peels are sometimes used. Dining room
    a spoonful of dry crusts pour 250 ml of boiling water and infuse until pink
    colors. Should be consumed at a time.

But not all remedies are equally good with different symptoms.
diseases. So:

  • If you have constipation, you can use infusions and decoctions on
    licorice root, buckthorn bark, nettle, fennel, chamomile.
  • When diarrhea help silverweed white, serpentine, sage, blueberry,
  • Relieve spasms and pain help valerian, fennel, mint,
  • To eliminate flatulence used anise, cumin, fennel,


The prospects for irritable bowel syndrome are favorable:
if it does not develop severe complications, it does not reduce
lifespan. Slightly changing diet and physical
activity, and most importantly – attitude to life on a more optimistic,
It is possible to achieve noticeable positive shifts in health.


Irritable bowel refers to the disease that
impossible to warn, and when manifesting fully cured.

As a preventive measure it is recommended:

  • Regular psychological training and autotraining,
    aimed at reducing susceptibility to stress.
  • Proper nutrition mode. It is necessary to eat 4-5 times a day.
    день, ограничивая жирные и кофеинсодержащие products. Recommended
    eating foods rich in dietary fiber as well
    lactic acid products with prebiotics.
  • Regular dosed exercise.
  • Waiver of unwarranted use of drugs for treatment
    diarrhea, constipation.

Irritable bowel syndrome is hard to call pathological.
a disease is rather a specific condition of the body. AND
absolutely no matter what drugs will be prescribed
doctor – it is more important to learn how to control your emotions, normalize
rhythm of life, adjust the diet.

In any case, patients with IBS should not start the disease,
take into account their individual characteristics when drawing up the menu, not
искать рекомендации и народные средства на ANDнтернет форумах, а
time to seek help from specialists.

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