IRR: symptoms and treatment in adults.


  • What is vegetovascular dystonia (VVD)?
  • Causes of VSD
  • Symptoms of vascular dystonia
  • Bouts of vegetodistonii
  • Diagnosis of VSD
  • Complications
  • Treatment of IRR
  • Medication Treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Treatment of VSD folk remedies
  • Diet with VSD
  • Video
  • Prognosis and prevention

The most controversial diagnosis is VSD. The symptoms in adults are similar.
with other diseases, treatment is often prescribed incorrect,
which leads to the deterioration of the patient. Disease
�”Vegetative dystonia” is not included in the International
classification of diseases. The ICD code F45.3 denotes somatoform.
autonomic dysfunction accompanying most pathologies
heart, central nervous system, mental disorders. Despite this, doctors
Constantly diagnose this patient. Also used
the term “neurocirculatory dysfunction”.

What is vegetovascular dystonia (VVD)?

What is vegetative dystonia syndrome? He imagines
a violation of the autonomic nervous system,
accompanied by specific symptoms. Vegetative nervous
the system is responsible for the work of the heart, blood vessels, maintains a constant
the internal environment of the body, contributes to the rapid adaptation of man
to the external environment, regulates vasomotor reactions.

Что такое ВСД?

Структура ВСД

В вегетативной НС выделяют симпатическую и парасимпатическую
parts that are controlled by the cerebral cortex and
hypothalamus. Sympathetic and parasympathetic systems operate
opposite. In simple language, the sympathetic system is activated
during the excitation period, for example, increases the heart rate
contractions, relaxes the smooth muscles of the organs.
Parasympathetic, on the contrary, slows heart rate, reduces
muscle, narrows the coronary arteries.

With the IRR, the harmonious operation of these two systems is disrupted, which
leads to the appearance of many unpleasant symptoms in humans.
By themselves, these manifestations do not threaten the patient’s life, but
significantly reduce the quality of life. Sometimes the symptoms of the IRR are
the result of serious diseases of the heart, blood vessels, central nervous system.

In medicine, there is still no uniform classification of the IRR. Doctors at
the diagnosis takes into account the division of the neurocirculatory
flow dysfunctions:

  • Hypertensive type. Mostly sympathetic NA, which
    causes pressure surges, tachycardia, hyper-irritability.
  • Hypotonic type. Leads the parasympathetic NA. The patient
    decrease in blood pressure, fainting, muscle weakness.
  • Mixed type. There are symptoms of hypotonic and
    hypertensive course of the disease.

By the nature of the flow there are the following types

  • Latent. Symptoms are mild.
  • Permanent. Signs are constantly present.
  • Paroxysmal (paroxysmal). Bouts of disease
    start suddenly and flow hard.

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Causes of VSD

The syndrome of the IRR is manifested in childhood.

At risk are children who:

  • Experienced oxygen starvation in the womb.
  • We got a birth injury.
  • Have disturbances in the central nervous system.
  • Transferred intrauterine infections.

The disease can manifest in adulthood.

Causes of IRR in adults can

  • Chronic stress, lack of sleep.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Chemical poisoning.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
  • Diseases of the heart, blood vessels.
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Poor nutrition with a lack of vitamins.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Heredity.

In women, the disease is twice as common as in men.
as the female psyche is more agile and easily excitable.

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Symptoms, treatment and prevention at home

Symptoms of vascular dystonia

Symptoms of the IRR depend on the work of which internal organs
broken. A patient has several symptom complexes, they
may be isolated or combined with each other.

The following symptom complexes are distinguished:

  • Respiratory. Occurs as a result of hyperventilation syndrome.
    Characteristic features are: shortness of breath, feeling of lack
    air, heaviness in the chest, attacks of suffocation.
  • Cardiovascular. The heart and the main
    arteries. The patient has: blood pressure surges,
    heart rhythm disturbance, feeling of heart failure.
  • Urogenital. Violation of the genitourinary system, it
    expressed in: edema, frequent urination, problems with
    potency, violation of the cycle.
  • Dyspeptic. Reflects on the functioning of the digestive system.
    system. The patient feels: sudden unreasonable pain in the abdomen,
    upset stool, stomach heaviness, nausea.
  • Syndrome violation of thermoregulation. It manifests itself: feeling
    chill, cold extremity with normal external
  • Disdynamic. Characteristic manifestations: pressure surges, noise in
    ears, dizziness, causeless fainting, weakness,
  • Neurotic. Neuropsychic condition worsens
    the patient. Main symptoms: depression, irritability, feeling
    fear, panic attacks, sleep disturbance, disability,
    deterioration of memory, attention, meteozavisimosti.

Symptoms of vascular dystonia

Often the symptoms of the IRR are not pronounced, patients complain of
general deterioration of health, manifested in:

  • Frequent headaches.
  • Increased reaction to changing weather.
  • Fatigue
  • Depressive mood.
  • Obsessive fears.
  • Hand shake.
  • Increased heart rate.

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Bouts of vegetodistonii

In many patients, bouts of vegetodistonia begin suddenly and
flow very hard. In this case we are talking about vegetative
crises that require compulsory treatment. During exacerbation
a large amount of the hormone insulin is released into the blood or
adrenaline. This is accompanied by a serious deterioration of health and
manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Pallor of the skin.
  • Choking attack.
  • Heart beating.
  • Sternum pain.
  • Darkening in the eyes.
  • Enhanced intestinal peristalsis.
  • Temperature increase to 37.5 degrees.
  • Tremor of the limbs.
  • Panic attack.

Vegetative crises sometimes occur for no reason, but
they are often preceded by:

  • overwork;
  • stress;
  • lack of vitamins in the winter-spring period;
  • abrupt change of weather;
  • previous infection that caused a decrease in immunity.

Vegetative crises should be differentiated from an attack.
angina pectoris The latter usually begins after physical exertion.
and stopped by nitroglycerin. Vegetative crisis begins suddenly
and also suddenly stops, no heart medicine for him
have no effect.

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Diagnosis of VSD

Diagnosing the IRR is quite problematic, as the symptoms
diseases are characteristic of other diseases
cardiovascular and nervous systems. The diagnosis is made by
exclusion of organic lesions of internal organs: ischemia,
hypertension, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma,
hypothyroidism. Symptoms of vascular dystonia наблюдаются при
various mental illnesses involving somatoform
autonomic dysfunction: obsessive-compulsive disorder, syndrome
generalized anxiety, phobias, hypochondria,
post-traumatic stress. To exclude mental illness
consultation of the psychiatrist is required.

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age (table)

The patient is issued referrals to narrow specialists: a cardiologist,
endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, urologist. If no lesions
internal organs are not detected, the doctor conducts an examination on
предмет VSD:

  • Monitoring by Halter. Daily
    heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. With his
    using the beginning and ending of vegetative attacks,
    matching their occurrence time of day and physical activity

  • Electroencephalography. Measures electrical
    activity of brain neurons, notes increase and decrease
    excitability. Excludes the presence of a focus of excitability, characteristic
    for epilepsy.
  • Orthostatic test. Evaluates
    blood flow of the patient in accordance with the change of body position.
    In a healthy person, adaptation reactions are not disturbed, therefore
    a change in body position does not affect blood circulation. Have
    in patients with vascular dystonia, an increase or
    decrease in pressure, begins tachycardia, which is due to
    insufficient correction by the central nervous system.

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If untreated, the symptoms of vegetodistony intensify and
acquire a permanent character. Disease может спровоцировать
organic changes in the heart and blood vessels, then the patient
The following states will develop:

  • Hypertension or hypotension.
  • Constant heartbeat failures.
  • Haveхудшение работы мочевыделительной системы: учащенное
    urination, fluid retention in the body.
  • Decreased visual acuity.
  • Loss or sharp weight gain.
  • Persistent indigestion, accompanied by permanent
    constipation or diarrhea.
  • Disruption of cerebral circulation, which leads to frequent
    fainting, dizziness, decreased performance.

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Treatment of IRR

In case of mild symptoms, the IRR is treated by adjusting
food, adjusting the regime of the day, physical education. Sometimes
the disease is so severe that a person is even afraid
leave the house, can not perform professional duties.
30% of patients require treatment with pills. Drug therapy
shown with frequent autonomic seizures that impair quality
patient’s life.

Показания к лекарственной терапии VSD:

  • Severe illness.
  • Frequent exacerbations.
  • Constant fainting.
  • Bouts of choking.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Dysfunction of the internal organs.

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Medication Treatment

Therapy is carried out using the following medications.

  • Снижающие артериальное давление (Капотен,
  • Нормализующие сердечный ритм (Анаприлин).

  • Повышающие давление (Элеутерококк, Женьшень,
    ). Have a stimulating effect, increase
    work capacity, relieve drowsiness.
  • Расширяющие сосуды, улучшающие мозговое кровообращение
    (Cinnarizine, Vinpocetine, Mexidol).
  • Ноотропы, которые стимулируют деятельность нервной системы
  • Антидепрессанты (Седуксен, Феназепам).
    Assigned to permanent depressive conditions, normalize
  • Haveспокоительные (Новопассит, Афобазол).
    Have a mild sedative effect, relieve anxiety,
    страха, улучшают mood.
  • Нейролептики (Галоперидол, Флуфеназин).
    Used with significant mental disorders. They
    normalize sleep, eliminate panic manifestations, reduce
    vegetative reactions.
  • Витамино-минеральные комплексы (Алфавит,
    ). They восполняют дефицит витаминов, который
    is one of the reasons for IRR.

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Physiotherapy is used as an auxiliary method for severe
flow and as the main in the mild form of pathology.

Such methods have a positive effect.

  • Acupuncture. Stimulates active points, includes internal
    body reserves.
  • Massage. It has a relaxing, soothing effect.
  • Physiotherapy. Stimulates blood circulation, improves
    supplying the brain with oxygen.
  • Charcot douches, swimming, yoga, phototherapy are also used.

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Treatment of VSD folk remedies

In the mild form of the IRR, treatment with folk remedies is possible.
Usually used decoctions or infusions of herbs,
soothing or toning baths.

Among the herbs are the most effective:

  1. Hawthorn.
  2. Motherwort.
  3. Valerian.
  4. Melissa.
  5. Mint.

They make broths and drink during the day. Improvement comes
after 2 weeks of regular use. It is useful to arrange sessions
aromatherapy. For this fit scented candles, oils,
sticks. Vanilla aromas have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
orange, lavender. Before using folk remedies should
make sure there is no allergy to herbs and oils.

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Diet with VSD

It is important for a patient with a diagnosis of VSD to adjust the diet and the day regimen.
Eating foods rich in vitamins significantly
relieves the symptoms of the disease. The diet should include as much as possible

  • fresh vegetable and fruit;
  • greenery;
  • seafood;
  • nuts;
  • fermented milk products.

Normalization of the day regimen implies a full sleep of at least 8
hours, regular rest, moderate sports, walks on
fresh air. You also need to minimize stressful situations
triple meetings with friends, going to the cinema, to nature, that is
provide positive emotions. If the patient is worried about fears,
phobias, depression, then psychotherapy sessions will help.

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