Iodinol for sore throat, how to gargleIodinol

Update: October 2018

Iodinol is an inexpensive antiseptic, very effective remedy,
undeservedly forgotten by modern medicine. But in the 40s 50s
For years it has been a very popular drug. He was actively used
with various lesions of the skin, mucous membranes. Wide
Iodinol was used in cases of angina, stomatitis, chronic
tonsillitis, conjunctivitis, otitis, colitis, rhinitis, for treatment
trophic ulcers. It was used to heal burns and wounds,
used for disinfection. This is an old, proven tool.
relevant now.

Composition of Iodinol:

It is produced in the form of a solution of 100, 200 ml in dark bottles.
The solution consists of an aqueous solution of 0.1% iodine, 0.9% iodide
potassium, polyvinyl alcohol. It is a dark blue liquid with
characteristic odor of iodine, soluble in water, decomposed
in light and in alkaline environment. It has anti-inflammatory and
antiseptic properties. Polyvinyl alcohol,
slows the release of iodine in the drug, which contributes to reducing
irritation from iodine, and lengthening the effects on processed
body tissue.

Iodinol for tonsillitis:

The drug has a bactericidal effect on yeast and
патогенные грибы, Iodinol for sore throat, how to gargle Iodinolграмотрицательные
bacteria and gram-positive – especially on E. coli and
streptococcus. Even more stable staph, with prolonged
application in 80% of cases under the action of Iodinol dies.

Iodinol is resistant to the pseudo-purulent wand. Iodinol is considered
low toxic drug, however, exhibits some
aggressiveness towards the mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx.
Given this, when tonsillitis, angina, with stomatitis, should
apply it only as a topical treatment in the form of


It is not advisable to take this medicine inside because
improper dilution or prolonged use exists
risk of burns to the esophagus and stomach. Otolaryngologists use
Iodinol in sore throat for washing the lacunae of the tonsils and
supratonsillar space, with a single dose of
50 ml., Carry out 4 procedures in 2 days.

how полоскать горло Iodinol:

  • A simple way to prepare a solution – a glass of water 1
    tablespoon of the drug.
  • There is a little trick in making accurate, safe.
    solution for gargling. When treating sore throat in a glass
    boiled warm water should be added to the medicine in droplets. how
    only the solution will turn yellowish, you can start
    полоскание горла Iodinol.
  • For acute sore throat with severe pain, gargle should
    every 4 hours, with moderate severity 3 times a day.
  • In addition to rinsing effectively use iodinol for lubrication
    throat with purulent tonsillitis. To do this, the pencil should be screwed
    cotton wool, dip it in a slightly diluted solution, and lubricate
    tonsils. This procedure can be performed 2-3 times a day for
    5 days. With this treatment, the pain is reduced by 2-3 days.

Iodinol for stomatitis:

Children are advised to use this medicine for stomatitis.
только в виде rinses. The solution can be irrigated
oral mucosa 3-4 times a day for a week. With
stomatitis, gingivitis with proper dilution and application
recovery comes in a week.

If you use iodinol for stomatitis in recommended doses,
negative reactions should not be. However, in people with
hypersensitivity or individual intolerance
components of the drug may cause irritation of the mucous
oral cavity, allergic reactions, with prolonged use in
редких случаях может возникнуть йодизм,  который проявляется
rhinitis, rash, tears and salivation.

Contraindications to the use of iodinol:

Do not use the drug for people suffering from thyrotoxicosis,
iodism, during pregnancy and lactation.

Price: You can buy Yodinol in any pharmacy, the average price
which 20 rubles. for 100 ml.

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