Introducing tea for the baby


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The main component, without which it cannot exist as an adult and a newborn are water. No liquid only quenches thirst, but also helps to eliminate viruses in case of disease, prevents the occurrence of constipation. Many moms are interested the question is when can infants give tea.

In the summer heat, during the period of the appearance of teeth or with an increase temperature due to illness the baby needs to increase consumption liquids 1.5–2 times. Baby – “artificial” or babies who are starting to be fed, extra drink necessary without fail.

When can

Chamomile baby tea and fennel drink can be consumed children 2 – 3 months of life, after reaching six months age in tea, you can add mint, lemon balm, St. John’s wort. Fruit and berry baby vitamin teas are introduced into the baby menu after 8 months.

Teas for babies can be bought in specialized stores baby food at the pharmacy or cook yourself. For This ingredients in accordance with the recipe are mixed and take dry matter 1 teaspoon. Then the mixture is poured 200 ml boiling water. All beneficial components will pass into the liquid through hour.

Tea for babies should not be saturated, light shade color indicates that the drink is prepared correctly.


Depending on the months the baby has lived, each mother determines itself, what is needed for the crumbs – herbal tea or fruit, because traditional tea is strictly contraindicated for the baby. All kinds teas that can be given to children of the first year of life divided into two large groups:

  • Herbal fees;
  • fruit and berry drinks.

Offering a baby healthy drink you can solve many children’s problems without the use of medication. Expert advice pediatrician and own observations, taking into account the specifics of the body your baby is guaranteed to help in the following cases:

  • Digestion problems. Dill water preparing for based on fennel, relieves colic, facilitates the condition of crumbs with bloating or excess gas, relieves cramping. Not bad with the collection to add a daisy and a series.
  • With increased excitability, tea picking from mint will help oregano.
  • To strengthen immunity, the collection includes hawthorn, rosehip, linden (flowers), raspberry leaves, wild strawberries.

Is it necessary to make the baby drink water if he does not ask her?

Why a child drinks a lot of water – recommendations of experienced pediatricians.

Here is described in detail how to cook berry compotes for baby.


Fruit and berry vitamin infusions, unlike compote, prepare the baby without boiling, and brewing berries or fruits boiled water. Now it’s clear when you can give babies tea.

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