Introduce the yolk to the baby


  1. The optimal age for starting bait
  2. How to give an egg to a baby
  3. Portions for babies
  4. Chicken or Quail Eggs
  5. How many times to give the yolk

Egg yolk in its composition contains more than 20 percent saturated fats that may be harmful to the liver baby toddler.

The question arises when is it best to start giving a product to a child and how to do it right. At the moment, professional nutritionists and pediatricians have come to a common opinion.

A correctly calculated amount of protein will enrich the baby’s body important ingredients like vitamin A, D, B2, and B12. is he restores selenium, iodine and folic acid, which are so important for the health of the child.

In good proportions, egg yolk is good for a child, so how is it a source of protein.

The optimal age for starting bait

One cannot ignore a very important question: when can I give the yolk of the baby. Now nutritionists have not yet come to a single opinion.

Some experts say that the ideal age is 7 months, others insist on 8. However, if you are wondering how enter the yolk to the baby, then be sure: you should not start before 6 months.

When asked when to give yolk to infants, Komarovsky answers rather ambiguous. According to the doctor, by the age of nine By age, the baby should already eat it, and soups, and kefir, and cottage cheese.

However, the specialist does not specify exactly when to start bait baby. The doctor insists that all products which the child eats, should not be fat.

How to give an egg to a baby

How to introduce the yolk to the babyNow you need to understand how to give egg yolk to the baby so that the baby does not show allergic reaction. Feeding a child is carried out in combination with high-quality milk mixture or breast milk.

You should take a fresh egg and cook it hard boiled. After that the egg is kneaded to a state of slurry, to which should be added one of the fluids indicated above. If in the baby’s diet if porridge or mashed vegetables are already present, then the ingredient can add to this mixture.

Portions for babies

It is important to correctly determine the portions so that they do not harm the health of the infant. In the first stages of bait will be literally one crumb is enough.

After the first experiment, it’s better to wait a bit and see how the child’s body reacted to the new product. Yolk Allergy the baby should show up quickly, so if the next There was no reaction day, so you can continue feeding. AT next time you can increase the serving to a quarter teaspoon egg slurry and then gradually increase the amount of egg yolk for babies.

A baby can get a whole yolk only after a year of life. AT basically, at this stage you can already eat egg white, however, it is important to remember that this is poorly absorbed by the child’s body allergen. The energy value of protein is also not We’ll check if the mixture is suitable for the baby, and only then enter it in the menu.

Find out on our website how to administer complementary foods. babies.

Useful information – which components are included in the puree Frutonyanya.

Chicken or Quail Eggs

Often young mothers are asked what kind of eggs to give the child: chicken or quail. Quail product infants do not it will harm, it is less allergenic. Nutritionists recommend starting feeding the baby from him.

Quail eggs contain very important amino acids – histidine, glycine, lysine and threonine. Composed of quail yolks have absolutely no cholesterol, which is absolute advantage. Among the advantages there is also such the fact that quails do not suffer from infectious diseases and salmonellosis.

How many times to give the yolk

Many mothers after the start of bait notice that babies with enjoy eating a new treat and rushing to increase the amount of yolk, however, this approach is not reasonable. The fact is that yolk is a rather fatty ingredient that is negative will affect the baby’s body.

It is important to keep this in mind when deciding how many times to give the yolk babies. Twice a week will be enough. Now you know all the necessary information about when and how give your baby an egg yolk. For more confidence consult your pediatrician before starting feeding. Doctor will give valuable recommendations on how to give the yolk to the baby.

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