Introduce meat puree into baby’s diet

Начиная с 4 — 6 месячного возраста (в зависимости от того,
there is a child on GV and IW), the child needs additional
nutrition, in other words – in the lure. Quite often young and more.
Not experienced in matters of feeding moms are lost. Especially this
concerns the question when you can start giving your baby not
только овощные, фруктовые пюре и соки, но и когда можно
Start feeding the baby meat. Meat puree for the first
complementary foods must be selected carefully, or cook yourself
guided by certain rules, meat is the main supplier
protein, calcium, phosphorus for the rapidly growing organism of the infant,
поэтому к выбору мяса (или готового детского питания из мяса)
need to be approached with all responsibility.

The content of the article

  • 1 From what age to introduce meat supplements
    • 1.1 Rules for introducing meat into the diet of a child
    • 1.2 How to give mashed meat
  • 2 Готовим пюре в домашних условиях
  • 3 Ready meat purees

прикорм мясное пюре

From what age to introduce meat lure

With regard to the optimal period for entering into the diet of the child
lure, here the opinions of experts are divided: some
consider that meat can be given from 4-6 months; other
are convinced that a more favorable period for entering is 8-9

According to the Russian National Program aimed at
оптимизацию питания детей первого года жизни, мясное
следует вводить с 6-8-месячного возраста
. It is at this age the infant’s body
needs protein and a number of other trace elements contained in meat
(potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus). Timely introduction of meat
products in the children’s menu not only contributes to enrichment
the body of the child essential elements, but also its harmonious

However, the introduction of meat in the diet of the child depends
more from several factors:

  • individual characteristics of the development of the baby;
  • the physical development of the infant, its height and weight;
  • type of feeding (breast or bottle feeding).

So, babies who are bottle-fed need
in the earlier introduction of complementary foods, be it juices, fruit, vegetable
or meat mashed potatoes. Breastfed babies
get the necessary macronutrients along with breast milk.
Therefore, the introduction of complementary foods for them can be postponed for a couple

Rules for introducing meat into the diet of a child

Meat mash for infants is introduced after the vegetable / fruit
mashed potatoes, after juices and cereals.

Before you offer your baby meat feed, it is advisable
read some rules of the first feeding:

  • Meat (like any other food) should be given only
    healthy baby.
  • It is advisable to refrain from introducing complementary foods in the following

    • if the child was vaccinated or shortly
      vaccination is expected;
    • during the summer heat;
    • if the baby is sick or naughty.
  • A new product must be introduced no earlier than 2 weeks.
    after the introduction of the child’s diet
    предыдущего продукта.
  • The volume of the first feeding should be 5-10 g (1-2 tea
    spoons). It is better if the meat sauce will be added to the already familiar
    child vegetable. You can also “soften” mashed poultry meat
    milk or milk mixture.
  • It is gradually necessary to increase the daily dose of complementary foods in order to
    by 9-12 months the child consumed 60-70 g.
  • When using canned products need to pay special
    attention to the composition, to ensure the absence of concentrates, GMOs and
    other substances harmful to your baby.
  • For the first feeding, one-off should be selected.
    products (rabbit, turkey or chicken is best).

Читаем подробно о правилах введения первого
прикорма (с чего начинать, во сколько месяцев).

How to give mashed meat

Baby meat purees need to be given in a warm form before feeding
breast or milk formula. Prikorm should be offered from a spoon.
The child should be in a sitting position.

Meat lure just like any other is offered in
lunch time to the remaining half day
observe the reaction of the baby to the new product.

Puree meat give the child once a day.


Companion Meat Products

Готовим пюре в домашних условиях

Despite the convenience of using canned baby
food preparation is considered safer and safer
from meat at home.

  • It is recommended to use for cooking meat foods.
    lean meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit).
  • Small pieces of meat are free from streaks, bones, fat and
    boil for 1-1.5 hours. For cooking you can
    use a slow cooker or steamer.
  • After the meat is ready, it is thoroughly ground with
    using a blender or meat grinder (it is recommended to scroll 2-3
  • Then, the resulting mass is passed through a small strainer.
  • To get mashed potatoes in the chopped meat add breast
    milk, milk mixture, porridge or vegetable puree.


  1. When cooking meat (and also directly into the meat puree) is not necessary
    add salt and spices.
  2. For each feed, use only
    freshly prepared meat.

5 miscarriage introduction errors

Ready meat purees

Shop canned meat purees have the following
преимущества перед пюре, которые вы сварите сами:

  • high quality baby food;
  • guaranteed composition;
  • chemical safety (lack of flavors, dyes,
    preservatives, antibiotics);
  • microbiological safety of canned food;
  • consistency of the age needs of the child;
  • careful quality control.

The choice of ready-made products for baby food is quite large.
The most popular are the following manufacturers:

  1. «Тёма». Baby meat puree given
    manufacturer have a large selection, high quality,
    availability of prices. Products are designed for children with 6
  2. «Агуша». In the composition of baby food
    only natural ingredients. Specified Trademark
    has been repeatedly recognized by the international communities as the best in
    the production of baby food.
  3. «Бабушкино лукошко». Producer surprises
    variety of children’s mashed potatoes – both single-component and
    and multicomponent (as a part of which meat and various
  4. «ФрутоНяня». Famous domestic
    baby food maker popular due to the wide
    assortment and acceptable pricing.
  5. «Heinz». The products of this manufacturer has
    presence of meat, meat and vegetable, fish and vegetable puree. Baby food
    developed in accordance with all regulations and requirements

Parents should be aware that not all children are equally affected.
complementary foods, especially vegetable and meat. Moreover, every crumb has
their preferences: someone will like veal mashed potatoes,
another – tender turkey, the third – a rabbit. Mommies should
fully focus on your taste preferences

With the introduction of meat foods you need to pay attention to the reaction
baby, the work of his digestive system. If as a result
use mashed potatoes there are some problems (constipation, pain in
stomach, regurgitation, vomiting), it is necessary to consult with
pediatrician. Perhaps it’s the wrong meat product or
exceeding the volume of complementary foods.

Considering all the proposed recommendations, as well as children’s advice
doctor, you can safely proceed to the introduction of such an important and necessary
для маленького организма продукта как мясо — мясо в рационе
child – the rules for the introduction of meat lures

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Features input meat puree in the diet of the baby: what meat
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