Internal hemorrhoids: symptoms, treatment, causesoccurrence

Update: December 2018

Hemorrhoids means a disease of the system.
circulation associated with the pathology of the vessels of the rectum.
Hemorrhoids are accompanied by an increase in hemorrhoids, in particular
severe cases, the disease is manifested by bleeding and even
loss of nodes. Hemorrhoids are vascular
formations that are located in the lower part of the anal canal
rectum. Hemorrhoids can be external and internal.

With external hemorrhoids, an increase in external
геморроидальных узлов (см. лечение наружного hemorrhoids), при
internal – internal. Sometimes there is a combination
hemorrhoids, in which there is stagnation of blood in the internal
hemorrhoidal nodes, and in external. This article is about internal
hemorrhoids, symptoms and treatment of this disease.

Причины occurrence hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a delicate problem about which patients
talk shy. For this reason, the disease is often
diagnosed in advanced stages. The main etiological
факторами occurrence hemorrhoids являются:

  • Wrong and unbalanced nutrition

Hemorrhoids are more common in people who overeat. Abundant
reception of fried and fatty foods, as well as sweets, smoked meats
is one of the major risk factors in terms of occurrence
this disease. Aggravating factor in the development of the disease
is the absence in the diet of dairy products, cereals and
products containing fiber – fruits and vegetables. Wrong
питание является основной причиной occurrence запоров, которые
lead to increased pressure on the pelvic choroid plexus.
Further, there is stagnation of blood in the pelvis, which leads to
возникновению внутреннего hemorrhoids, симптомы которого могут быть
not significant at first, but over time becomes more
intense. Adequate Diet with Heavy Eating
fiber is one of the main preventive methods
предотвращения hemorrhoids. It should be noted that the cause
occurrence hemorrhoids может также быть малое употребление

  • Hypodynamia – sedentary lifestyle

Lack of regular exercise, which affects
most non-sports people on our planet are also
является фактором риска в плане occurrence hemorrhoids. Many
modern people neglect physical activity, replacing it
passive rest near the TV with packing chips and a bottle
of beer. Sitting without physical activity is
the main cause of stagnation of blood in the pelvis.

  • Excessive Exercise

Hemorrhoids are often found in athletes who regularly
lift heavy objects and experience elevated physical
load. В группе риска по частоте occurrence hemorrhoids
there are people who are professionally engaged in weightlifting,
bodybuilding, power sports.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

Внутренний геморрой симптомы, лечение Unfortunately,
such a physiological process as pregnancy followed by
родами также может стать возникновением hemorrhoids. This is due to
overfilling the pelvic veins and increasing the pressure in them.

  • Возникновение hemorrhoids могут провоцировать и другие
    diseases such as% pelvic tumor, poor
    наследственность (наличие hemorrhoids в анамнезе у родителей и близких
  • Alcohol abuse. Alcohol provokes
    dilation of blood vessels and increases blood flow to the veins of small

Симптомы внутреннего hemorrhoids

Первыми симптомами внутреннего hemorrhoids является чувство
discomfort that occurs during the act of defecation. The patient may
feel a burning sensation, swelling and itching in the anus. Also possible
appearance of foreign body sensation in the rectum, which
arises both before, and after the act of defecation. Sometimes there may be
abdominal pain and rectal bleeding.

Sometimes during an act of defecation in patients with internal
hemorrhoids go out. Painful sensations may
this is absent or slightly manifest. With aggravation
diseases of the nodes increase significantly in size, and
hemorrhoidal vessels dilate, causing a narrowing of the lumen straight

Narrowing in turn disrupts the movement of feces to
the anus. This causes the patient to experience
constipation leading to an extreme degree of discomfort. Excessive
accumulation of feces in the rectum causes pain, and if this
joins irritation of the mucous membrane of the rectum, –
the process is compounded even more.

При прогрессировании внутреннего hemorrhoids, симптомы проявляются
увеличением количества и частоты occurrence кровянистых
выделений из rectum. At the same time, if initially blood
appeared only on toilet paper, over time it starts
drip or trickle after each bowel movement.
Подобные проявления свидетельствуют о возникновении hemorrhoids второй

Frequent complaint of patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids,
is the appearance of painless bleeding. Wherein sick
observes blotches of bright red blood on toilet paper and in the stool.
Such bleeding can last for months and years, causing anemia.
the patient.

Hemorrhoids can be acute and chronic. Chronic hemorrhoids
characterized by the release of scarlet blood in the feces, pain, itching
in the anus and prolapse of hemorrhoids. Acute
hemorrhoids manifest inflammation in hemorrhoids and
the appearance of a sharp pain in the anus.

При выпадении геморроидальных узлов sick ощущает наличие
bumps outside of the anus. In the early stages of the disease, nodes can
to settle down on their own or with the help of the patient, however
neglected cases, the nodes swell, increase in size and
pinched, causing sharp pain in the perineum. Such nodes can
set only the proctologist.

As a rule, patients with hemorrhoids begin
worry when they see traces of blood on toilet paper or blood
in the feces. Such bleeding is a symptom of internal
hemorrhoids, which is impossible not to notice, and even more so, leave without

Hemorrhoids are dangerous because of their complications – thrombosis of the nodes and
iron deficiency anemia. Hemorrhoidal thrombosis
arises from stagnation of blood and it is manifested by sharp strong
pains that can only be eliminated by
surgical treatment. From rectal bleeding due to constant
blood loss occurs hemoglobin deficiency and develops

How to treat hemorrhoids?

In the early stages of the disease, internal hemorrhoids are treated.
conservatively (see questions to the doctor for the treatment of hemorrhoids – which doctor
heals hemorrhoids)

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids are recommended to use in
food fiber, which is the prevention of constipation. Required
there are also fruits, both fresh and dried, vegetables, cereals
cultures and drink more liquid – water, tea, juice, compotes.

For pains, pain relievers are used.
(non-narcotic analgesics of NSAIDs – movalis, voltaren, ketonal and
others), they strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase their tone, in addition,
These drugs increase the outflow of blood from the pelvic vessels and
remove inflammatory manifestations. Good help for pain in
anus candles: anuzol, with belladonna extract, sea buckthorn, candles with
adrenaline, propolis, papaverine.

And also various ointments (see hemorrhoids ointment) – Relief,
Proktosedil, Prokto – glivenol, Gepatrombin, Aurobin, heparin,
Troksevazin, Bezornil, Posterizan, Heparoid zentiva, etc.

In the presence of an inflammatory process in the tissues surrounding the node,
recommended to the patient applications with anti-inflammatory ointments,
such as: Vishnevsky’s liniment, levomekol.

Also patients with hemorrhoids are shown sessile hot baths (by
10 – 15 minutes) with chamomile, oak bark, and hunters, which
must be done three times a day and after each act of defecation.
Seating baths reduce pain and relieve swelling in the perineum
(see how to treat hemorrhoids at home).

For persistent constipation, laxatives are prescribed in the form of
tablets and candles: guttalaks, prelax, evacuol, bisacodyl, etc.
(see laxatives for constipation)

In acute and chronic hemorrhoids are required
drugs that increase the tone of the veins (detralex, venorus,
venodiol, vazoket, phlebodia), and in the presence of bleeding use
hemostatic agents – spongostane, adroxone.

Unfortunately, conservative treatment of internal hemorrhoids
helps the patient to only prolong remission. Sooner or later him
It is necessary to conduct minimally invasive treatment, or surgery.
It is rarely used excision of hemorrhoids, this
the treatment method is recommended in cases of failure of the rest
treatment methods.

Patients with 1 and 2 stages of hemorrhoids are recommended:

  • photocoagulation – the impact on the site of thermal energy,
    leading to sclerosis of its vessels;
  • sclerotherapy – introduction to the affected sclerosing node
  • ligation of nodes with latex rings causes nutritional disorders
  • cryotherapy – freezing of hemorrhoids.

All these methods are called minimally invasive, because they are not
требуют общего наркоза и госпитализации the patient.

Surgical treatment of internal hemorrhoids is prescribed to patients with
3 and 4 stages of the disease. In this case, the nodes are excised and sutured them
leg, in which there are vessels supplying the node. For
such an operation the patient is hospitalized for several days in
hospital After surgery, such a patient is temporarily
disabled. It is recommended to him for preventive purposes.
correct lifestyle: play sports, get rid of harmful
habits and heavy physical exertion.

Myths about hemorrhoids and its treatment

  • 1 myth – the cause of hemorrhoids is non-compliance with personal

Hygiene matters when hemorrhoids have already arisen, but by itself
It does not affect the appearance of hemorrhoids. With already
появившемся геморрое тщательное соблюдение личной hygiene очень
important because residues of feces may increase pain, itching and
burning in anus.

  • 2 myth – hemorrhoids appear in those who sit a lot

By itself long sitting is not the cause of development
hemorrhoids, since its appearance contributes to the violation of the venous
blood flow veins of the rectum, and this occurs when incorrect postures
when sitting. It is a long stay in an uncomfortable position when
presence of hereditary predisposition leads to the occurrence of
hemorrhoidal cones.

  • 3 myth – bleeding – a mandatory symptom of the internal

Bleeding may not always, especially with internal
hemorrhoids. Blood excretion can be either invisible or very
intense, it can be both drops and a stream of bright red

  • 4 myth – the doctor’s examination is always painful

A painful examination for hemorrhoids can occur with concomitant
problems – anal fissures, hemorrhoidal prolapse
knots, strain the skin of the anus. In most cases, standard inspection

  • 5 myth – pain in the anus is always a symptom

Such pains can occur with constipation, inflammation, anal

  • 6 myth – hemorrhoids are a precancerous condition

Симптомы внутреннего hemorrhoids имеют некую схожесть с раком
rectum but transformed into a malignant tumor
hemorrhoids cannot. При возникновении признаков hemorrhoids
you should immediately consult a doctor because rectal
pain and bleeding can be symptoms of oncology (see signs
colorectal cancer)

  • 7 миф — черный перец является причиной hemorrhoids

Spicy food in large quantities, of course, can create
irritation and itching of the anus, but when consumed
moderate amounts black pepper is not considered a serious cause

  • 8 myth – when sitting on a cold floor, concrete, etc.
    увеличивается риск развития hemorrhoids

This myth is very popular in Asian countries, but there is no convincing
evidence that rectal hypothermia can provoke
развитие hemorrhoids.

  • 9 myth – if there is no constipation, then hemorrhoids will pass

Patients with hemorrhoids to relieve pain during bowel movements begin
take laxatives and hope that with softer
Stool hemorrhoids can self-heal. It’s a delusion,
since most laxatives are annoying,
spasmodic effect on the intestines and pinching hemorrhoidal
knots can only increase pain.

  • 10 myth – hemorrhoids are incurable

Of course, hemorrhoids is a very common disease,
but if you start treatment on time, change (at least partially) the image
life, diet, increase physical activity, you can
притормозить прогрессирование hemorrhoids, в крайнем случае возможно
minimally invasive effective treatment.

  • 11 myth – only elderly people suffer from hemorrhoids

Most patients who consult a coloproctologist –
persons after 45 years of age, since with age the walls of the veins become
weaker, more prone to stretching and becoming more
восприимчивыми к развитию hemorrhoidal cones. However this
people of any age
pressure on the veins of the rectum from a lack of physical activity,
unbalanced nutrition (predominance of protein foods, carbohydrates,
lack of plant, vegetables and fruits), long stay in
toilet because of constipation and stress during bowel movements – can
способствовать раннему развитию hemorrhoids даже у молодых людей.

  • 12 myth – hemorrhoids are treated only with the help of surgical

If you see a doctor in a timely manner, determine exactly
симптомы внутреннего hemorrhoids, выяснить и по-возможности устранить
the reasons for its occurrence, you can do only conservative
treatment for long-term remission
diseases without surgery. In addition, modern minimally invasive
therapy methods (sclerotherapy, cryotherapy, photocoagulation)
являются весьма эффективными способами лечения hemorrhoids.

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