Interior, design, decoration and furniture forchildren’s room (boy)

Will you soon become the mother of a wonderful little boy? BUT
Is your room for your newborn boy ready? Or you still
Did not come to a consensus with your spouse?

Детская комната для новорожденного мальчика

мебель для детской комнаты

Сколько семей, столько и индивидуальных решений по обустройству
rooms for the newborn. Общее для всех: в
the room where the child will always be should be
light, moderately warm (not higher than 18 degrees) and comfortable. Sure to
you need a window to be opened so that the room is ventilated frequently.

You must do a redecoration before going there.
Your long-awaited child will arrive. It is not necessary to trim expensive
wallpaper Here the main thing is freshness and purity.

Interior for the room of a newborn boy

About what should be the interior of the room, there is
many views, sometimes opposite:

  • Let’s start with the floors. They should always be
    clean, easy to clean. They can be painted environmentally.
    harmless paint. Почему не подойдет линолеум? is he
    slippery. BUT в детской комнате это опасно, т. к. может упасть мама
    with the baby or the baby itself.

Паркет не прослужит долго, потому что Ваше
the younger child will throw toys, carry various
items (which in your opinion do not bother at all!), spill
juice, water, pot contents.

Do I need a carpet on the floor? There is no definite answer.
If your floors are cold and your child is not allergic, then why not
put the carpet, carpet, carpet? Warm, cozy, legs not
glide. The color should not be branded, otherwise the first spilled
cherry or carrot juice will ruin the whole look.

  • Walls. Do not glue expensive wallpaper! Let them be
    ordinary paper that you will not mind. After all, will not pass and
    years, as your baby goes with their feet and begin to explore the world.
    It is interesting to smear porridge or fruit puree on the wall!

Wallpaper should be light and warm. Let them be drawn
ships, cars, bears. Your son will love them
to consider.

No aggression should even be hint at
space for your boy. In the war games, he will have time to play enough,
when you grow up.

Let the walls of the room be decorated with photographs of parents or
beautiful landscapes, suitable in spirit to the future man. Take away
electrical outlets from the access area!

Think of curtains on the windows. Will they
even in your baby’s room? If so, their length should not be
below the window sill. Long curtains to the floor a child can tear,
smudge or cut, when you start exploring the world. Inexpensive
fabric with a pattern of various animals or fairy tale characters.

  • Потолок нужен светлый. Dear chandelier and
    детская комната для мальчика – несовместимые вещи. Your son
    grow up, his games will not always be quiet and safe. Think
    about it in advance.

Simple, inexpensive, easy to maintain chandelier, which can
hang a do-it-yourself car or entertaining

Children’s room design

All the space surrounding your baby should be
simple, free and secure. The calm tones of those items
which will be permanently. Toys, of course, different
bright colors.

In the style of minimalism or maximalism can be design
room design.

Unleash your creative nature and figure out how to arrange
the room is original. It is possible that this will be a maritime theme,
or space, or fabulous. Play and create without forgetting
about important points:

  1. Purity;
  2. Security;
  3. Practicality.

Furniture for a newborn boy’s room

мебель для комнаты новорожденного

  1. Regardless of the gender of the baby, the room should be nursery.
    cot. Which one will you choose? Plain bed on
    wheels, wooden, not very expensive, or a cot bed, or
    bed with a cradle? Now a lot of options for all kinds of tastes
    buyers. The main thing for a children’s bed is environmental friendliness and
    safety (which bed is better to choose?). And choose a soft
    mattress for baby. The more comfortable he will sleep, the calmer
    there will be your life (choose a mattress).
  2. You will need a changing table. Not necessarily him
    buy. Can be adapted for this ordinary desk,
    which is then useful to your son. Or very wide and low
    chest of drawers, without which it can not do. Things your baby should be lying
    apart from adult things.
  3. The child of the first months of life cannot be left alone at night.
    Newborns often burp and may suffocate. Or baby
    may bump his nose into something and suffocate. Therefore, in
    Your baby’s room should have your bed or ottoman
    You will remove later.
  4. The room must have a feeding chair.
    The ideal option is a rocking chair with comfortable armrests and
    small footstool. While feeding both mom and baby
    should be comfortable and safe.
  5. Place for toys. First you just need to go somewhere.
    put rattles. But the number of toys in the child will increase.
    Think in advance where the fleet will be, where you can put
    railroad, put or hang a swing.
  6. You can not do without a TV. But it certainly will
    much later. However, plan a place for it.
  7. What kind of man without sports? You will need
    sports corner: wall bars and horizontal bar. No, hang it up right away
    everything is impossible. Too traumatic. But a place to plan for it
    need to.
  8. Various rocking horses and big cars on which you can
    roll baby when he starts to sit. is heи тоже занимают прилично
  9. Wall shelves for toys, books, care products
    as a baby Shelves for indoor plants.

You can put any furniture in the baby’s room, just to
It was environmentally friendly and safe.

Как обустроить комнату для новорожденного
the decision is not one day. Do not save for the last moment or
leave everything to relatives. Only mom feels like the most
comfortable to her baby.

You can make a room for your son with a husband or
invite designers who will offer you many options.
Do not get carried away by the beauty of the future room, remember that for a baby
need comfort, cleanliness and fresh air.

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