Interactive tales: we raise interest intales of a child

Perhaps there is no more simple and effective way to instill
kid positive qualities, develop imaginative thinking and
imagination than fairy tales. But how to increase their interest in children
if around a lot of cartoon and computer games? There is an exit:
interactive fairy tales make the main character magic stories
your child. All his attention in this case is completely riveted.
to the plot, which means that the moral lesson will be learned much better.

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интерактивные сказки

Computers, smartphones and other gadgets are inevitably located in
field of view of modern children. And every year the age at which
The first acquaintance with technological innovations begins,
getting smaller. The initial experience is usually viewing.
cartoon or game. But cartoons rather entertain than develop
baby And the games, even if they are intended to form
Logic, may well teach aggressive behavior. And if today
the child is keen on Angry Birds, then tomorrow he may well throw
parrot in his own cat.

Interactive tales with the child in the lead role

And once again, mobile application developers come to the rescue.
parents – created interactive fairy tales for tablets and
computers that your baby with his mother can study at all
new format. How to choose a truly instructive story,
able to be stored for a long time in children’s memory? After all, as in simple
paper books, there is a risk to stumble upon harmful contents
magical stories or lurid pictures.

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We offer to try the collection of author’s fairy tales “Little
stories “- an application for the iPad from the developer Diveo Media. AT
fairy tales that are perfect for kids from three to
Seven years, 30-50 colorful illustrations waiting for you, pleasant sound
accompaniment and, most importantly, instructive plot. By the way, fairy tales
are read in just three to four minutes, thus fatigue or
addiction to gadgets does not threaten your child.

�”Little stories” bring up completely different children
moral qualities, such as respect, care, courage,
kindness and love. AT этих волшебных сказках именно ваш ребенок может
become the main character. Just enter in the settings the name of the baby and
its floor, and the text and illustrations will automatically adjust to
set parameters.

If you want to instill in your child a love for fairy tales,
Try to resort to modern technology.
Interactive fairy tales will surely appeal to children and
will cause a genuine interest in reading.

Download the application “Little stories” can be in the App
Store for free. Available for all iPads with version
iOS 8.0 и выше:
Скачать в App Store

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