Interactive 3D phone Masha and the Bear -Great educational gift for your child!

Recently, many kids from an early age easily mastered
tablets or mobile phones and use them as well as adults –
Today, an ordinary child surprises his moms and dads by developing that
called, by leaps and bounds. However, you see, no
no guarantee that the mobile equipment that is commonly used
his parents will be safe and sound after the beloved
the child will play with her. The solution to this problem is! And his name is
Interactive 3D phone “Masha and the Bear.”

Интерактивный 3D телефон Маша и медведь

The device is very convenient, easy to learn and completely safe.
Its design is made in the style of the iPhone or modern mobile.
Android devices, so externally the gadget looks like
a true modern smartphone.

Basic phone features

We list the main functions and characteristics

  • The presence of a touch screen;
  • 3D images of characters;
  • Reproduction of 20 songs;
  • Masha and Misha voices;
  • Sound tales (total 8 pcs.);
  • Learn English !;
  • Torch;
  • Volume control;
  • �”Repeat” – the heroes repeat everything that will be said;
  • Phone call sounds;
  • 8 melodies.

телефон Маша и медведь

If you touch each character on the screen, they start
speak certain phrases. The sensor is one of the main
advantages of the device: Masha and the bear can be ironed, touched
him, and they react to any touch, pronouncing funny
any phrases. Children who already use interactive 3D
phone, really like the funny voice of the main character, and
It becomes more fun if you turn on the replay mode, which you can
to meet in some applications on the iPhone or Android gadget –
you or your child utter any phrase, and Masha then repeats
her. In short, a toy smartphone, along with your favorite cartoons
heroes will certainly please any kid!

Packed 3D phone in a beautiful small box, complete
there is a cord that allows you to wear the device around your neck – so
Your favorite iPhone will always be with your child. The device feeds
from three mizinchikovyh batteries.


Choosing a gift for the baby, any parent
is interested in that, in addition to fun and joy, a thing could
bring and much benefit. Fashionable educational toys now
are available in considerable quantities in stores, however it is important to choose
the most qualitative thing so that it helps the baby to develop, and
Interactive 3D phone “Masha and the Bear” – what you need
to kid!

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