Insulin will soon be available in pills, suchsame effect and longer injections

Update: February 2019

The real breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded
to make by scientists in India, they created a tablet form
insulin. Moreover, the problem of the effectiveness of a new drug has been solved.
animal experiments showed no less impact
created tablets in comparison with injections made by patients
diabetes mellitus.

The problem of creating oral forms of insulin before the world
Pharmaceutical industry has been around for a long time. Representatives of Western companies
the production of medicines promised the creation of such
pills with the hormone insulin by about 2020. And quite
recently in Punjab, experts from the National Institute
Pharmaceutical research reports that tests have been completed.
which prove that the drugs created can replace injections

The main difficulty of the invention of such a means is
that while in the stomach, hydrochloric acid and enzymes
digestive system split insulin, and absorbability
drug in the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract is very low.
Scientists from India have managed to cope with the task by seriously protecting
active substance.Таблетки с инсулином заменят инъекции

In addition, insulin was surrounded by liposomes, placing it in
lipid capsules they added to protect the molecule
polyelectrolytes, creating several protective layers. To strengthen
insulin absorption in the intestines, in addition to liposomes added folic
acid and vitamin B.

Studies conducted on rodents, confirmed successful
the invention that the tablet form reduces the level of sugar in
blood as effective as the injection, but it was also found
that the action of the tablets was longer.

Further innovative tablets must undergo clinical trials.
in humans and if the results are equally successful, then
will be a great relief for the millions of people suffering from sugar
diabetes, because pills are much more convenient and easier to take than
produce daily injections.

In the journal Biomacromolecules were announced the results of these
experiments that in scientific circles has created a furor. AT
US experts research and develop options for creating
the ability to deliver hormone using pulsed ultrasound, which
may also create an alternative to injection

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