Innovative prosthetic methodhip joint tested in Spain

Update: February 2019

Modern medical technologies are not standing still, and with each
every year there are new and new approaches to improve
various surgeries. So, in Barcelona in the hospital Sant
Celoni orthopedists successfully developed and tested a new
approach to hip arthroplasty. This
innovative technology for hip prosthetics
сустава  позволяет сохранить капсулу сустава, снижает риски
complications and speeds up the recovery process after surgery.

There are many diseases that require prompt
interventions after joint injuries or degenerative changes. This
modern operative technology called Maash fits
for use in patients with hip arthrosis,
with complex fractures of the femur, acetabular dysplasia,
however, in other forms of hip injury,
For example, with congenital dislocation of the hip, this method is not suitable.


Innovative prosthetic method тазобедренного сустава

A new method is that the introduction of the prosthesis
through the cross section of the joint capsule. Group
patients who have already suffered a similar method of Maash
hip prosthetics, after clinical
observations showed a significant decrease in the number of complications
this surgery, such as changing the length of the joint, dislocation of the joint. TO
the same innovative technology has reduced in 2 times the time
hospital stay, instead of a week to 3 days and
reduced rehabilitation period.

Specialists-orthopedists, consider this method very effective and
its main advantage is that it is relatively simple in
performance, that is, the operating surgeon can quite easily
master this method. And for patients of course, it is very important that
complications, hospitalization time and
recovery period after surgery.

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