Influenza infection through a handshake is more real,than a kiss

Update: February 2019

A survey of 1000 Britons about ways of viral infection
infections showed that 57% of respondents when communicating with a patient
man will not be kissed, then the network will avoid kissing with
sick flu or SARS. And 86% will prefer to shake hands
chill than kiss him.

The most common myth that ARVI, flu is transmitted
through a kiss with a sick man was denied by the British
by specialists. Much greater risk of contracting acute respiratory
by shaking hands than by kissing.

Scientists at Cardiff University explain this fact by saying that
virus transmission does not occur through saliva, but through mucus. Sick
a person with a cold touches his nose, lips, eyes and hands
particles of mucus remain on the hands, fingers, so when shaking hands
they easily fall into the hands of a healthy man, who also touches his
face, eyes, sticking virus to mucous membranes.

Overall, the survey found that the population is not well informed.
about ways of transmitting viral infections, thereby increasing the risk
infection with influenza or other acute respiratory viral infections. Doctors remind you that the main
factors of transmission of the virus – long and close contact of the patient with
healthy people, and the particles of mucus containing the virus are faster
spread by sneezing, coughing and shaking hands.

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