Infection with worms: symptoms and treatmentadult helminthiasis

Infection with worms: symptoms and treatment adult helminthiasisIf a
believe medical statistics then over a quarter of the world’s population
the ball is infected with worms (helminths). Worms are worms that
in various ways get into the human body where
parasitic. In some cases, they are relatively safe for
health, but most of them cause significant harm to the body, and
sometimes even life threatening.

Ways of infection

Human helminth infection occurs as a result of
in the body of their eggs. Subsequently, the larva hatches from the egg. She is
travels in the body through the bloodstream, and later grows into
adult and inhabits any human organ.

Eggs can enter the body for a variety of reasons. TO
The most common of these are:

  1. Eating unwashed or insufficiently washed vegetables and
  2. Ways of infection глистамиTOупание в водоемах, зараженных
    helminths. Most often it is a place with stagnant water.
  3. TOонтакт с почвой. It almost always has parasite eggs,
    поэтому после работы в саду необходимо особенно wash thoroughly
  4. Heat treatment of meat and fish is too short at
  5. Eating raw fish.
  6. TOонтактирование с домашними животными. They are very often
    carriers of worms.
  7. Living near people who have an organism
  8. Violation of personal hygiene, especially after visiting
    bathrooms and places with large crowds.
  9. Bites infected insects. In central Russia is
    happens quite rarely.

Very often the carriers of helminth eggs are flies, therefore
it is necessary to prevent their contact with food and
try to get rid of them in the house.

Children at preschool age are at risk of infection.
as they have not yet formed immunity to helminths. TOроме этого,
they spend a lot of time outside, not always following the rules

Types of parasites

There are over 200 types of parasite worms that can inflict
harm to man. About 60 of them stuck in the temperate zone.
Depending on the place of localization in the body are distinguished
the following groups of worms:

  1. Abdominal (luminal). They dwell in the gaps of the thin and
    colon intestine. TO ним относятся широкий лентец,
    dwarf tapeworm, whipworm, etc.
  2. Fabric The tissues themselves, for example, the muscles, the brain,
    liver, lungs, lymphatic vessels. Among them – echinococcus,
    pork tapeworm, filariasis.

Roundworm in the form of larvae can affect any organ, and their
adult individuals settle in the intestines. Therefore, they can be attributed to
both groups.

Types of parasites

Helminths are classified along the pathway. AT
In this case, there are such types of them as:

  1. Биогельминты. Change several carriers
    before they get to a healthy person. After their larvae
    left the infected organism, they are at some stage of their development
    must hold inside the so-called intermediate host,
    for example, cattle. Only after that they again
    get into the human body. Here you can rank chain
    nematodes and other parasites.
  2. ГеогельминтыГеогельминты. Most common
    helminth group. Its representatives do not need intermediate
    the hosts Their eggs, getting into the external environment, develop in the soil or
    in water until a certain time, and then transmitted to a person when
    contact with the parasite carrier or directly. This roundworm,
    whipworms, necators.
  3. TOонтактные гельминты. Transfer from infected
    человека к здоровому через общие предметы обихода и немытые arms.
    This is possible due to the fact that their eggs ripen almost immediately and they
    no extra time or space required. TO этой группе
    includes pinworms and dwarf tsepny.

Helminths are divided into several classes depending on
features of the structure. ATсего таких классов

  1. TOруглые черви или нематоды. They have a fusiform body with
    longitudinal muscle layer. The torso narrows at both ends, on
    one of which is the head and the other is the anal
    hole. ATсе нематоды раздельнополые.
  2. Плоские или ленточные червиFlat or tapeworms.
    Characterized by the absence of the intestine and a long ribbon-like body.
    ATсе представители этого класса являются биогельминтами и
  3. Flukes or trematodes. TOак и ленточные черви, они относятся
    to biohelminths, but they have intestines. Have several pairs
    suction cups, which are attached to the internal organs. Large
    a part of the trematodes is hermaphroditic, but there are dioecious among them
    species of individuals.

Symptoms of helminthiasis

To determine the presence in the body of worms is not so simple.
Very often the signs of infection coincide with the symptoms of any
diseases. Distinguished as common symptoms of worms in adults,
specific to most species of parasites, as well as specific
signs of their manifestation that can talk about presence in
body of a certain kind.

General body signals

The initial period of infection with helminths can flow
asymptomatic. But after 2-3 weeks in the human body
parasites begin to feed heavily, and then they can to appear
some signs of their presence. TO ним

  1. Symptoms of helminthiasisProblems with the gastrointestinal tract.
    A person may experience bouts of diarrhea, constipation, or pain in
    the stomach. Sometimes nausea, vomiting and
  2. Problems with the nervous system and general weakness. Infected persons
    they start getting tired faster, their memory deteriorates, they become more frequent
    bouts of irritability, sleep deteriorates.
  3. Аллергия и кожные diseases. A rash appears on the body or
    another skin irritation, itching sometimes, heels crack,
    the scalp dries and hair starts to fall out.
  4. Pain in the muscles and joints. This is due to
    that parasites have settled in joint fluid or muscle
  5. Reduced immunity. ATозникает по причине выделения глистами
    toxic substances and their body contamination by their products
    life activity. TOак следствие, человек перестает сопротивляться
    infections, he has exacerbated chronic diseases.
  6. ATнезапное уменьшение веса из-за глистовATнезапное уменьшение
    weight without any reason.
  7. Anemia. Appears because worms suck blood from walls
  8. Burning sensation and itching in the anus. These symptoms
    indicate that the process of laying eggs begins.
  9. ATоспалительные заболевания дыхательной системы. ATозникают при
    helminth in the respiratory ducts.

Specific features

According to them you can judge the presence in the body of a particular type
worms. But such symptoms do not always appear quite clearly.
If a интенсивность заражения не очень высока, признаки могут быть
almost invisible. Helminths can cause
the following diseases:

  1. Specific features заражения глистамиAscariasis.
    Appears after infection with ascaris. At the initial stage of helminthic
    helminth larvae invasion through the blood into the lungs, and
    other organs. AT этом случае наблюдается повышение температуры,
    dry cough with mucus, pus, and sometimes blood. If a личинок
    many, develops bronchitis or pneumonia, worries attacks
    choking. A blood test indicates an increase in eosinophil levels, and
    X-ray shows volatile infiltrates disappearing
    afterwards. In the intestinal stage of the disease a person quickly loses
    вес, у него нарушаются функции ЖTOТ.
  2. Enterobiasis. Its cause is pinworm infection. The main
    a sign of the disease is itching in the anus, which
    especially brightly observed at night. More in the body
    остриц, тем он сильher If a паразитов мало, зуд может стихнуть
    after a couple of days, and after a few weeks to repeat
    again. TOогда глистов много, он становится постоянным.
  3. Trichocephalosis. ATозникает после попадания в организм яиц
    swallowing. These parasites feed on blood, damaging blood vessels and
    causing anemia. They live in the intestines, disrupting its motility and
    provoking frequent bouts of diarrhea. The fault of the whipwheel arises
    pain in the right side, which resembles the symptoms of appendicitis.
  4. ДифиллоботриозDiphyllobothriasis. It is caused by a wide ribbon.
    The initial stage of the disease is characterized by the appearance of rash.
    on the skin, weakness and fatigue. If a не предпринимать
    no measures, a person’s blood pressure drops
    fainting, dizziness, numbness of limbs. ATсе это происходит
    against the backdrop of rising temperatures.
  5. Fascioliasis. Develops in case of a lesion of the liver
    fluke or fasciola. This type of helminth damages the liver tissue
    and pancreas. TO ранним симптомам болезни относится
    fever up to 40 degrees, headache, vomiting,
    nausea, enlarged liver and gall bladder in size. AT тяжелых
    In cases of a person can get cirrhosis of the liver.

TOроме перечисленных недугов паразиты вызывают шистосомоз,
описторхоз, трихиниллез, анкилостомидоз и другие diseases. ATсе
types of worm infestation can be successfully treated if timely
detect the presence of worms in the body.


Determination of the probability of invasion

There is a special test that will help detect
helminths. To pass it you should familiarize yourself with the signs.
worms in the body of an adult and calculate how many of them
corresponds to reality. TO этим признакам

  • regular or occasional itching near anal
  • the presence of lesions on the skin;
  • Определение вероятности заражения глистамиdizziness and
    pain in the head;
  • frequent nausea and bouts of vomiting;
  • diarrhea, stool retention, flatulence;
  • anxious sleep with cries;
  • the appearance of snoring and gnashing of teeth during sleep;
  • swelling of the lower extremities;
  • the appearance of allergy symptoms;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • bitterness in the mouth;
  • abdominal pains that suddenly appear and
    themselves pass;
  • fever for no apparent reason;
  • constant fatigue, decreased performance;
  • yellow skin and mucous membranes;
  • pain in the joints and muscles without increasing loads;
  • ATероятность заражения глистамиweight loss;
  • a sharp increase, and then a decrease in appetite;
  • work related to children and having preschoolers in
  • the presence of pets in the apartment or frequent contact with
    them at work;
  • frequent consumption of dried or raw fish and fat with meat
  • Wash fruits and vegetables with cool water.

If a a person agrees with at least 7 of these points, he is
at risk. And in the case of 15 positive answers he should
be examined by a doctor because the probability of the presence of parasites in his
The body is very large.

Required tests

The most common way to detect worms is
analysis of feces on the egg list. It is best to pass the feces on
study 3 times at intervals of 2-4 days. To receive
наиболее достоверного результата за 72 часа до сдачи нужно

  • Required tests на яйцеглистtaking laxative and
    rectal preparations;
  • use of funds that affect the color of feces and
    intestinal peristalsis;
  • use of oil enemas.

In addition to the analysis of feces for the detection of pinworms, a smear is taken from
anus. Also, worms in the body can be detected by
enzyme immunoassay. It is prescribed to both adults and

Treatment methods

You can get rid of parasites with the help of tablets,
appointed by a specialist, and by applying popular methods
treatment. The first method is most effective since it is preceded by
testing and identifying a specific type of worms, which is not possible
say about the second option.

Drug therapy

The most common way to treat worms in an adult
person is taking pills. They are based on various
active substances that are used against some
specific type of worms. To the most common
preparations include:

  1. Drug therapy для избавления от паразитов Vermox.
    Destroys pinworms, round and tapeworms, hookworm and
    nematode. The active substance of the drug is mebendazole.
  2. Dekaris. Works on the basis of levamisole hydrochloride. He fights
    with ascaris and hookworm.
  3. Pyrantel. Незаменим при аскаридозе, энтеробиозе и
    ankilostomiasis. It is based on pyrantel pamoat.
  4. Pyrkon. It relieves from pinworms with the help of pyrvinia embonata.
  5. Nemotsid. Kills specimens slapping, hookworm, ascaris and
    nekator It uses pyrantel pamoat.
  6. Helmodol. A very effective remedy that is capable
    eliminate almost all types of worms. Therapeutic effect
    drug provides albendazole.
  7. Helmintox. Removes ascarids, pinworms and hookworm from the body
    using pyrantel embonat.

All antihelminthics are poisonous enough, so their
should only be used after obtaining the results of the analysis and
by doctor’s prescription, otherwise the body can be harmed.

It is also worth remembering that medications act only on adults.
individuals of helminths, so you need to drink them again through
some time.

Folk remedies

To the use of traditional medicine people resort
wishing to poison the body with pills. But such drugs are not always
allow you to get the expected result, and their action is not scientifically
confirmed. There are many recipes based on natural
продуктов, вот лишь некоторые из них:

  1. 300 grams of pumpkin seeds to clear from the shell, trying not to
    damage the film located under the peel. Then you need to mix them
    with 2 tablespoons of honey, add 100 ml of water and gradually
    eat this mixture on an empty stomach for an hour. After that it is recommended
    refrain from eating for 3-4 hours, then take a laxative,
    and after another couple of hours put an enema.
  2. 3 tablespoons of tansy pour a glass of boiling water, insist in
    for an hour, strain and take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a
  3. Peel and chop one medium onion, fill it
    a glass of boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning, strain the mixture and drink
  4. Take a teaspoon of flaxseed 4-5 times a day for 30
    minutes before meals. Makes it should be 10-14 days.

To get rid of worms, it is recommended to use fresh more often.
garlic, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, fresh carrots and juice

Preventive measures

Although no one is immune from getting worms in the body,
compliance with preventive measures such a probability is reduced in
many times. Therefore, you need to know and observe the following

  • fruits, vegetables and herbs before eating carefully
    rinse and rinse with boiling water;
  • prevent crowds of flies, cockroaches and others in the apartment
    harmful insects;
  • regularly give pet antihelminthic
  • cook meat and fish for at least 40–60 minutes;
  • Folk remedies для избавления от паразитов wash thoroughly
    hands with soap before meals;
  • teach children about personal hygiene;
  • monitor the purity of the nails in babies;
  • Do not allow children to suck on their fingers, bite their nails and stick to
    mouth dirty objects;
  • drink only pure boiled water.

Everyone should be aware of the symptoms and treatment of worms in
adults and children. This will help him start treatment in a timely manner and
avoid sad consequences for health.

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