Infant cough – causes, how and what to treat(medication)

With the advent of cold weather comes a period of colds. Kids especially
vulnerable because their immunity is only learning to deal with
alien bacteria. Hearing a cough in infants, young mother
may get confused and not respond in time, although it is very
serious symptom. In the article we will look at the reasons
появления кашля, как лечить кашель у новорожденных детей и
review the popular cough medicine for
the smallest.

кашель у грудничка

Causes of cough in an infant

First you need to recognize the nature of cough.

A child’s cough may be:

  • Wet
  • Dry
  • With and without temperature.

By its intensity and sound, one can understand the reason
disease or something prevents the respiratory system from functioning normally
ways. So, the most common causes of cough in
infant baby.


Более чем в 90% случаев кашель является первым
symptom of beginning ARVI. The toddler occasionally coughs
the intensity of the cough increases in the evening and at night. Throat
red, inflamed. Cells begin to secrete sputum. Highly
dangerous cough prolonged in infants, which lasts more than 2
weeks. Immune protection weakens, the process may acquire
chronic in nature.

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2. The inflammatory process of the upper respiratory

Characterized by obsessive cough, initially dry. Highly
painful for a child. When neglected can threaten
complications. The most dangerous is false croup. With his throat wall
sharply narrowed, the child due to lack of oxygen begins
hoarsely whistling and gasping. Illness requires immediate
refer to a doctor.

Читаем О сухом кашле у грудного ребенка 

3. Dry воздух в помещении

May provoke tickling in the neck. If the chest
a child has a strong cough that does not have the prerequisites for the disease, you should
pay attention to the normalization of humidity in the room
newborn baby.

4. Inflammation of the middle ear

With inflammation of the middle ear in a child, reflex begins
cough. This is the body’s response to this inflammation. With
надавливании на мочку уха ребенок издает резкий пронзительный
a scream means the cause is in ear pain. The best option
will call an emergency ambulance.

5. Inhalation of a foreign body

If a foreign object gets into the child’s airway – any
– urgently call 03. The life of the child is at risk and the time goes by
for a second. Do not knock on the back and do not try to “knock out” this
object out – you can make it stuck in the trachea
or bronchi.

6. Polluted air

Is it smoky indoors or is it too polluted on the street? Not
marvel that your child will begin to cough unceasingly. Than
The longer you are in such conditions, the more harmful substances
absorb the immature and tender lungs of the baby.

Read about the symptoms and treatment of bronchitis in infants 

We treat cough: what you need to know mom

Лечение кашля как с температурой так и без
температуры должно проводиться только под наблюдением
pediatrician. With первых симптомах нужно приступить к назначенной

But what can mom do to alleviate the condition

  • Observe the optimum level of humidity in the room. If a
    the heating season began and the batteries inevitably dry up their heat
    air, purchase a humidifier or make it yourself from
    improvised means. In the tank you can dial clean water and put
    on the battery – the water will evaporate and the humidity will increase. In a pinch
    once an hour you can irrigate the room with water from a spray bottle.
  • Air housing at least twice a day. Notдостаток
    oxygen will only aggravate the condition of your respiratory system
  • Give your baby a light back massage. He helps discharge
    sputum and improve the well-being of the child.
  • Offer your child a drink more often. Especially if the baby
    increased body temperature. To avoid dehydration, let
    water, tea, juices will be available for the child.
  • Old folk remedy for cough for babies – rubbing
    animal fat. Make the procedure best before bedtime. Well
    rub the baby’s body on the back and chest, wrap and lay to sleep.
    In the morning the child will feel much better. See detailed
     Как лечить кашель у грудного ребенка народными
    by means
  • Not забывайте про прогулки. Breathing in fresh air, baby’s lungs
    open, filled with strength and freshness. The kid will distract from
    agonizing cough, and a good mood always has a positive effect
    on the healing process.

Excellent remedy for coughing at the initial stage –
небулайзер. Pour into a glass 5 ml nat.
solution (sold in a pharmacy within 50 rubles.) And let breathe
ребенку в течение 5-7 минут. Mucous membranes moisturize,
sputum will become less viscous. You can repeat the procedure twice in
day. This method is effective when there is a cough to be without

With temperature jokes are bad. With кашле и температуре 38,5 скорее
all of you and your baby are hospitalized to the hospital. Not be afraid to get
there, it is better not to take risks and be supervised by specialists.
The main thing is the health of your child, and temporary inconvenience can be
to suffer

Anti-Cough Medicines

 Remember: all medications may prescribe
only doctor! This review is informative only.

  • With влажном кашле необходим препарат, помогающий
    вывести мокроту
    . The following have proven themselves well
    сиропы на травах: Геделикс и Проспан. They gently liquefy
    мокроту, имеют сладкий вкус, используются дважды в day.
  • With сухом кашле хорошо помогает
    гомеопатический сироп Стодаль и гомеопатический препарат
    Оциллококцинум (гранулы для растворения в воде).
    Homeopathy has no contraindications, can be used in
    together with the main treatment.
  • Облегчают дыхание и смягчают кашель пластыри
    Сопелка. They are glued to clothes, impregnated with extracts.
    beneficial herbs that have a beneficial effect on mucous membranes
    nose and larynx.
  • Sprays are not recommended for babies because of the danger
    Однако при сильном воспалительном
    возможно применение спрея Тантум Верде.
    It has a sweet taste, soothes sore throat and dulls
    bouts of coughing.

Detailed article on cough medicine 

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Cough in a child during sleep: the 5 most common


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