Infant Colic Myths

Almost every young mother in the first weeks of her life
baby says the phrase “infant colic”, explaining
this process and the phenomenon of any concern of the child, his excitement
or crying.

Колики у грудничков мифы

Not every mommy knows the nature of infantile colic.
so far not known even the most eminent and experienced
pediatricians. Nobody knows what the baby feels, respectively, no
Absolute right way to get rid of colic. If you recall,
the restless state of the newborn baby our grandmother called
bristle, birthmark and in other words, and get rid of these
unpleasant phenomena helped grandmother-wise woman.

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Nowadays, pediatricians and experienced mothers recommend “to treat”
notorious colic in several ways. Below are the most
common ones.

Первый, и самый популярный способ – это
strict diet nursing mom. Practically excluded from the diet
everything: bread and flour products, fresh vegetables and fruits, cabbage,
potatoes, milk and dairy products, some types of cereals.
Unhappy Mommy, who, like anyone, needs vitamins and good
food, eats porridge on the water, for fear of introducing into the diet new

Of course, a nursing mother should not eat all the food.
indiscriminately, but such strict restrictions also apply
meaningless. I will say more – the presence and absence of colic, as well as
and their intensity, directly from mom’s food
products virtually independent. In order to verify this
worth getting acquainted with the process of making breast milk.

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However, the opinions of scientists on this issue are divided –
truth and myths: scientists have figured out which foods in the nursing diet
mothers cause colic in a child

Второй способ борьбы с коликами – теплая
diaper. The fabric is processed by the iron and applied to the tummy.
baby This method should be used very carefully, and better
do not use at all – warm baby tummy in some cases
very dangerous and fraught with peritonitis and other unpleasant and
dangerous conditions.

Третий способ – ветрогонные лекарственные
drugs containing simethicone. These substances are just
contribute to rid the intestines of the child from excessive
gases. But it is worth bearing in mind that simethicone and its derivatives are
still drugs, and despite the fact that
the manufacturer assured us of their safety, side effects
are available for any drug. Most common side
The effect of such drugs is allergy, which will deliver the baby
and mom is much more trouble than the notorious colic.

One of the most effective ways to alleviate the suffering of a baby
in the period of colic is a tummy massage. Massage can be done
soft, with a slight pressure, in a circular motion around the navel
baby Read more about the technique of tummy massage is better to ask
the pediatrician, the doctor will show the most useful and simple
massage movements.

We need to remember the main thing – colic can not be cured, they need
просто перерасти
. No dill water, warm diaper
and the mixture will not help the baby as the hands of mother and breast


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